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I Feel Like…

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

I feel like… James Bond

You know fives times over.

If you don’t get it look here:

Hello J@ps
Total Points 5,007
Level 5

I mean if you still don’t get It, look at the Total Points; 5 double O 7s.

Anyway what’s even more fun is that I received an email that read like this:

Clearly, you have no fear of heights!

Congrats on reaching Level 5. Wooo hooo!

You can now ask, answer, and vote even more than you could at Level 4. And, you’re still in that exclusive group of folks who can rate questions and answers! Check out the chart below. The next step is Level 6, so get those fingers movin’!

Take me to Yahoo! Answers

Thanks for sharing what you know with the world!

The Yahoo! Answers Team

Level Points Range Ratings you can give per day Votes you can give per day Questions you can ask per day Answers you can give per day Comments you can make per day
7 25000+ unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited
6 10000 – 24999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited
5 5000 – 9999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited
4 2500 – 4999 unlimited 80 20 80 40
3 1000 – 2499 unlimited 60 15 60 30
2 250 – 999 unlimited 40 10 40 20
1 1 – 249 0 20 5 20 10

Get easy, one click access to your favorites. Make Yahoo! your home page.

Okay, can you beat that? I am now a Level 5 YAPPER. Through the ups & the downs, through the ins & the outs, the lefts and the rights.

I now can rate unlimitedly, ask questions unlimitedly, answer questions unlimitedly & make comments unlimitedly. Not that I am going to do that. But just the same I now have the same power as the Level 6s & the Level 7s.

Hahaha, just joking around peeps. I’m taking a break at work & just wanted to get some laughs.

Anyway have a great day & Merry Christmas!

And one more thing I am feeling right now, aside from the Holiday Spirit. I feel that no one except Chocho Crunchies is nominating anyone or themselves for any of the YAPPIE AWARDS… C’mon people let’s give honor to the Best of the Best of YAP.

By the way I am also thinking of adding one more YAPPIE AWARD, the YAPPER of the YEAR Award, what do you think?