Nice to haves & It is just me or is the air cooler nowadays…

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know I am able to attend to this blog as much as I should.

But anyway, I’m back & I just got back from a short YAP stint, you know reading Q & As & answering a few.

And I have just a short time to attend to business in here. I see that the YAP Romance thingie is still up in the air, & we all know that not only is love in the air, but the air is cold & romantic already… “Pasko na sinta ko…hanap hanap kita…”

So we wait for those involved to profess their true feelings & finally have the guts to tell the whole YAP world about it & to do it “safely” in here…

And as we wait, I just want to share this nifty nice to have in our 360 pages, a YA Flash Alert within your 360 page, I just hope it will work:



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