A Ray of YAP Hope

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

My old account being resurrected from suspension, was a quite a surprise really. For even though I knew the YAP Community Manager was telling me that it was going to be reinstated & to just wait, but that was about a month ago that he told me that.

So it was I knew it was coming but at the back of my mind I was still thinking it wouldn’t happen.

But it did!

So for all those who think that there is no justice in YAP in the sense that one cannot plead his case & win if they aren’t guilty of anything, then this is a prime example.

I just found the best YAP public defender & won my case. So whatever else will happen to the guilty parties who initiated the malicious reports on my “good” name, may the Lord have mercy on their souls. No, just kidding, I’m just leaving it for Jonas & the able bodied YAP Staff to take care of that, for I am not one for revenge. (I don’t get mad I get even, LOL)

And so today, I was just checking previous comments from you guys in this blog & I came to this comment from PC, which I started to respond to at this link:


And I figure, I know this is going to be a long one, so why not make a new blog post about it & here it is.

The comment I typed at that link was:

I know that you have seen that my Japs account was ressurected. And you are correct not by a miracle really but thru the help of a miracle man–our most loved YAP Community Manager, Jonas.

I know that he is really interested in policing the streets of YAP to bring down the pesky trouble makers, so we should all do our part by doing responsible reporting & even sending an email to Jonas himself.

Regarding your crusade PC, I admire it & it will really alienate you but if all you are after is for the truth to be told & for innocent YAPPERs who might be victims, to be informed of what’s going on, then you will gain some new friends.

I feel this is going to be long, so I might just start a new blog post about this…

And here is that New Blog Post.

I have mixed emotions right now as I see YAPPERs who are saying what about their own suspended accounts, will they still be able to resurrect those as well.

Well I say I have my first account, which was also unceremoniously suspended with no reason given but I am not really about to tell Jonas about that anymore.

And so what I am saying is that for any YAPPER from this point on, who gets a suspension for a ridiculous reason or for no apparent reason at all, we now know that we have an YAP advocate in the person of our very own YAP Community Manager, who can review our case & help us win a resurrection of even a suspended account much less a deleted question or answer & a hope of bringing the YAP trouble makers to justice. And in case you need to get in touch with Jonas, here is his email address jonasdelosreyes@yahoo.com

Another thing that I want to talk about is the current talk among certain YAPPERs that they are all tired of the rantings & the ravings about trolling & stuff like that within YAP. I totally agree & I see their point or at least see where they are coming from.

And that is precisely the reason why we have YAP Blogs, like the real YAP Blog at


or this blog or any other YAP blog out there. As these are places where we can talk about & discuss stuff like that & all the YAP Issues that needs to be addressed.

Most people can just shrug off problems that they see within YAP & just go on with their daily YAP lives that’s fine. We see that all the time in the Philippines, in Philippine politics, in Philippine public service, etc. etc. That’s just how most Pinoys are. And of course there are many extreme Pinoys who protest every single minute against anything & everything.

But in all these, we just want to see some sense of balance & try to put everything in perspective & try to help & work with the system we have right now so that the greater majority can be protected or better served or for the rule of law to be observed.

  • So to those that are okay with all the YAP Issues, we’re good.

  • To those who want to rant about something, Jonas’ email is always open, so is mine if you just want to give me a piece of your mind or rant, I wouldn’t mind. And this YAP Blog is always open 24/7!

  • But to those who want to contribute in making YAP a better place for everyone, we can all be involved by following all the YAP Guidelines, having clean fun & by doing responsible reporting of people who really needs to be reported.! My examples would include, report spammers, cloners, stalkers, people who malign others because of their protected class (their race, ethnicity, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability & others) & people who use foul & offensive language. YAP & any other place should be rid of all of them.

What says you?

  1. lennie says:

    i am just new to YA Philippines and to YAP Blog. Now I have something to do on my spare time – read this site from the start and see
    what has happenned in the past. It sure is an interesting site. all i can say is, you make a good moderator.

  2. Japs says:

    Thanks lennie & welcome to this site.

    I appreciate you taking time out to leave a comment, I really appreciate that. Happy reading & happy YAPPING!

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