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Posted: November 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

In so much as we are having YAP Romance Scoops left & right. And just as in showbiz, people are either denying everything, not confirming anything or are keeping quiet… I just want to acknowledge this YAP comment from one of our well-loved male YAPPERs.

zzz… i think it’s time to hire Boy Abunda & Kris Aquino here in YAP. hmmm… beer… zzz…
Do you think he’s right?
And if he is, who are will you nominate to be the YAP Boy Adunda or the YAP Kris Aquino?
Secondly, as I just got back from YAP a few minutes ago & from what I am seeing it has again become a very lively & colorful place… I’ll try to jump into the discussions in there…
But as I go I will leave with this Funny YAP Comment of the week, from my YAP Idol.
A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
Is it possible for jejomar binay to be the philippines first black president?

I just laughed out loud at that one… thanks to allan y & to jongbong!


Additional: They made YAP Qs about these, here are the links:



And here’s one more for a YAP Ruffa Gutierrez.


  1. lennie says:

    The question for Ruffa is already deleted. Schade (that is german for sayang). I do not know who Boy Abunda is — when I left
    Pinas, there was no Boy Abunda yet in the movie world.

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