Posted: August 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yes I know I said this particularYAP Blog is on a sabbatical.

But what can I say, duty calls.

Just a mere one hour after I posted Blog Post #108, I got an email from Jonas, you know, Community Manager of Yahoo! Philippines.

He wanted to inquire about the possibility of a YAP MEET in CA next month.

For no less than Jojo Anonuevo, the General Manager of Yahoo! Philippines will be there to host this Second Yahoo! Philippines Sponsored Meet Up.

Jojo used to be Senior Director of Yahoo! Southeast Asia, but I guessed he has took on the position of GM at Yahoo! Philippines.

So there you go, I asked a survey question at YAP, here’s the link:


or this for link for YA Philippines:


So I had to turn around, go back to this page & post this up over here as well.

And so I’m off again… vroom… vroom…


I know that YAHOO! Philippines has programs lined up for the Philippine market but I also figure that they have lots of plans for the Global Filipino as well. That is one of the reasons why there are Meet Ups In the Philippines for Yahoo users there as well as Meet Ups for the Global Pinoys. They just need to know in what particular city/place can there be potential meet ups. And because the GM of Yahoo! Ph will be in CA next month, hence this possibility of having one there. No definite details yet, but if you are interested be sure to send an email to Jonas & maybe even tell him your suggestions.

  1. Binibini says:

    count me In on that meeting.

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