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Posted: August 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Numbers (Philippine Olympic numbers that is)

90 Million Filipinos
15 Filipino Athletes to the Beijing Games
0 Medals

No correct that.

For the Filipino athletes are actually bringing home, 4 medals coming from the demonstration sport of Wushu (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze, I believe the best haul ever).

Willy Wang, won the gold medal.
Mary Jane Estimar earned the silver medal.
Benjie Rivera and Marian Mariano took home a bronze medal each.

But as it was earned on a demonstration sport, the medals will not be counted in the Medal Standings.
But make no mistakes, those are real, Olympic bronze, silver and gold medals.

The last medal the Philippines brought home that was counted in the Medal Standing was the Silver medal by Onyok Velasco in 1996.

Now if Wushu becomes a regular Olympic sport in future summer games then we will have something to shoot for, like we do now for Taekwondo, which first came out as a demonstration sport in Seoul (home of Taekwondo & we know that China is the home of Wushu).

That first time Taekwondo was included as demo sport our athletes brought home two medals.

But unfortunately ever since it became a regular olympic sport, we have yet to earn a medal from it.

We sent two taekwondo jins for this edition of the summer games & they both failed to bring home a medal, even if they were actually the only real medal hopefuls we have this year.

But, who knows.

Our country’s sport czars can actually learn something from the fact that ever since the last medal we brought home in 1996, our olympic sports programs have failed to bring home any medal (counted that is) in the last 12 years or the last three summer olympics.

Some people would call that pathetic, sometimes I think that way too.

But if we could only really know how our athletes train, compete, work around & make do with what little they have to work with, then you would understand why we are having the results that we are getting.

And again I say, who knows.

Maybe next time.

And the quest for the Oylmpic Gold Medal (that is counted in the Medal Standings) continues for the Philippines.

But at least now the Philippines holds the record for the most medals won without having won a gold, since the country first sent athletes to compete at the Olympic Games in 1924.

The country has won a total of 9 medals so far in 19 editions of the summer games, 2 Silvers & 7 Bronzes.
So, so far none of it gold, yes the two demonstration sport gold medals not included. Shucks.


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