YAP Sabbatical Anyone?

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

It know it feels kind of odd, but lately I have been seriously considering taking a Sabbatical* from YA, from YAP in particular & of course from this blog which all of you know is mainly a YAP Blog.

I said it’s kind of odd because there are days that I am basically out & have no access to a computer or the internet & so of course I can go on without YAPping & blogging about it.

But there are certain days that I am stuck on a desk job & for stretches of time, there is nothing to do but play online games, blog &… you guessed it check out YAP to see if there is something interesting in it, especially during the graveyard hours.

Anyway I just want to know what you guys think of Sabbaticals*.

I also want to know the pros & cons of it. And I also want to know if any of you guys have done it.

*Sabbaticals-any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, esp. for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.; to relax, to unwind, to refresh one’s self [dictionary.com]

Anyway, I have been a YAP regular for over a year. And I have been writing up blog posts about YAP for over half a year now.

I have seen & experienced the best & the worst of YAP & the best & the worst of us YAPpers. And I know most of you guys who have been YAPping for some time now, know what I am talking about & even know it firsthand.

Anyway, I have just been to Bopols Blog & I have just read his two blog posts, both of which were real eye openers. I just hope he would write & post more, for I am in the habit of visiting & reading other YAPpers blog posts, if there is really nothing interesting in YAP. Some of which I leave comments on, but most I just read. It’s fun to read. You get to learn a lot of things. I love reading almost as much as I love writing.

Anyway, Bopol’s blogs I have first read about a month ago


& ever since that time I have been hoping to write a blog about it, but haven’t really gotten around to doing it, well at least I wrote partially about it today anyway.

And as I was saying YAP & even blogging & commenting about YAP has brought up the BEST in YAPpers. And I am not even referring to those whose answers are being selected as BAs. But in how people who haven’t even met each other will take time out & put in much effort to help out somebody who they know almost nothing about.

But on the other hand, as Bopols have pointed out, we also see the WORST in YAPpers as a few are asking questions that they already know the answers to, & they are just waiting to get the answer that they wanted to get & then choose that as the BA, even if logic, common sense, the facts & everything else points to it as being anything but the Best Answer.

Some people ask the most ridiculous of questions, some people gets reported & suspended for the most ridiculous of reasons & lastly some people lie just a little bit (even only 5% of the time) to satisfy whatever need they have. Be it to impress someone in particular or other YAPpers in general, or to play a game, to project an image or a personage, to gain lots of friends, or to whatever else reason there is.

And in all these, I can say that YAP (as in YA Philippines) is very much like the Philippines, only its all online. Where we don’t really see each other eye-to-eye but we still get to meet each other, exchange greetings & messages, hang out with one another & even help out one another. We are one big online family. For better or for worse.

So YAP Sabbatical anyone?

  1. Isayy says:

    Hey Japs, upon reading this particular post…I think you’re a sweet guy. It’s first time I read an entry from your blog about getting attach into something…oh well maybe yeat that getting attached to something is synonymous to sabbatical something like that…well, whatever! I think you’re emotionally attach to YAP. You’re YAP superhero!

  2. WELL says:

    WELL folks the time has come for me to depart, a very busy work schedule is looming and I doubt that I would have the possibility of returning to YAP in the near future. My emails will always be open if need be. I certainly cannot leave without at least one more entry about the cheating and trolling that is happening here. I will also add to some rumours that are doing the rounds and put squash to some others, in all, should be an interesting blog.
    I will comment on some of the many emails that I have received but have been to busy to reply to. Anyway enough for now, work calls will add later.

  3. WELL says:

    OK I have some more free time.
    All mudslinging and name calling aside, I will miss some of you, there are good people here and you know who you are.
    Now back to the serious gear. Why do people here talk about the graft, corruption etc. that is Philippine politcs and yet close a blind eye to the ‘graft’ and ‘corruption’ here in Yap? I know Yap and politics are two different entities but why, can someone answer this please, do you allow it?
    Inday, Rodelette, Sweetwater, Allan you all have a lot of answering to do. Inday when the good Lord said go forth and multiply He wasn’t addressing you and He wasn’t telling you to begin breeding your Trolls. Likewise Rodelette and Sweetwater.
    I would dare to say that 99% of Yappers each have at least one Troll account, some have two or three, we can all justify it by saying they have trolls so why shouldn’t I? and so the cycle continues.
    When I did my return it wasn’t long before Inday, Rod, PT, Allan blocked me. They did this for no other reason than my name, WELL. At this stage they didn’t know whether I was me or someone else (that’s another story). Rod even went to the trouble of making troll/clones of moi I was flattered even though they weren’t as handsome as me.
    Please, oh please desist in sending me e-mails asking who I am.

  4. Vandal says:

    To Japs: Haha! Wait…about the last paragraph.


    Heck all of this crap!

    Wait again…are my eyes fooling me. His avatar’s name was Well when I answered that one. Well=Penny Rito? Can you please clear this out for me?

  5. Vandal says:

    To Japs again:

    Is it bye-bye for real?

    To me I have discovered something new to kill some of my spare time. I play DoTA now! Anyway, you’ll see me there on Y!AP pretty much not too often. Well, I was there some days ago to post Q/As and I found Y!AP hmmm…not that interesting at all unlike before.

    Oopsy gotta go! I have some new techniques to learn! Haha! “BRAWLLIANT!”

  6. Gerard says:

    REST IN PEACE WELL!!! Inter all of you minions with you: PAPA CHUCK, Penny (BALUGA) RITO, Karen, Anne, etc. etc. who clogged Japs blog from the very beginning. And I know they will still be clannish, or “cultic” enough to revere you like a God, for it’s no wonder you poisoned their minds, like Elvis Presley!

  7. Papa Chuck says:

    The only one doing any clogging is you. Your AVATAR would be more suitable if it was a mongeral dog because that is what you are.
    Jap’s blog has always been open for all to comment its a pity that the other side chose a half-wit as their mouth piece. You alone did more for our side then our blogs combined.
    WELL is as much a GOD as you are an activist both at the bottom rung of the ladder. IT is amazing how in your perception of things anyone who stood up and commented against YAP becoming another political arena same as the Philippines immediately bacame the bad guys while those that perpetuated the cheating and trolling and point scoring became your heroes.
    Now your blaming Elvis Presley, I am flabbergasted, don’t you know he is dead and has been for some time.

  8. WELL says:

    Three more sleeps before I am gone.
    PC watch the blood pressure.
    Gary, Gerard or whatever the **** your name is, it is appropriate that your avatar holds a mirror as all you see is yourself in it. You fail to see anything that goes on around you but you make out that you do. You are nothing more than a court jester, a fool. A fool that I enjoyed toying with, you are so predictable that eventually you become a bore. Why don’t you go outside and play in the street with all the children at least you won’t get badly burnt, leave the adult games for the adults.

  9. WELL says:

    The following is inspired by the many emails I have received regarding moi.
    Personalities that I have been accused of being:


    As you can see a very fine mixture of personalities and traits and from both sides too. If the rumors abound then surely prtty soon every YAPPER will be accused of being me or is it I them?
    As to who I am, WELL to you I am who ever you want me to be as I can not make you believe in something you do not want to believe in.
    The Truth is out there, seek and you shall find.
    For all intents and purposes I am who I say I am:

    I AM WELL………………………………………………………….

  10. WELL says:

    Ok Folks time for me to say my goodbyes, It has been fun and to those who be-friended me a warm thank you, tO THOSE OF YOU WHO BLOCKED ME WITHOUT even taking the time to get to know me TSK TSK.
    Don’t worry I do understand why you did it after all you do have a lot to hide but INDAY and ROD DO YOU TWO REALLY THINK YOUR THE ONLY ONES WHO KNOW THE TRICKS HERE ON YAHOO, TSK TSK.

    Though I won’t visit Answers as I do not want to get embroiled again, too many things to do, I will leave my email open and will check regularly.
    So feel free to drop a line if you so desire.
    So I depart with these words:
    So long, fareWELL, aft vierderswein, goodbye.
    Don’t cry for me Manila.

  11. Papa Chuck says:

    Bon Voyage Well, fear not, you will be missed by all, for one reason or another.
    Will keep you posted if need be.
    In the words of Almighty Gary “say hullo to ‘ELVIS’ for me”

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