Cat & Mouse Game

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

I went to YAP just now & I got that silly message.

Drat. Nothing here right now.

Why don’t you become the first to ask a question instead?

Yes, drat another YA Bug. Well, at least it was not the dreaded YA coffee break message.

But speaking of bugs, some one informed me that the bug pics from the last blog post was also “bugged” out. Anyway I’ll see if I can “fix” that bug.

Okay, I had no intentions of putting up a blog post but as I’m here already & I’m actually typing one up, I might as well make something up.

Today I wanted to share to you (yes you reading this blog post) that lately I have been seeing a lively YAP, & also I noticed that some people have an issue about the terms YAP & YAPPER. I actually asked a Q about that.

Anyway what I really wanted to ask in YAP is this Q, but of course it is not really something one asks over there without risking being reported.

Okay the YAP Q & related qs are:

1. Do you believe that when the CAT is away, the mouse will play?

(Okay to some YAPPERs with CAT avatars & names, this is not specific for you guys but I am referring to the old saying, FYI)

2. Do you believe that there seems to be a lot of “mice” that are playing within YAP lately, specially YAP newbies or YAP non-regulars or those that are regulars or even TC holders of other categories. Is it maybe because the cats aren’t really chasing after them anymore, keeping them in check, putting them in their right place?

3. Do you know what I am talking about?

4. I just want to know, what do you think about this?

This post is just my own observation, no particular agenda about it. As I have said a few times before I have been finding a lively YAP lately & I actually wanted to answer many questions, it’s just that I do not have that much time to spare.

Anyway, until next blog post (if there is more to come that is).


Okay I just came from YAP just now & I asked this Q. And I think this question, I can add to this blog post. Here it is:

If YA is a mansion with many rooms (categories) how will you answer this? (see details)?

If YA is a mansion or a guest house with many rooms (all the different categories) and if those who go there (to ask and answer questions) are transients, which among these animals will best describe you?

A Dog, a Cat or a Mouse?

And when the mansion owners & the dogs aren’t looking who between these two transients, the cats & the mice will be owning the place?


  1. WELL says:

    I shall just copy what I believe (in my most humble opinion)is a great answer from YAP
    “Me I am the mouse. A mouse is meek is it not and wasn’t it written somewhere that “the meek shall inherit the earth (mansion).” lol
    The Dog, the Cat and the Mouse can co-exist in peace and harmony within the bounds of the mansion with only minor skirmishes now and then.
    It is the fourth animal that you failed to mention that causes the unrest and breaks the fragile peace. The animal that resides in the Attic and the Basement of your mansion. The animal that is rarely seen in daylight but mostly comes out at night, the hideous Sewer Rat.

    None of the transients own the Mansion, though many try.”

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