8-8-8 & Blog Post Number 100

Posted: August 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

What do you know, its 8-8-8 today. At least in my time zone.

It’s August 8th, 2008, opening of the Beijing Olympics.

Olympic Commercial:

And this is also Blog Post number 100, give yourself a hand!

All of you made this possible–which could be the start of more blog posts to come or it could very well be the last, who knows right?

Three Eights? 100? Numbers? What’s up with all the numbers today? And why so morbid, did someone die? No I hope not!

Well, in case you have been reading through the first 100 blog posts, the first 805 blog comments & the first 185 page comments within this YAP Forum & catching some of my 65 YAP Qs & my 750 answers-not including the ones from my first Japs account, you might be able to see that numbers fascinate me. And sometimes it scares me too. I just saw that I have 200 YA points which is scary when normally I get more or less 100 a week.

But reaching YAP Blog 100 is something I haven’t really thought of ever since I started this YAP Forum about 6 months ago.

And another thing that is unimaginable is that as of this writing, this Forum has logged in a total of 33,792 Page Views. Which is a totally mind-bloggling number.

If only I have that much $ in my savings account. But as you know we get zero dinero from blogging in here. The same amount we get from YAPPING, zero pesos.

What’s worst is that at certain times maintaining this YAP Forum is a thankless task. Especially during the first weeks when nobody as in nobody was commenting. And then much later, when the comments started coming in after many many weeks of nothingness, the task of keeping everything above board or in great working order is just as thankless as before.

What keeps me going?

The belief in the Filipino, the Filipino Bayanihan Spirit of communal unity & cooperation to achive a common goal & the indefatigable Filipino Spirit.

And numbers–and that includes you if you have reached this far & have read through YAP BLOG POST # 100.


Philippine Delegation

  1. Coy says:

    What’s in a number? ***winks!***

    We are usually engrossed with numbers.. Lucky one, bad ones, lotto, last three. LOL..

    I will rummage through your blogs one of these days and find out. I am sure there will be a lot of interesting finds here.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Japs says:

    Thanks Coy, & if you do find the time to rummage through, please leave a comment or two or more.

    And to you too, enjoy your weekend!

  3. debbie says:

    man, i hate numbers. clap clap for your YAP BLOG POST # 100!!!!

  4. Anne says:

    Way to go Japs! (wink)

  5. Japs says:

    Hello debbie & Anne.
    And much thanks!

    Yes I’ve been wanting to post a Blog #101..
    And I am forcing myself to do so…
    Let’s see…
    Who knows…

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