Posted: August 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

I don’t know why I seem to have an affinity or a connection with OFWs lately, but I know that most if not every Filipino has a parent, a sibling, a son, a daughter, an uncle, an aunt, a cousin, or a close friend that is or was an OFW–a Filipino who went abroad to work. You reading this might even be one.

And so most of you know what I am talking about…

I am not much of a fan of Philippine movies, but I know that most of you have heard or even seen the movie Caregiver–a dramtic movie that was released this year, shown or is showing in the West Coast USA, Middle East ASIAN countries, as well as in other countries where there are OFWs. A trailer, synopsis & other info about this Filipino film is seen at this link.


I was doing nothing in particular today, so I popped in a DVD & I am currently watching this film (oops, may nag-iwan nitong pirated na dvd na to dito, sino kaya yun) & now out of the blue I just decided to make a blog post out of this film.

So to all OFWs out there, to all your family & loved ones. This one is for you. If only more people know how it really feels like to work abroad away from your family & loved ones.

I salute you modern day Filipino heroes! I share some of you who dreams that one day you can go back home & be able to live a good life in the country which we initially call home.

  1. Ms Mighty says:

    I noticed you added me as a contact, so I went to your profile and saw your blog. Great thing.

    I am a brand-new OFW and it made me chuckle that there is this blog on OFW without any comment on it. I might as well start. Keep it up!!

  2. Japs says:

    Ms Mighty I salute you for your “sacrifice”. And you are right, where are the OFWs???
    Anyway I most probably added you as a contact because you either asked an interesting q &/or gave a great answer in YAP.
    Welcome to this forum & thanks for commenting/participating, come back any time.

  3. lennie says:

    I wanted to see the link you posted but that page has been removed. Is this with Sharon Cuneta ? I am a fan of hers. Now, don’t you call me baduy, ha ? You must not really answer. I am just making small talk. Got no one to talk to at the moment. Husband is
    out with friends. My youngest is busy with his pc. I am also quasi OFW, I am away from my brothers, sisters and mother and my beautiful country. But, you know what is worse, I work like a housemaid here and I don’t get paid. I have no source of income since I am just a housewife here.

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