Serious (YAP) Questions

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

This Blog Post is inspired by, of all people The JOKER, The SERIOUS JOKER actually, when he asked this interesting YAP Q.

How do i ask a serious question so i get serious answers?

To me, it looked serious enough, what do you think?

But anyway, for today I have some serious YAP Qs myself.

And it goes a little something like these.

Do you think YA or Yahoo Philippines is really serious in making YAPPERs be more active in our use & participation in YA?

Do you think YA or Yahoo Philippines is really bent on providing what YAPPERs need and want as regards to our use of YA & being proactive participants in it?

For I know that the purpose of the YAP Meet Ups, yes with an s, for there are many more to come, are just that–to basically jumpstart the Pinoys/Pinays in Yahoo! Answers to be more connected and be more active in their use of Yahoo! Answers.

And if that is so, wouldn’t it be easy enough to ask Yahoo Philippines’ Staff to verify & check who are the Maliciously Scrupulous Reporters who were behind the suspensions of many YAPPERs since last year. And give them an ultimatum to stop & desist from such practices or else be suspended themselves.

And now that some YAPPERs have actually seen Jonas (Yahoo Philippines Manager) & talked to him face to face along with the rest of the Yahoo Philippines Staff wouldn’t it be easy enough to point a finger at certain YAPPERs, especially if there is undeniable evidence, to expose who are doing other malicious things within YA if not within YAP?

Or are these all in the same line of reasoning & same line of questions as the original Serious Joker YAP Q?


  1. Bopols Talaga ! says:

    At the meet-up, Jonas opened the floor for suggestions. I started by suggesting that voters be visible the same way the names of those who gave stars can be seen.

    Someone suggested that the names of those who give TDs and TUs could also be seen when these are clicked.

    No, there was no finger-pointing, and no specific discussions/suggestions regarding unearthing those malicious reporters. But I they seem to be aware of these issues, as the representatives mentioned that more steps are being undertaken to make Yahoo Answers more fun and less prone to hanky panky.

    In a private discussio before the meet up, I only mentioned one YAPper, Felicity, and I vouched for her. Without ever meeting her, I said that I felt her account should not have been suspended. That I hope Yahoo can investigate and sunsequently re-instate her account. Jonas mentioned that he will check into it. I haven’t followed up with him on this though.

    Serious question? You get this serious answer, Japs.

  2. sheer♥black says:

    I’m with bopols in what happened in the meet up. It was a good opportunity for YAP but it could’ve been better if more YAPpers were there to discuss such problems. I hope there’ll be more meet ups to give chance for the others who was not able to come. It’s a bit hard to have settled discussions thru online only.

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    I WOULD have loved to have been there for no other reason than to eye-ball some fellow Yappers.

  4. Papa Chuck says:

    I would have loved to have been at the meet up to give some input. Bopols can you follow through with Felicity’s suspension and maybe Maej’s, too.

  5. Japs says:

    Thanks for the serious comments!!!

    I too would have loved to have been there, but Jonas has always maintained in his blogs/emails that there were many more meetups & in different places for as we all know YAPpers are all over the place.

    I have been exchanging emails with Jonas for some time now & even without meeting him face-to-face, I believe that he is sincere in “cleaning up” YA. Yes I agree with Papa Chuck. Bopols, can you please follow up on Felicity’s & Maej’s suspension. My suspension is ancient history already but it can probably shed some light on who’s been doing the malicious reporting which was the main reason why I started this YAP Forum. Well of course there is also allan y’s suspension & many others which has happened in the past 12 months or so.

    I’ll email Jonas myself to see what’s up.

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