Posted: July 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

A good day to you!

I’m back to YAPping & also, if I can use the term, JAPping.

Had a long weekend & actually I still am in my last day of my weekend today.

I do have a few moments to spare, so here I am. I thank you that you too have some free time to visit here & hopefully to comment below.

Okay, maybe if I say, please.

I was reading the last YAP Q that I answered & of course I did not get the BA, even though I expect all of answers to be all BAs, I only get it about 1 out of every 5 answers, which is not bad.

But I know most of you guys that YAP really put in a lot of effort to give excellent answers all of the time & that is why you get a lot more BAs.

I too, do not give half-a$$ed answers in YAP (definition of half-a$$ed (hafast′) Adjective, Slang: having or showing little thought, care, or foresight: vulgar). So to all of you great YAPpers, may your tribe increase & keep up the good job!

But enough with that, let’s get back to that YAP Q.

I just wanted to see if any of the YAPpers out there who are currently outside the Philippines, especially those that left not because they really wanted to, feel the same way as Mr. Butete, the YAPper who asked this YAP Q:

I feel very homesick, I miss the Philippines sooo much! What should I do?

Found this pic in flicker… an excellent page of an OFW who have a lot to say on his flckr page. See more of it on his link:


I gave my usual response to a Q such as this. As I on a few occasions still feel the homesickness blues, but not that much anymore & of course not that frequent.

What do you think fellow YAPPER?

Have an excellent day, wherever you may be in this planet we call home!

  1. lennie says:

    My homesickness gave me ulcers. There was a time I didn’t want to eat anymore. Still homesick once in a blue moon now.

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