In The (YAP) Grand Scheme of Things

Posted: July 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

I found this picture online & its caption reads “always humbling”

Master Yoda has given me an idea when he recently asked this Q in YAP, which I was able to respond to.

And all of the answers, particularly black magic’s who got the BA & Aref’s intrigued me enough to extend this Q into this YAP Forum & ask it here as well. But only within the context of YAP.

So, in the YAP Grand Scheme of Things, where do we all fit in, & what do you think of it?

  • Would all the damage we have done be erased if we disappear? as black magic put it.
  • Are we very significant? as Babes011878 said.
  • Are we the main players? as annabelle commented.
  • Are we mere players in one big stage? as Rodelette mentioned.
  • Are we indispensible? as Aref noted.

What do you think?


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