Maliciously Scrupulous Reporter/s

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Late Breaking News:

This is a bit late but YAP World has another instance of scrupulous reporting that resulted in the suspension of yet another YAPPER.

Details are still sketchy but just the same, it could very well be another instance of reporting with malicious intent.

I have always said that one of the main reasons for this YAP Forum is to get the side of the Scrupulous YAP Reporters–for today I have changed their name from the Paparazzis.

But as of today, nobody has come out to tell the YAP World why are they doing it. Some people say to ignore them, we have tried that. I tried the opposite approach–but apparently they do not wish to be in the limelight either. I have given them a lot of opportunities to tell us their side of the story. But either they are scared or they are still confused what they want.

So today I ask the YAP World, what do you think:

Are those YAPPERs who report with malicious intent in some sort of:

A. Dirty Harry Style Vigilante Justice?

B. A Rambo First Blood Campaign?

C. Religious/Moral YAP Crusade?

D. Control by the Green-Eyed Monster?

E. Doctor Banner Don’t Me Make Angry You’ll be Sorry Because I Turn Into The Hulk & Forget What I Did At The Time?

F. Jelly-jelly Jealous Rage?

G. Emotional Problem/s?

H. Personal Vendetta?

I. Or some other issue/s?

Please tell us what you think.

To all the YAP Reporters… share your thoughts with us… your audience awaits.

  1. Vandal says:

    I’d say all of the above because they’re downright CRAZY!

  2. Binibini says:

    We all know that in this blog Inday and rod has been accused of all the suspension and cheating.

    With the tone of your blog today are you also trying to say that maej suspension was caused by inday and rod?

    choosing to be quiet (i don’t know why they chose to.) doesn’t mean they’re scared.

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    BINI I doubt that JAPS is insinuating that ROD or INDAY had anything to do with MAEJ’S suspension nor do I think he is insinuating that they are scared.
    You must realise that the most probable reason for their silence is simply because it is very hard to argue against the truth especially when bona fide evidence is produced.

  4. Japs says:

    Okay so one vote for “crazy” being the reason for all these “reportings”.

    As far as I know, I have never insuated anywhere within this blog nor in YAP or anywhere else that specific YAPPERs are the cause of any of the suspensions that has happened in YAP.

    And for the record I will never do that.

    Even if the alleged perpetrator would “confess” to me his/her deed I will still NOT mention it publicly over here nor elsewhere.

    I have tried hard to maintain NOT to judge nor accuse any specific YAPPER with any misdeed that has happened in YAP. If you think that I have insuated that those two lady YAPPERs have a hand in these suspensions THEN I WILL PUBLICLY SAY THAT–THAT IS NOT MY INTENTION & THAT I APOLOGIZE TO THE BOTH OF THEM.

    ->Papa Chuck
    I have said that the “unnamed scrupulous YAP reporters” may be either be scared nor confused because not one of them have come out from the shadows of YAP anonymity & into the open yet. If they are indeed in some sort of moral/legal campaign then they should come out & enjoin or enlist all well meaning YAPPERs to do the same & make everyone see the positive aspects of their actions.

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