YAP Newbies?

Posted: July 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

Are you curious like me…

I mean that when you see YAPpers old & new give out interesting Q & As…

you do not hesitate to give them a star & you instinctively try to find out more about them by reading their profiles or checking out their 360 pages if they have one, or send them a message if needed or add them as a contact????

But it is just me or have you noticed this too…

That lately there are a lot of YAP newbies that aren’t shy to ask & answer questions & of course something in their personality, the way they answer, & even their nicks & avatars that makes you curious enough to click on their profile BUT for the life me, did you ever find out that:

1. you cannot send them an email message

2. that they do not allow ims

3. they have no 360 page link

4. there is little or no profile info

5. their Q & As are set to private

6. you cannot add them as a contact &

7. that their network is set to private

As if they work for the CIA or some secret society or something… I mean there is absolutely nothing for you to find out about them & that there are a lot of them in YAP.

When I was new in YA, I did not to set my info to private, I did not even know how & why would I even need to do that. It took me awhile to do all these crap that all these NEWBIES have done in a few minutes, a few seconds or automatically.

I’m curious to know what do you think about this. And I am also curious to know what these newbies have to say. So I hope they can come in here & comment.

  1. Heds says:

    well, reason that makes YA profile private:
    1. Private questions that I don’t want the community to know (sometimes it is something embarassing and/or medical issues)
    2. just wanted to be mysterious.

    That’s all I can think of–

  2. einchen says:

    When I created a Y! Answers account, it is mainly for the purpose of seeking answer/ ideas to a question in my mind. I wasn’t aware that I can actually customize my Y! A settings so it was on default settings wherein others can check my Q&A’s. I wasn’t even aware of 360 that time and maintaining lots of sns account and blogs is so time consuming. However due to the warm welcome I felt being in Y! Answers Phils, I did create my own 360 so people can post on my messageboard. I had to keep my Q&A’s to private though just to check if my assumption that some users hunt for my answers to deliberately give it a thumbs down is true. Well in fact, it seems to be true. TDs seemed to stop after setting my Q&A’s private.

  3. Japs says:

    That’s my point, newbies generally do not customize their settings the first day they join YA, unless they aren’t really newbies.
    And yes you are correct, there is somebody out there who went down my list of answers & started thumbing them one by one. That person has yet to surface in this forum to explain his/her actions.

    Welcome to this forum & thank you for participating. Yes appearing to be mysterious is cool. But I do not think a real newbie has that in mind yet in his or her first day of joining YA. But yes there might be exceptions to that & that is why I asked these qs in the first place.

  4. Papa Chuck says:

    Though I have no proof my gut feel is that in a lot of instances they are extra accounts of some of the regular YAPPERS.
    Iagree that a real NEWBIE would not have the need or desire to block all avenues of ‘meeting’ others. aA NEWBIE TROLL on the other hand will have every reason to hide itself.

  5. Japs says:

    I am also thinking the same thing, for when I was a newbie in YAP it took me about 5-6 months to understand or even tinker with those privacy setups but that’s just me so I wanted to know what other YAPpers think.

  6. maej says:

    yes, i am newbie… literally and figuratively… so what? does that mean that i am aslo a troll? I just want to know who got me suspended and why was i suspended….

  7. Isayy says:

    Hi Jap, Heds happened to be my husband:) I didn’t know his yahoo was log in when I commented, so it was me not Heds who commented, whew we’re not TROLLs anyway, LOL…anyway…I found out when my husband created an account…
    YA’s default setting: Users doesn’t allow IM, users doesn’t allow E-mail. But..questions and answers is not hidden by default.

  8. Japs says:

    Welcome to this forum & thanks for commenting.
    If you have time to browse thru the blog posts, you would see that I have mentioned somewhere that MOST if not ALL YAP newbies go thru a so-called YAP initiation phase wherein most regulars view them as trolls. As in guilty until proven innocent.
    I too was suspected as a troll for a long time. Attacked for no reason that I can think of. And that is why I started this blog in the first place.
    I have openly asked the person/s responsible for the indescrimate reportings

    Welcome as well.
    Thanks for the info.
    So would you think that all normal, regular newbies would have a need to hide
    their Q & As?

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