The Usual Suspects?

Posted: July 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am posting two blog posts today! (BUY ONE GET ONE)

And this one, many of you might think is a follow-up to the other Blog Post that I have posted earlier.

It might or it might not be.

But anyway this post is a response to PCs request to put up a NEW BLOG about the usual suspects.

I mean as a YAP Oldtimer or as a YAP Regular for some time now, can you give us a glimpse into your Suspected List of Trolls & their Main YA Accounts.

Of course there are obvious trolls & that there are many different kinds of trolls & so we can add all those too. And of course NOT ALL tROLLs are necessarily bad for YAP.

But knowledge is power & I think we should be able to give this power to know to all YAPpers. I know that many of you have your suspect list & so anything you might read in the comments below may or may not be supported by actual evidence & if that is the case then we can all direct our own comments to those allegations & just come out in the open & talk about it instead of just sweeping it under the rug which we have been doing for some time now.

So Click that Comment button to share…

And of course if you are a troll or if you will be listed as a suspected troll then by all means leave a comment, we all love to hear from you!!!

Let’s us make this a true open YAP Forum, open for everyone!

  1. tranquil says:

    Hello, you may edit this Japs as you see fit because this comment will definitely leave a sour taste.

    Befriended Inday (when she was still called Inday) when she “appeared” to be in need of a non-judgemental ear.

    Well, my bad! She repeatedly asked for my complete name, mailing address and e-mail address which I did not think anything odd at that time, and I obliged her with the data. She gave me hers but it is most probably fictional, as she mentioned that she has a dog named Fritz but did not acknowledge him when I asked about the dog the next time that we chatted. Nor the next. And the next.

    I should have been more alert.

    She asked information about me such as my childhood, which she later used when she made trolls. She even used my first name in one of her spawns.

    She admitted that she has other accounts: Dennis (that supposedly lives in USA but has Pinoy parents). __(someone’s name)__ Princess (she claims that the guy is discovering his feminine side and is starting to live a life as a female. That this man attended his prom in a green dress with makeup on, that she encouraged his coming out using her skill as a psycho-something. Psychologist, I think.) She also said that Allan (sorry Allan) knew about her other accounts. He was able to identify them and she started flirting with Allan on Yahoo! Answers Philippines (YAP) and off it. She was able to charm him enough that he started picking her as the best answer until she became one of the top contributors.

    She likes to play sex games via instant messages and tried to engage me into that. Not my thing.

    Not only that, while we were still chatting, while I still thought that she is a friend, she made a troll and blatantly insulted me in the comments box with one of my answers. She claimed that the phrase that I interpreted into English was wrong. Why not tell me directly? Why be insidious? And why not provide the “correct” answer if mine was wrong?

    I thought about that, and I came to one conclusion: she is emotionally troubled. A liar begins early, during childhood. Too bad that she never outgrew that stage.

    She can get her kicks thinking that she is fooling others, but what she might think and what is the reality are poles apart.

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    Tranquil you have blown me away.
    I have always suspected that Inday MAY BE SCHIZO going by the type of known TROLLS she has. I feel that maybe each one shows a bit of her personality.
    FYI ROD also collects info on YAPPERS.
    She has many accounts and even though we have been talking about them she still blatantly uses them as if to say “here I am and what are you going to do about it”
    I will be continuing this thread later on in the week

  3. Japs says:

    Thank you for sharing & I decided NOT to edit your comment, not just yet anyway, but I might.

    ->Papa Chuck
    Okay, we will await your next comment on this thread.
    BTW the YAP meetup, see details on next blog post, is a great venue to get close to other YAPpers & to open up discussions about many issues we have at YAP. I believe Jonas is a great guy & has enough authority in Yahoo to do something about it.

    Lastly, to one & all, I am reminding you that you are ALL FREE to comment on this OPEN YAP FORUM. No reporting… No TDs… No suspensions in here…

    And Free Food & Free Giveaways at the YAP Meet Up July 18.

  4. Felicity.Moi says:

    I do agree with PC and Tranquil this time.. Inday and Rod are really trying to get personal informations and even tried to know about the trolls I’ve blocked before. Maybe they need to know which trolls they should not use if they use it against me. Rod knows a little about me especially where my location is and started asking questions about my place using one of her y/a accounts then Inday started asking a question and even mentioning my name with CAPITAL letters, maybe just to draw some attention.. I guess. Isn’t that too pathetic? And oh, they even encouraged me to post photos of my coming engagement party and to think they NEVER post their true and personal pictures at a YAP group in which they have created. Is it to protect themselves just in case their lies are all out? Anyways, I’m glad I found a way not to receive anymore e-mails telling lies from the group (not all but I’m definitely sure the moderators are) since I finally started using the SPAM button in which I never use before.

  5. windblown says:

    What a revelation Tranquil. All coming at the right time. Inday needs help really. AS for me when it comes to Rod, she’s still behaving towards me very well. There were times that she tried to annoy me but I copped it in the chin. I will leave it at that.

    To PC and Felicity, I am getting bits and pieces everytime you answered in Y/A and post comments here.

    Japs, please do not delete or edit testimonials that are close to 100% true. I believe your better judgement when it comes to this scenario. I know you can feel if your blog is just being used by BAD elements.

  6. annabelle p says:

    I hope you won’t find it an intrusion for an “outsider” to be here. But first, I would like to apologize to PC at how I’ve been answering his questions. Second, I would like you all to know that I don’t really have an inkling of what is going on in YAP; as I’ve often said, I was caught in the middle of a crossfire. All I knew was that somebody kept on reporting my qs and my answers getting tds. I’ve heard about trolls and such like but it didn’t bother me until I started receiving all those tds and so on. I was really fuming mad when my last q was deleted and I thought it might be one from your group, getting back at me for thinking I am one troll which I’m not. Anyway, to make this short…I really don’t know anything about what you said. As to your allegation about Inday, I can’t comment on that because I don’t know her or know anything about her. I hope all these will end soon. If what PC say is true, about cheating, then I hope it’ll stop. Thank you. Annabelle p.

  7. Japs says:

    Thanks for commenting… I find nothing wrong with being a little bit “nosy” & for asking some personal qs. As that is actually how we do it in the real world if we want to get to know someone we just met. But if someone we met online is using the info they obtained from us for something foul then that is a good sign to stay away from that person.

    Welcome back! I am keeping Tranquil’s posts & all other posts above mine in this thread as is. But although we are all free to post whatever we see fit in this forum–we still have to be civil, polite & courteous to everyone, well at least as we are able to.

    ->Annabelle P
    Thank you for your comment & welcome! As far as I am concerned, nobody is an outsider in this YAP FORUM. And for all intents & purposes WE ARE ALL EQUAL in here, we are all YAPPERS. And if you are going to ask me, this & forums such as this could very well be the great YAP equalizer–giving a voice to the lowly, the weak, the meek, the oppressed & everyone else–if only they would participate. And you are NOT intruding at all as I have always reiterated that ALL ARE WELCOME in this place!

    Anyway, it seems to me that you are like me, some 6 months ago, when ALL of my Qs were being reported & of course TDs left & right. Fortunately for you, you still have your original account & I hope that you will not suffer a suspension as what has happened to many regular YAPPERs due to unnecessary reporting. And of course there have been a lot of regular YAPPERs who have decided to stay away from YAP altogether because of one reason or another.

    I like you is as clueless as a newbie but then I realize knowledge is power & we must share that knowledge to all YAPPERs so that they will be better informed on what is happening & how to protect themselves.

  8. Papa Chuck says:

    Annabelle P
    “I would like to apologize to PC at how I’ve been answering his questions.”
    No apology has been asked for nor is one required. For all intents and purposes if I knew nothing or very little about the goings on in YAP I would actually be answering more in the mode of what Gary is doing as can be seen in some of my old answers to my old ex-adversary, WELL.
    I also understand why some have a reluctance to ‘see’ the proof that has already been submitted. I also understand why some won’t admit that such proof actually exists.
    Happy Yapping

  9. Pflad.... says:

    and these are some of the reasons why i dont go to YAP as often as before…

  10. Pflad.... says:

    sorry for this kind of reply Japs.

  11. Japs says:

    Pao, you know that there is no need for apologies in here.

    You have your own opinions, I have my own, others have something else which might or might not agree with either of ours, & we shouldn’t be made to feel sorry for that. We are all people, we are all unique & we should all be able to come in here & express our thoughts freely, well, within the bounds of moral decency & legal laws.

  12. Vandal says:

    She’s definitely a psycho. Haha! PSYCHOTIC! (oops, I didn’t say her name, did I?)

  13. Binibini says:

    OK!! LET ME TAKE A BREATHER….I’m really suprised by what tranquil said. Me and Inday started getting to know each other well, for i think almost a year now. The dog named fritz that tranquil mentioned is Actually my dog and he is a real dog. I created a profile after my dog fritz when my I couldn’t log on into my account because i thought i was suspended, once i was able to log in into my BINI account i rarely rarely use FRITZ account, then i shared my FRITZ password to Inday and to felicity also, not to use it as a troll but just to use it as a regular account.

    Inday never asked for any information from me, not even my address or any other email or anything about me so i’m surprised she did it to tranquil. Yes allan know she has other account, me and felicity knows some of it. I don’t know if she was flirting with allan on purpose so Allan can pick her as BA’s.

    About the sex games i don’t know about that, can you clarify more about it?? because when i used to chat with Inday and Rod and other people in YM sex was never mentioned in a disgusting way or offensive way.

    My cooment is that we should just refrain from calling people names just like what Vandal did. I don’t think that is necessary and those kind of comment should be edited or deleted.

  14. Binibini says:

    I emailed Inday today about what Tranquil posted above. And I asked her few question and this is her reply to me:

    I have nothing to do with Felicity’s suspension. I have nothing to do with anyone’s suspension. I’m beginning to sound like a sirang plaka but that’s the truth!

    I have always been candid about the so-called trolls. But it was never for the reasons they are saying. I do not TD nor attack nor make gulo sa YAP.

    I don’t know why PC is mad at me. I have twice communicated with him to clear the air privately, but I didn’t get a response.

    I never told anyone my dog’s name is Fritz. My dog Kalvin is the “avatar” I’m using at IM so everyone knows his name.

    I have never betrayed anyone – not Tranquil, not PC, not Windblown, and certainly, not Felicity. Bakit? For what?

    They all know I don’t go to the blog so now they are busy answering sa YAP and directly attacking me there. But I remained quiet. I do not even report their questions and answers.

    Whatever happened to common decency? Why do they have to say very personal things about me? Whatever did I do to those people? I do not deserve this!

  15. tranquil says:

    Thank you for keeping the lines of communication open, binibini.

    I don’t know why she did not ask for your personal information, she is the only one that can answer that.

    Allan has not posted anything so his side will not be heard.

    My first name, variations of my last name, my personal information were used to build an identity for the troll/s. Why repeatedly insist in getting all the personal information? Why is a complete name (first, middle and last names), birthday (including the year), street address, province, country and postal code, email address down to the last letter, so important to another participant, to the point that it was asked several times on several occasions? I did not even offer the information, it was repeatedly asked until the data was collected. She never sent me any e-mails, so why ask for the information again and again?

    Okay, perhaps the name’s Kalvin. Surprise! It was spelled differently before.

    Perhaps someone else made a comment after the answer was selected thinking that the people involved with answering will no longer drop by. It was there alright.

    The “games” started innocently enough: let’s go shopping. What did you buy? Put them on. I’ll put mine on.

    This “game” can lead to many avenues. If you want further explanation, it will be provided.

    You asked the questions, now it is my turn:

    •Why are participants that are usually good-natured speaking up?

    The answer to that? One has to read Japs’ blogs and go over the comments from the respondents.

    By the way, binibini, an after thought. When my answers were open to the public, why did you go through my answers that were more than 8 months old? You even sent me IMs about my answers.

  16. tranquil says:

    Correction: e-mails, not instant messages.

  17. Papa Chuck says:

    “I don’t know why PC is mad at me. I have twice communicated with him to clear the air privately, but I didn’t get a response.”
    Rod attacked me with her Trolls, I asked Inday to put her dog on a short leash. Inday said she didnt know who those TROLLS belonged to yet the two of them are as thick as thieves. Didn’t they exchange passwords/avatars.
    Inday makes it extremely hard to believe anything she says. She forgets that she has answered questions in YAP about trolls etc. as if she was miss innocent, completely denying any involvement in any such activity.
    On Y!M she admits to alloting some BA’s to herself but denies it to friends in E-mails.
    I know Inday more than I know Tranquil Yet I know now who I would trust more.
    Maybe the only reason she doesn’t report the Q/A IS because they are safe ones
    “YM sex was never mentioned in a disgusting way or offensive way.” “Helicopters and Housework” ring a bell?

    “I never told anyone my dog’s name is Fritz.” I asked ROD many times who Fritz belonged to. She told me that one day she would tell me. After about 4 weeks she got me on Y!M and introduced me to Fritz (inday).
    About betrayal maybe not directly but most certainly indirectly using her trolls to ask and award BA’s to friends- certainly not fair to all answerers. Forgets that on Y!M it was often discussed on who needs a BA and who would be getting it (remember).
    Inday with her TC TROLLS is the only one besides SWEETWATER who can report an answer or question and make it disappear within minutes.
    Why does she still continue using her Trolls?
    Maybe once a good majority of her Trolls are named here and on YAP SHE MAY STOP USING THEM.
    As far as I know the following people know a good number of her TROLLS:

  18. WELL says:

    Just to squash the rumour that the fur ball is spreading I am alive and WELL. DOES HE EVER GET ANYTHING RIGHT?
    BINI surely INDAY hasnt forgotten her accusations against my character only 8 months or so ago?
    Betrayals come in different forms and don’t have to be direct. Maybe INDAY is telling the truth about not coming here to the blog—–why should she, when all she has to do is send one of her many trolls maybe a different one each and every day.
    The reason she doesn’t reply is that she is as guilty as hell.

  19. Pflad.... says:

    ang tatanda nyo na….wake up people! hhhaaayyyy buhay… oo tama wala akong alam sa mga nangyayari sa YAP dahil sa mga ganto, nakakatamad puro nalang troll troll naririnig ko, nakakabingi…. nakakaasar… pero teka, bat ba ko naapektohan? di naman talaga ko kasale dito, ewan siguro kase almost two years ago, this group called YAPPERS helped me, emotionally… and until now.. I’m still thankful for what they did, one of the people who helped me that time was INDAY, she made me smile while crying..

    -_- hop! wala na kong sasabihin, bakasyon muna ulit ako. wala muna YAP.

    TATANDAAN:may mundo pa pag patay ng kumpyuter 😀

  20. Binibini says:

    I’ll reply later guys i’m really late for work. but Tranquil I don’t remember sending you an email about yor answer, please refresh my memory.

    Papa Chuchk actually Rod doesn’t know that I own Fritz, now she knows.

  21. Felicity.Moi says:

    @ Binibini: lemme refresh your memory..YOU’VE NEVER SHARED TO ME YOUR PASSWORD WITH THE FRITZ Y/A ACCOUNT. Yea, I know that you and Inday shared the account but you never shared the Fritz Y/A account to me.. never. Maybe we’ve shared something before but never the Fritz account. As far as I remember it is Inday who told me that she’s already the one who is using the Fritz account.

    Yea, there’s nothing wrong with being nosy but it is already ‘something’ when somebody is using their other Y/A accounts and asking questions at YAP about the tidbits informations they got from a YAPper. Inday shared to me some of the Y/A accounts but what she told me is her ‘people’. So I presume that she’s somewhat hiring real people to ask and answer at YAP and other Y/A categories or something and besides she told not only me but also some of the YAPpers.

    As for Rod, yea, I told some YAPpers my real name and I still can remember whom I told about it but what I’m talking about is Rod likes to ask a lot of other things… my location, some personal infos., and even asked me before about the list of the suspected and confirmed trolls at YAP in my blocked list then a one time YAP answerer asked something about my hometown. The only thing that really made me wonder is why Inday asked a Q @ YAP mentioning my name with capital letters as if she wants to say something to me or maybe I jump into a conclusion.

    About Inday’s sex game: I believe it is none of our fcuking business.

    Anyways, all these troubles @ YAP started when somebody framed me up and got my Y/A account suspended few months ago. I hope it’s about time that the guilty one should be satisfied and contented already coz they’ve succeeded their goal in life. Now, let’s stop this baloney. We all know that we are all tired and sick about these kind of stuffs being mentioned all over again.. The Philippines got a lot of problems already, so it’s better if we stop this nonsense and let’s just act our age.

    Maybe inday got a fault too but she’s only human and I hope everyone learned their lessons now.

    Cruel intentions will never succeed.

  22. Binibini says:

    thanks for the reminder amiga. i thought i shared it with you.

  23. Binibini says:


    “TATANDAAN:may mundo pa pag patay ng kumpyuter :D”

    I’m not that old. hehheee and yes I do have a life outside the computer. 🙂

  24. Japs says:

    Yes I know that I am old (aray), but I know that I act my age.
    Wait, some of the times I don’t, hahaha, but not maliciously of course.
    Enjoy your YAP vacation but hope to see you back soon.

  25. Papa Chuck says:

    Bini, your not having a very good strike record at the moment.
    “Papa Chuchk actually Rod doesn’t know that I own Fritz, now she knows.”
    On Y!M ROD admitted to knowing that FRITZ belonged to you and that she was there when FRITZ was ‘handed’ over to another party.
    It was on Y!M that I asked ROD who the other party was.
    It was on Y!M that ROD introduced me to FRITZ aka INDAY and this all happened many, many months ago.

  26. Aref H says:

    This is all a bad dream. Somebody wake me up!

  27. Aref H says:

    What are you guys doing in my dream? Are you ALL not supposed to be only in YAP?
    Why follow me even in my dreams?

    Ah, to dream…. There’s the rub. There’s the respect that makes the calamity of so long ….. Yapping.

  28. Aref H says:

    From Bini: (According to whom, Inday said the following)
    “Whatever happened to common decency? Why do they have to say very personal things about me? Whatever did I do to those people? I do not deserve this!”
    This is the only thing real in this dream. When Inday is hurting, I am hurting too. And I really, really want to hurt back those who inflicted this hurt on her.

    Is it just a culture difference, or are Australians used to hurting women? And people, is it common decency to post private conversations in Y/M? This, I really, really like to know.

  29. Binibini says:

    well i don’t know how she knows that I owned fritz, Inday probably mention it to her, or i mentioned it to her in Y!M i don’t keep up with what i told them in Y!M. I was not hiding fritz because fritz account is not a troll.

  30. Binibini says:

    but i didn’t really remember telling rod in Y!M, i don’t even know what she means by “handed”.

    What cord am I striking now? i don’t even get your tone right now.

  31. Binibini says:

    correction: didn’t = don’t

  32. Papa Chuck says:

    AREF everything and anything I have said is the truth and nothing but the truth and you along with others know that.I have not, to the best of my knowledge revealed anything personal or anything said in Y!M (unless something incorrect was said).
    No its not a cultural thing for an Australian to hurt a woman just as much as it shouldnt be an acceptable thing for a Filipina to be allowed to cheat and lie.
    Ask her why she persists in using her trolls, why didn’t you come to Bopols aid or SG’s when ROD and co. attacked them.
    You know that what has been said here is true but you are smitten by her charms and cannot see. She employed the same tactics when WELL and others attacked her (stayed silent and let others receive the flak on her behalf and I should know I was one of those naive ones).
    According to Tranquil isn’t that exactly what Inday did?

    Bini just correcting some parts of your post.

  33. Binibini says:

    Ok pc.

  34. Aref H says:

    A dear friend of mine asked me to post this.
    “I second BINI that sex indeed was NEVER mentioned in a disgusting and offensive way. Helicopters and housework were both mentioned in jest and in fun and never meant to to offend or make someone uncomfortable..and never was it uncomfortable for anyone at the conference at any time.”

    And this is directed to folks Down Under.

  35. Aref H says:

    PC, what you said Why I did not come to SG aid or Bopols, I never saw any attack. I assure you if any attack has been recognized by these eyes of mine on SG or Bopols, I would have used my magic shield to deflect the blows for them. As it is, I hear this only now from you. And to tell you frankly, your imputing guilt on another colleague, of good standing in the community, is beyond me. SG is a good friend. She would have sent me messages if she was in trouble. I never received any SOS from her. Nor from Sir Bopols.

    Ok. Possibly, it is a “Too Late the Hero” thing. But that’s always been me. hahahahahah! Anyways, all water under the bridge I say! And Inday will never do the things you’re implying. She’s the one who stands at the wall, for God’s sake! To keep all our sanities intact. So, break a leg, mate! (Is that the correct usage?)

  36. windblown says:

    I will just ask Aref if she firmly believe that Inday is not a cheater? (rarely, most of the times or….) I communicated to her already at least 2 times that I got “fooled” by day one but she continue her cheating ways. (Letting her trolls pick her as BA or set of friends and/or voting using the same set of friends and trolls) In this regard, I endured too long to come out in the open. It’s time to stop (wishful thinking) She’s still in denial that she NEVER, NEVER used her trolls to vote for her despite the admission from her in Y/M. She needs help and you will be of great help to her.

    No matter what are the nationalities of those involved, the problem is INDAY and her set of friends who doesn’t want to accept their faults. Let us not talk about sex only and the like but let us look at the bigger picture. Picking some “stories” to defend someone? Cheating members of YAP? Me and members of YAP were being cheated with our eyes wide open.

    For the replies from Inday that were posted here, for me, I will NEVER again believe what she’s saying. Never again.

    Lastly, if there are still some personalities here that Inday cheated and some of the members, please let me know what proof is acceptable for you. Maybe, I will post also Y/M from the conference that some personalities were being hit behind their backs. Like helicopter with how to do it, the spammer, hinde naliligo (not taking a bath) and many more.

  37. maej says:








  38. Aref H says:

    Really, Mr. Windblown. Please be careful with the use of your pronouns. I am a “he” not a “she”. And again, I hear the magic words. “Let us” . “Us” being the higher powers I suppose, and the suggestion, the germ of an idea, this organic thought is being offered to us. And what do you know? The subliminal thought is “not to talk about sex”. A breezy thought. Clean and refreshing. “Not to talk about sex.” It is planted in our minds, and immediately, sex is a naughty thing. Sex is taboo. Perhaps, the Breezy fellow is a frustrated Catholic priest. And all this, simply to cover up the fact that he violated all laws of chivalry by posting private conversations with an innocent girl who implicity trusted him.

    And for your info, the “story” you might be referring to, is nothing but the truth. I did not make it up.

  39. Aref H says:

    Maej, and if this really is the Barrio Lass, I am taken by surprise by this posting, advising us in the Blog that your account is suspended. I am sorry for this. As I said in a previous Q in Yap, there is an evil horde out there. And the one who stands at the wall for us could be bleeding inside, and not up to par right now to defend us. I say we settle our differences, and make a united stand. I am willing to cease “in-fighting” if the Aussies and the new Aussie will abide a truce.

  40. windblown says:

    Aref. You did not answer my question, is she a a cheater? Let us get to the point. I do not think she is innocent. What proof do you want. Do not let the story go astray.

    I’ve told Japs and everybody knows that I am not good in english. I stand with my englishas long the receiver got my message.

    Maej, sorry to hear that.

    I am amenable to a truce to an ARAB.

  41. Aref H says:

    First, I am referred to as a “she” when I am no doubt a man. Now, I am referred to as an “Arab” when everyone knows I am as Pinoy as one gets. Never mind. Then, Word Peace, it is then, Aussies. Now, we get to who got the Barrio Lass suspended. An Arab, indeed!


    Wonder why the Pharaoh has not joined this blog. He could have translated that for us. It is the usual response when someone says “Salam Alai Kum” or God be with you, or something. I think it either means “And with you, too, ” or “Bye now.”

  42. maej says:

    I guess this forum did nothing to help unite YAPPERS. It had only worsen the situation. Ok, I am biiter, who wouldn’t…. gee…

    yes, aref, this is the barrio lass…

    I never think I could be this famous that some people had taken interest in me and considered me a threat… is that why I was suspended?

    You know who you are, come out in the open… speak up!

    You folks are COWARDS!!! hiding behind your trolls… you know who you are….

  43. Papa Chuck says:

    Aref, if you want to put the blame on me that is your perogative. As far as I am concerned I have told nothing but the truth. To me all this trouble started with ROD WHEN SHE ATTACKED BOPOLS, KERANG and then ME. iNDAY DIDNT HELP BY DENYING ANY KNOWLEDGE.
    I also have it on good authority that ROD (using WELL TAGATAY/MAKATI) called in FILAMUSA to get me.
    You didnt answer noeh’s question.
    Maej I am deeply saddened that your account was suspended. The first I knew of it was when I logged on 30 minutes ago–I don’t expect you to believe that but it is the truth.
    It wasn’t so much this FORUM that dis-united Yappers, all YAPPERS were always welcome to join in and discuss their views, the majority for whatever reason/s chose not too. What did drive the wedge between YAPPERS was the BLIND EYE so many turned to the TROLLING and CHEATING that was going on.
    Some say that nobody was being hurt but where was the fairness. What would the same people say if this AUSSIE made 100 accounts and then proceeded to vote and advance up the Leader Board and along the way take some friends there with me?
    Again MAEJ I am sorry at hearing your news.

    AREF who is the evil horde you refer to?

  44. Bitter Guy says:

    Sorry to hear about the latest victim of those rabid report trolls. Yes they are cowards and cheats. I hope Jonas could do something about those scoundrels in YAP.

  45. windblown says:

    I was referred as a new Aussie but being referred as Arab is offensive to her/him. Still Aref, you did not answer my question. You just wanted to DIVERT ATTENTION.

    To MAEJ, let the YAPPERS who will meet on the 18th to ask JONAS (Yahoo Manager) who reported all your violations. I am very open to it. Let it all out!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now AREF, please answer my question. That is if you’re really a true gentleman.

  46. sheer♥black says:

    Hi everyone. Upon reading all your posts, I realized how much I missed out in YAP. I knew there was an issue about Inday but honestly, I’m confused. Inday…. oh boy I don’t know what to say. Actually, I’m not surprised to hear your comments about her. I too betrayed her in a way for such negative accusations. However, I liked her from the start and that won’t change. If she really has done unfavorable things in YAP, I will still like her despite her faults-like what I felt for Well. That’s just how I am. She has done no harm to me so I am no place to make final judgements.

    Now, now, the disagreement between windblown and aref is making me worried but I know they will resolve it because they’re both true gents.

    I’m sorry for what happen maej. I’m not surprised that you were barrio lass. The instinct I got from barrio were the same from the day I first saw you in YAP.

    I may not be active in YAP but rest assured that I am a loyal and honest YAPper.

  47. sheer♥black says:

    Oops. My apologies for the bali-balikong grammar. I have not mastered expressing myself through words for I grew up interpreting my thoughts and feelings through lines, colors, shapes, and…. stuff like that. 🙂

  48. Aref H says:

    I took a lunch break, rather with a light heart for there were the words “amenable to a truce”. I come back in, and whoa! More salvos! I thought a truce means temporary cessation of hostilities? I shall refrain at this point from posting anything more, until the gentlemen from Down Under clarify this definition.

    Do we continue to rock and roll or do we call a halt? Please confirm.

  49. Buwisit Ka says:

    Ano ba to, mga HIJAAAAAAAAAAH?????

    I am tempted to ask in the immortal words of Rodney “not Martin Luther” King: “Can’t we all just get along?” but at the same time I am so intrigadaciously compelled by the typhoonic cycling of accusations and counter attacks, offensives and guerilla warfare methods that are employed here.

    Paki-sali naman sa kantyawan ninyo?????? Pretty (and not-so pretty) please?

  50. Aref H says:

    Calling Australians! Yuhoo! This “true gentleman” is still awaiting your definition of truce. Please confirm.

  51. Aref H says:

    Hmmm….. Nothing? I called and my call falls on a blank page.

    Calling Australians, new and old! This is Saudi Arabia calling! Do we continue to rock and roll or do we have a truce? Please confirm.

  52. Aref H says:

    Oh, Hello, M.”Bui Sweet”. Glad to see ya. Sorry was not able to greet you earlier. I sort of promised the Aussies not to post anything else until they confirm their intentions. But this is an exception. I will not be attacking anyone but greeting someone in friendship. About your proposal, sure! Come one, come all! We’re, I think, about to go mud wrestling over here. Pretty interesting, huh? Attacks and counter-attacks. Offensives and guerilla warfare. Sure. Join in. The more the merrier I think. But, of course, I think you’d find their side more lucrative. Dollars, and all that. But I am no sore loser, and won’t blame their currency if I get clobbered. I will take it like a man, but will sure as Hell throw so much mud they’ll stink. A Phyricc Victory, so to speak, for the Kangaroo Team. I’m still proposing a truce, though. Like a chessplayer playing black, offering a “draw”. If they’d take it.

  53. Binibini says:

    I don’t know what to say anymore this whole thing has blown out to proportions. I didn’t see any evidence that Inday attacked SG or BOPOLS too. And if it’s true what PC was saying about ROD doing the dirty works and Inday didn’t do anything, i’m not sure YET, because Rod is an adult and i’m sure she makes her own decisions no matter what Inday tells her to do, because I sure would not let anybody tell me what to do.

    Yes Inday cheated with her trolls by voting her friends answers for BA’s and to get to top 10.

    Now i want to ask the question, does windblown , PC or anybody else who is accusing Inday of the reason why their accounts are suspended. Inday already acknowldeged that she has trolls and used it for BA’s , but I don’t believe Inday will use her trolls to have other yappers account suspended.

    And this “sex” thing is preposterous I can’t believe the jokes in Y!M conversaton is being used againts her when it’s only a joke between people who are chatting.

    If you can show me evidence that Inday attacked SG, cause your accounts suspended i will stand with all of you and call her on it.

  54. Binibini says:

    Papa Chuck are you saying FILAMUSA is connected to ROD and INDAY? because i can’t stand Filamusa i know he is a troll but i do not know who owns him/her.

  55. Vandal says:

    Hey what’s my name doing up there, BINI (aka not acting like a lady) ?

    Anyway I have a question to ask to you, BINI! Of all the Y!Appers around here why are you the most annoyed by me? Did I do something wrong to you that made you so mad at me? Bini? Huh? Why is that no matter how “IRRITATING” I was on Y!AP no one has shown this kind of disgust towards me but you and ROD. I feel that you guys are allergic to my cuteness. If you can’t handle my AWESOME CUTENESS, step out of the way! Hah! I don’t even care if you exist!


    Bwahaha! Just kidding! I’m cool guys! I’m actually smiling while typing this comment of mine.

  56. Vandal says:


    date born: ???
    date died: a thousand deaths will NEVER be enough!

    Hmmm…who could have reported my last account? I smell someone nasty!! EW! Who could it be? Certainly it’s not me. I smell like bamboo shoot and spoiled milk.

  57. Papa Chuck says:


  58. Binibini says:

    Vandal I am annoyed at you because you’re not even asking question most of your question are trash!! and you think you are so cute when in fact all you want is attention. Trust me i can handle you and i don’t give a rat’s ass if you care that i exist. You really think your important.

  59. Papa Chuck says:

    AREF dont forget the time differences. We dont all sit around the PC 24/7.
    You call a truce but use the terms “NEW AUSSIE” and “KANGAROO TEAM” as an insult and yet you got upset when you were referred to as an ARAB, CANT HAVE IT BOTHWAYS.

    BINI I do agree with you on “And this “sex” thing is preposterous I can’t believe the jokes in Y!M conversaton is being used againts her when it’s only a joke between people who are chatting.”
    I answered in haste without thinking and though its too late do apologise for that remark of mine.
    NOW AREF back to you Please do not call a truce and then throw threats our way. Threats that probably cannot be substantiated. For a truce to be in force I think certain things need to be put into place, one being the blatant use of her trolls and I don’t just mean the openly known ones. It also includes the lesser known ones such as ASTRID, BLUE GARDENIA ETC.ALSO THE ONE THAT FUELS THE FLAMES HAS TO STOP. WHO YOU SAY:
    Have a look at GARY’S TWO NEW QUESTIONS and read my answers. He has many times supplied us with snippets as I am sure he does to you too.

  60. Binibini says:

    I posted this sentence above 10:08 AM i didn’t realized it’s incomplete.

    “Now i want to ask the question, does windblown , PC or anybody else who is accusing Inday of the reason why their accounts are suspended.”

    CORRECTION : Now i want to ask thIS question, does Windblown , PC or anybody else who is accusing Inday of the reason why their accounts are suspended have evidence that it was inday who is behind all of the accounts suspensions?

  61. Binibini says:

    Now if i find out that FILAMUSA is related to ROD, OMG!!! they better get ready.

  62. windblown says:

    When I said, I was amenable to a truce, you kept on hitting. You have not answered my question yet but you have the right not to answer though.

    You came here hitting personalities from down under to defend your friend. I am defending myself and my mate. As everyone knows also, I am true Filipino. PC is a true gentleman. I met him personally and talked for hours. He went out of his way to help me and my family more particulary for my baby. He travelled in the middle of the night to help us. It’s like travelling from Batangas to Manila in the middle of the night. That sort of goodwill from him is very much appreciated by me and my family.

    As your friend often says, ‘anything goes’. It maybe rock and roll or truce but it will only between you and me.

  63. windblown says:

    I did not see the added messages of Aref when I posted my earlier comment. Judging by saying that a Kangaroo team, I am not amenable to a truce with you anymore. From now on, it’s rock and roll.

    I am still waiting for you reply regarding your friend(s) as CHEATER(s). Answer it and prove to us you’re a true blue gentleman. Until answered, I will always be in doubt. (sigh)

  64. windblown says:

    Bini, my account is still active. Not yet suspended. =)

  65. Binibini says:

    Oh, i’m sorry windblown i thought you were suspended. Now how did you get involved in all of this? Were you just coming to PC defense or did something happened between to you and Inday that you are mad at her?
    I thought you 2 are friends?

  66. windblown says:

    No worries Bini. Please find the link below: My reason(s) for attacking Inday.–?cq=1&p=649

  67. Binibini says:


    Rod: (7/11/2008 10:33:05 PM): i never attacked SG it is true about bopols but not SG. to pc i never attacked him, he said i cloned filamusa but it wasnt me. he even posted a link of the troll and the account is older than me. i am not filamusa and never did i clone him i tried to talk to pc before and told him that but he just called me a liar and a cheater. that is the reason why i am not going at the blog anymore. because we already talked and he didn’t bother to listen. to felicity. i never wanted felicity to be suspended in fact i was very worried about that i told her someone wants to delete her account. even when i was new i never TD nor reported fel. and never would i want her to be suspended. sabi nga nya kung sino man ang may pakana ng lahat ng ito eh nakangisi lang. u think natutuwa ako with wat is happening? did you see windblown’s post about inday’s trolls? the post they made it look na ako ang nag share nun sa kanya i never gave windblown the list of inday’s trolls

  68. tranquil says:

    binibini: cannot remember when you sent me an e-mail? Simple, it was so long ago.

    I was surprised to receive an e-mail from you which asked what I meant by my answer. The question was about the asker’s embarassment of having children with very dark skin and very curly hair, which was like the father’s.

    I explained then as now that the asker’s name was “binibini”, thus I addressed the asker as such, but the asker using the same account later changed his/her name from binibini to something else when you checked my answers. My answer in the YAP’s section was non-judgemental. How would I know that the asker was not you?

    You responded that you do not have children yet.

    I answered that it just happened to be someone masquerading as you. That was when you blocked me.

    Very soon afterwards I received a barrage of notices for “invalid” answers.

    Still cannot recall that? It does not matter; what happened, happened.

    Now you claim that the Fritz account is not a troll. Perhaps not, but the account was/is used for point gaming.

    What have you to say now?

  69. Binibini says:

    Hmmm. i dn’t remember that. but i remember blocking you because of your comments on well’s questions not the answer but the comments that you leave in the comments box.

    Fritz was never used for point gaming. I know i told Inday to keep fritz active so i can use it when i want to ask question, but i don’t think it was use for point gamin all the BA’s that was chosen was the perogative of whoever ask the question.

    Do you have any proof that fritz was used for point gaming?

  70. windblown says:

    Thsnks Bini for the posting of Rod’s reply. If I may borrow some of the lines,

    did you see windblown’s post about inday’s trolls? the post they made it look na ako ang nag share nun sa kanya i never gave windblown the list of inday’s trolls

    At least, there is another testimony of Inday’s trolls. Some or majority of the trolls (of course including Inday)were used for point gaming.

  71. Binibini says:

    Yes windblown Indeed acknowldeged she has trolls.

  72. Papa Chuck says:

    ROD attacked KERANG.
    ROD attacked BOPOLS.
    ROD attacked PAPA CHUCK if you have a troll and attack someone isnt that considered as an attack by the owner? She used her GREMLIN and CHUCKY TROLLS and as far as I am concerned her FILAMUSA CLONE.
    ROD is on record as far as I know of stating she had a FILAMUSA clone.
    I admitted I may have made a mistake in the FILAMUSA clone I said was RODS.
    Yes we have talked but she fails to mention that she has blocked me in ANSWERS, Emails and Y!M.
    If she denies these accusations perhaps those who have the proof may like to post a comment.

  73. Aref H says:

    No truce. Very well then.

    The Republic of the Philippines, through Plaintiff, Inday, represented by Counsel Aref H4, hereby accuses Papa Chuck as principal, and Windblown as Secondary, of Conduct Unbecoming the Honorific “Yapper”.

    The state shall show that both the accused knowingly and acting in concert, maligned and discredited the Plaintiff, continously in this Blog, whereas the Plaintiff has already denied their allegations of wrongdoing.

    If it pleases the Court, the State would like to submit the statement of my client, Inday, relayed through her friend the Lady Binibini:

    “I have nothing to do with Felicity’s suspension. I have nothing to do with anyone’s suspension. I’m beginning to sound like a sirang plaka but that’s the truth!

    I have always been candid about the so-called trolls. But it was never for the reasons they are saying. I do not TD nor attack nor make gulo sa YAP.

    I don’t know why PC is mad at me. I have twice communicated with him to clear the air privately, but I didn’t get a response.

    I never told anyone my dog’s name is Fritz. My dog Kalvin is the “avatar” I’m using at IM so everyone knows his name.

    I have never betrayed anyone – not Tranquil, not PC, not Windblown, and certainly, not Felicity. Bakit? For what?

    They all know I don’t go to the blog so now they are busy answering sa YAP and directly attacking me there. But I remained quiet. I do not even report their questions and answers.

    Whatever happened to common decency? Why do they have to say very personal things about me? Whatever did I do to those people? I do not deserve this!”

    Further, the State will show that the defendants had maligned the Plaintiff by calling her “Schizo” on several occasions in this Blog. We submit that both the accused are incompetent authority on labeling anyone this term. We further submit that it is the Plaintiff that is the competent authority on the field of psychology, and out of pure envy and jealousy the defendants are usurping her authority.

    The State further submit that we charge Papa Chuck as principal because there is evidence to suggest that the secondary accused is beholden to him, is in fact “smitten” by him, having as he admits, succored the secondary accused in many occasions. Therefore, Windblown, is only charged as accessory to the crime. And being a new immigrant to the Great Land of the Australias, he has to toe the line. Therefore, there is possible “constraint” in his actions.

    The State further submits before this Honorable Court the following:

    1) There has to be a Wall
    2) There has to be an Evil Horde

    The State holds the above concepts. If the Honorable Court pleases, the State submits that the concepts are admitted by Counsel only for the benefit of the accused themselves.

    The Republic recognizes that both the accused had performed meritorious services in its defense, against threats real or perceived, in the second quarter of the year 2007.

    We submit there has to be a reason why both the accused had not ceased maligning the Plaintiff despite the exhibit shown above (Plaintiff Denial). Therefore, those two above concepts. Because if they do not exist, then both the accused did not malign her due to the disappointment/ heat of passion, but with INTENT and DESIGN, which is equivalent to Murder, and therefore they may face the Death Penalty, and the State submits we would not go there.

    The defendants Papa Chuck and Windblown will probably dazzle you with computer links here and there. The State admits to the existence of these links, and shall not question them. The State, however, submits that these links are immaterial and irrelevant to this case.

    Windblown insists on calling the counsel for the Plaintiff a “he/she”. Why?

    If it please this Honorable Court, the State submits we can show a thousand links purporting to show the true gender of yours truly. That in my sexual preference, my dreams, I am a man.

  74. Aref H says:

    As these links will “purport to show” the counsel for the plaintiff is a man. Yet the secondary accused persists in referring to counsel as “he/she”. This is in fact an admission, that despite a heavy weight of evidences to the contrary, the simple gender of a Yapper cannot be ascertained by relying on inconclusive evidence.

  75. Aref H says:

    The State will further show that not only are both Papa Chuck and Windblown, incompetent, in the determination of the pscychological profile of anyone, but that Windblown is an advertising man instead. That he sells ideas.

    This is betrayed by his offering before the honorable ladies and gentlemen of this
    Court, THE BOX. He wants Counsel for the Defense to go to his box. The Box which should contain in black and white whether the Counsel believes his client cheated or not.

    We submit before this Honorable Court that the opinion of the counsel towards client is immaterial and irrelevant in these proceedings. However, I will state categorically that I fervently believe as a Yapper that Inday in no way cheated for her personal gain. Yes. I am being a true gentleman, and I am placing myself in his box. Because his line of reasoning is that if Aref will not go into this box, he is no gentlemen. Er, if it pleases thecourt. I call for adjournment. My login in past due in this Internet Shop. Will resume later.

  76. windblown says:

    Very funny.

    The PROBLEM IS YOU HAVE NOT ANSWERED MY QUESTION YET. Did she cheat in one way or another? Also, the problem is ‘YOU SEE WHAT YOU HEAR’. As I’ve said before what proof do you want? Did you ask you friend regarding he allegations? You cannot represent her if you’re not talking to your client. LOL.

  77. Papa Chuck says:

    On page one of this thread post 2 I stated the following:
    I have always suspected that Inday MAY BE SCHIZO going by the type of known TROLLS she has. I feel that maybe each one shows a bit of her personality.

    Yet the honourabl Counsel chooses to state:
    Further, the State will show that the defendants had maligned the Plaintiff by calling her “Schizo” on several occasions in this Blog.

    I also submit that the counsels hearsay be stricken of the records due to the dubious relationship between him and his client.

    I submit that the Plaintiff’s constant denials of trolling for any benefit be marked as exibit “A”

    I submit the following admission of the Plaintiff as exibit “B”

    This little extract points the way to many of her other TROLLS
    Inday: this is how my barangay works
    Inday: they ask multi-Qs….they give BAs to FRIENDS and also to each other
    Inday: occasionally they give ME BAs too

    NOTE “(and NOT from my so-called trolls).”

    I was already a TC when I joined YAP and earned my TC at YAP long before these trolls were created. And always – and I do mean ALWAYS – my BAs are hard-earned and well-deserved (and NOT from my so-called trolls). I don’t ever give half-ass answers nor have I been rude to anyone. And my trolls are that way too. We are good people with no grand designs nor scheming ambitions – we just want to enjoy YAP with our friends. That’s all.

    I further submit as exhibit “C” THE pLAINTIFF’S admission of owning TROLLS:
    Inday: ready to list – first 5 – moonlight lady (June11), mindi h (June17), sancho (Nov6), rickyrock (July23), romerico g (July23)
    Inday: next 5 – dennis (May15), mike’sgirl (May5), girlie (Oct18), diwata sinta(Aug7), anniejo (July23)
    Inday: NEXT 5 – addieluv (July23), tony’sprincess (July25), ejay (June12), sonny (May27), tin2 (April25)
    Inday: one more – samantha!!!

    I furter submit as exhibit “D” evidence of her giving herself a “BA”;_ylt=AvlqzDufn5uZBpZkY62G54_h5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20071120211558AAGjZcJ;_ylt=AtBcK3Q8KlrOYOFQX2NAriPh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080311201746AAjdyKl;_ylt=AuoS6ahoNlmiHhASdpKqO9Hh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20071220211844AAj3NRE;_ylt=AgQdWY2vRFwObDWVxCUnEwfh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070824200617AA4O9kt;_ylt=AuKq4u8R7719hkgtxSf_bFrh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070820141144AAftF65;_ylt=At.kTdE67NydxEsBOhppBTLh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070817143719AAVxqVG;_ylt=AuoS6ahoNlmiHhASdpKqO9Hh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070808192511AAbq03E;_ylt=AvlqzDufn5uZBpZkY62G54_h5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070725131810AAhE3Vp;_ylt=AsixXWMRWKiJKWX.Mi99g.zh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070624211154AAAUiqX;_ylt=Au4uB.N_e2P8JjiLNU40fczh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070815155418AA4jpGo;_ylt=Ao0phdu4XgkNDMClfrth2qzh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070815155307AA4ZovT;_ylt=AnjLUCPC22OHyw3dfC90KTvh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070813105953AAe1wJ7;_ylt=Ai1GAd_0rKAcnQUqiXdXf7bh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070622162526AA9PiVB;_ylt=AgK9wN7Ey4gKoHlbLOGbkhrh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070605114018AAjAaQE;_ylt=Ao0phdu4XgkNDMClfrth2qz54gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070624180629AAnsdrW;_ylt=AvlqzDufn5uZBpZkY62G54_54gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070624175400AAWr1Bi;_ylt=Amr4u2XgsBrVNtFu_6jXJ9_54gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070622202531AA08Mup;_ylt=AtOWtqdQO8ewMgP1bd01QoT54gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070622131245AAju6Sk;_ylt=AvvetgRi9WyIBvjfoPNLLyjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071203231831AAHsBLh

  78. windblown says:

    The counsel is not qualified to defend ‘client’ because he/she is smittened by the charm of Inday. Saying that the counsel slept well after after talking with the his/her client is not acceptable. The counsel should use his/her mind and not the HEART. Unless the heart overrules the mind.

  79. windblown says:

    Inday: ready to list – first 5 – moonlight lady (June11), mindi h (June17), sancho (Nov6), rickyrock (July23), romerico g (July23)
    Inday: next 5 – dennis (May15), mike’sgirl (May5), girlie (Oct18), diwata sinta(Aug7), anniejo (July23)
    Inday: NEXT 5 – addieluv (July23), tony’sprincess (July25), ejay (June12), sonny (May27), tin2 (April25)
    Inday: one more – samantha!!!
    Inday: yeah – samantha
    Inday: this is how my barangay works
    Inday: they ask multi-Qs….they give BAs to FRIENDS and also to each other
    Inday: occasionally they give ME BAs too

    Tony’s Princess is now Fire Princess. Link below and observe the answers.;_ylt=ArKQ_MyblaO5YeR1ZjpsvQfh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070803173107AAafOvZ;_ylt=Am9IRVV9UFpgziG3FYuC6NPh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20071107124513AAKLMZA;_ylt=AusSpUGVbapGEiaCr8vaXJ.JSAx.;_ylv=3?qid=20070607111058AAELKTl;_ylt=AlxACGW3uM5YxIEEwlc.PqyJSAx.;_ylv=3?qid=20071203231831AAHsBLh;_ylt=AiVroBygOPMTNbIlbMvjOqGJSAx.;_ylv=3?qid=20070907202923AATjyoZ

  80. Aref H says:

    … er, where were we?

    Oh,Yes. The trial.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, as I previously mentioned in my opening statement, the defendants shall dazzle you with tons of links “pertaining to show guilt” on the Plaintiff. If it pleases the Court, the State has already placed on record that we admit to the existence of these links, but holds they are immaterial and irrelevant. They are only DELAYING TACTICS employed by the Defendants to divert the attention of this august assembly from their own guilt. In order not to waste the time of this honorable Court, the State has already recognized their existence, and the Jury may please disregard them. Also, these postings manifest the veracity of the charges laid upon them by the Plaintiff.

    “Conduct Unbecoming the Honorific Yapper”

    They continue to malign my Client, despite the fact that these were plainly private conversations made with them by an innocent girl who erroneously thought they were her good friends, and that in the spirit of reconciliation she should appease them.

    The Plaintiff, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, is a prominent and bonafide member of Yap. In point of fact, she is the No.1 in the Leaderboard.

    She is the first to greet “Happy Birthday” to those who are celebrating birthdays. She is also the first to offer solace and comfort to those who may have lost loved ones. She is also the first to make someone get out of the doldrums, with a laugh as attested by many in this Blog. But she is also a fighter and is the first to defend the honor of Filipinos anywhere.

    And yet, above all these, she is this Unseen Force that puts sobriety among us. This, ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, even the principal accused himself admits.

    The State further accuses the defendants, severally and invidually with inciting discord among the Yappers, which is not separate from the main charge. This Blog entry itself is admitted by the Blog Owner to be at the instant of the princiapl accused. The secondary accused, in this Blog entry, even blatantly invites people to render false witness.

    In view of the foregoing, the State prays the Court find the two defendants guilty, and to pay moral and exemplary damages to the Plaintiff in the amount of One Vigintillion Australian dollars, in the American notation of 63 decial places, which is showing them mercy, for if we use the British notation, it is 120 zeroes.

  81. Papa Chuck says:

    “The Plaintiff, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, is a prominent and bonafide member of Yap. In point of fact, she is the No.1 in the Leaderboard.”
    There is no dispute she is number 1 WHAT IS IN DISPUTE IS HOW SHE GOT THERE.
    I do agree that I am guilty of””Conduct Unbecoming the Honorific Yapper”” I DIDN’T WANT TO BELIEVE THAT She could possibly be guilty of the crimes that she has steadily been accused of over the last 12 months. I should have revealed all a lot earlier, I should not have lamblasted those that made accusations before me.
    I think justifying wrongdoings will always sound lame …. no matter if its eloquently put.
    She is guilty of cheating each and every account on YAP from having a fair chance of gaining a position on the Leaderboard.
    “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, as I previously mentioned in my opening statement, the defendants shall dazzle you with tons of links “pertaining to show guilt” on the Plaintiff. If it pleases the Court, the State has already placed on record that we admit to the existence of these links, but holds they are immaterial and irrelevant.” Honourable Counsel is setting himself and the Plaintiff over and above the Higher Court. Basically saying that the rules are not meant for them and only apply to us on the lower rungs of the ladder.
    I call for an adjourment.

  82. Aref H says:

    Counsel for the plaintiff moves that one of the defendant’s statement, Windblown, be stricken off the records.

    These words: “Very funny.”

    Counsel also moves the Court holds said Mr. Windblown for contempt for making fun of these proceedings.

    The defendant Papa Chuck is also making a mockery of the rules of Court. The Plaintiff is not on trial here. They are. On charges above mentioned. And the defendant, Papa Chuck, has already admitted guilt.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of this Honorable Court, the Plaintiff is the one aggrieved.

    The State Prosecution simply stated that we have already admitted to the existence of these links. The defendants would again try to press these voluminous links before us when it fact it would only consume too much time for members of this Court to examine them. And for what? We have already admitted their existence, and repeat that they are irrelevant and immaterial to the case in hand, which is: That defendants behaved with conduct unbecoming an honorable Yapper with intent to damage the reputation of my client.

    Ladies and Gentlemen who are my peers. This proceeding has come, it seems, to a sudden end. The Principal accused has in fact admitted guilt.

    And after admitting guilt, calls for an adjournment. If this were a Court Martial, I would have moved that the defendent be placed in immediate arrest and remanded to the custody of this Court. And not permit him to relieve himself, as part of his punishment!

    We are a forum guided by laws. For every injustice, there has to be remedy.
    We reiterate that the Court of our peers pronounce judgment on the principal accused, and to force him to indemnify my client in the amount abovementioned, as well as render public apology.

  83. Buwisit Ka says:

    You guys are funny. I am reading through your mock indictments and motions and I am impressed to the degree at which you take this supposedly light-hearted battle of the yappies towards. Should you guys be having picnics, parties and barbeques right about now given its summertime. You guys on both sides are intelligent but at the same time mentally off your respective rockers. I do know that from what I’ve read and tried to discern from both sides is that you guys probably very lonely and lost in your real lives for whatever reason. Most if not all of you on both sides have admitted to cheating at some point but you rationalize it until you believe you are innocent regardless of the reality. And yet you turn around and curse the other side for cheating as if the rules don’t apply to you. That’s irrational and admittedly as symptom of true schizophrenia.

    I am a bit wary of ever wanting to come across you guys in real life. You remind mr of Glann Close in Fatal Attraction or Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Creepy. The definite test to prove mental insanity is when the accused doesnt know themselves. None of you do.,

    Havin said that, it’s maybe interesting watching the inmates in the asylum.

  84. Binibini says:

    HA..HA…HA..HA! you’re right bwisit they are very funny.

  85. windblown says:

    I said it earlier that it was very funny. The counsel is using the heart instead of mind.

  86. Vandal says:

    This forum is getting out of hand. I wish that someday people here would soon exist as one. I’m beginning to think that this represents our own country. It’s all divided…so sad.

    And in real life I’ve never been hated like this (you know hwo you are) even though I act like I was in “KINDERGARDEN.”

    But thanks to this, I noticed that somehow internet people are much like of who they are in the real world. I hope that my snap judgment was wrong.

  87. Japs says:

    Sorry for the delay…

    Welcome to this thread to:
    sheer black
    & the rest of the other YAPPERs

    That is precisely why we should have a YAP Forum such as this one to be able to SAY WHAT WE WANT TO (LEGALLY & MORALLY) SAY.

    I know how you are feeling like now, & that is why ALL YAPPERs should stand united against maliciously scrupulous reporting. Many YAPPERS know you to be decent & polite but sadly many others before you were also decent had also been reported.

    And one does not need to be famous to be reported. You can very well be like some of those who were collateral victims, victims of envy or other petty things. And until the reporters speak up, we only have a general idea of why.

    And as I have said, there is normally no need to apologize in this forum, no TDs here & no reportings, we just have one rule we just need to be as polite as we can be.

    That is correct, Jonas has reiterated that he wanted to work closely with YAPPERs to be proactive in their participation in YA, so YAPPERs who want to be part of the solution to the many ills of YA should attend the Meet Up & be involved & enjoy the event as well.

    Can you also ASK Jonas who reported me? 😉

    & Binibini

    You are right, this Forum & the participants may sometimes be funny & maybe go overboard, which sometimes we can overlook in a case to case basis.

    But if you will reread maej’s ALL CAPS comment again, no one can ever say that, that is funny. All YAPPERs are people just like you & me, those were real emotions, nobody should be ever subjected to those types of emotions. And it is just, just that there could be a venue to vent out frustrations such as those. For as we all know that we cannot be free to just say anything in YAP & most of you know the futility of appealing. And what could a newbie, a lowly, unknown, or naive YAPPER do when they are the target of scrupulous reporters?

    And that is why every YAPPER should participate in here. Many already know what has been happening in YAP, many just keep on sweeping it under the rug. And some do now even know what hit them until they get suspended.

    I repeat this is an OPEN YAP FORUM, you are free to express yourself as long as you show others some form of respect, which I hope we can do in YAP.

    I do think sometimes commenters get out of hand but do you feel that the goings on in YAP is not getting out of hand?


    As I have said I have nothing against trolls, & even points gaming, some comments in this forum has even given some info on how to gain points illegally in YA.

    I have given some pointers on how to legally be a TC holder & it isn’t that hard or time-consuming.

    But what I am up against & maej being the latest victim here…. is maliciously scrupulous reporting!

    Let us all give our fellow YAPPERs a forum to express themselves. BUT YES PLEASE, in a decent way I pray.

  88. Japs says:

    Regarding the Trial Proceedings
    as put forth by Aref
    Papa Chuck and Windblown as Secondary
    of a Conduct Unbecoming the Honorific “Yapper”

    The adjournment is in effect & if no one has any final words to add, then I say that we put the judgment in the hands of the jury–all YAPPERs.

    TO YOU WHO ARE READING THIS: What do you find?

    TO THOSE INVOLVED: What are your final remarks?

    And then we adjourn sine die.

  89. tranquil says:

    I, a member of the jury, hereby declare the behaviors of Papa Chuck and Windblown to be honestly outspoken, their claims backed with evidences, evidences that were verified by some participants; which other YAPpers find unsettling. Papa Chuck and Windblown’s behavior is more acceptable compared to some who operate insidiously.

    “Batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay huwag magalit.”
    Translation: rock pigeon in the sky, whoever gets hit should not get mad.

  90. Gary says:

    People of the Philippines
    “The Principal Accused, et al”

    Atty. Aref H4, you’ve gained the respect of your peers, myself included, with your magnificent defense of the Plaintiff.
    I now appear before this Honorable Court, wearing a bullet-proof vest, to render my own judgment based on meritorious line of reasoning put up by the Defense Counsel, without whose succor brought to the Plaintiff (pro-bono), the principal accused would continue to usurp the authority of the Pontiff and flog his accusing finger to gangrene and, from the way it looked, even take his collection of “links” into the next life ( not to mention continue to malign the reputation of the Plaintiff and to foment discord among Yappers as enumerated in the charge sheet).
    It is worth noting, your Honor, the unbiased comment of Buwisit, reflective of the vantage point at which an observer can see most of the ball game, more than the players themselves.
    After soul-searching and carefully weighing my options done in the hope that justice will be served and peace will emerge triumphant and supreme in Yahoo Travel Philippines, I hereby find the principal accused GUILTY AS CHARGED.


  91. Vandal says:


    That’s the main reason why I left Y!AP for a couple of times. I was on and off these past few months but this time I think I won’t be able to come back because things have gotten worse after all the revelations and everything. I don’t know who to trust anymore. SAD.


  92. Papa Chuck says:

    And now we turn to the jury all trusted and true.

    moonlight lady,
    mindi h,
    romerico g,
    mike’s girl,
    diwata sinta,
    Blue Gardenia.

    But wait doesn’t a jury only add up to 12 members. Evidently not here in Yap. Don’t worry if any of the member’s get sick there are another large group ready and willing to take over.

  93. tranquil says:

    Hahaha, Papa Chuck, how astute!

  94. WELL says:

    Aref most certainly puts forward a believable FLAWED case.

    A fine example on how to keep the prison population, not only in the US but worldwide, down to a minimum.
    First you hide and ignore all relevant evidence, then you twist and mis-represent anything that the other’s have said.

    Aref are you that much infatuated by her? Remember the Black Widow Spider and the Praying Mantis.

    I find that the evidence produced by PC and co. to be not only overwhelming but accurate too.
    If only I was privy to this evidence not so long ago.

    Gary I believe that you are saying I am responsible for poisoning some minds. The only minds suffering from poisoning are Yours and those who will not see. Good to see that you have stayed sober long enough to “put pen to paper”
    I find GARY to be a major cause of disharmony and discord here in yahoo, o sorry wrong case.

  95. Penny Rito says:

    I totally agree with WELL. He speaks the truth.

    LOL @ “And now we turn to the jury all trusted and true.” <<< now that was FUNNY. :))

  96. Papa Chuck says:

    The scary part is that I have another list that shows at least, if not more, the same number of probable Trolls that may belong to her. Still not certain if I should reveal or not. I know that they would make a big issue out of one incorrect name being supplied and ignore the 20+ correct names. The second list is also paetially a ‘Who’s Who of YAP’
    I believe that there may be a possibility that some of the above are “shared” among friends. One thing I have noticed is that one day the answer/question may be very articulate and the next it falls to the wayside.
    It is also possible that she has access to 3 or 4 PC terminals (or more).

  97. Binibini says:


  98. Papa Chuck says:

    There most certainly is something weird/odd about Gary and it doesn’t really matter if he is sober or drunk.
    I do feel he has a secret agenda, an agenda that has nothing to do with helping INDAY, OR for a peaceful resolution to the present situation.
    I am working on a theory which I WON’T MENTION, YET

  99. Japs says:

    *** MTRCB ALERT ***

    I hate to remove anybody’s comment.
    But because of a compelling reason & because of some objections to calling somebody an offensive word. I have decided to remove one comment from this thread & because the commenter couldn’t be reached by email, he wasn’t forewarned.

    But just the same, removal of certain comments in very specific instances is the only way we can keep this Forum safe & free for everyone, remember freedom entails some responsibility too.

  100. Vandal says:

    PC’s commnent: Wednesday July 16, 2008 – 05:33am (EST)

    (with eyes popping out! OUCH! and almost touching the screen!)

    PC’s comment: Thursday July 17, 2008 – 05:15am (EST)

    And there’s still more? What keeps holding you back? Why not expose their names to the public? The sooner you get us informed the better. By the way, I have to ask you a question…WHERE DID YOU GET ALL THOSE EVIDENCES? Don’t tell me you painstakingly searched all the pages of YAP or what? Please tell me so that I could help in solving this problem.

  101. Gary says:

    Bini I thought you were able to view the whole thing with impartiality.
    Now you say things harsh against me as you just did, which can never be erased for all time. Why, have I hurt you? If I take sides that is incompatible with yours, is that your only choice, to lambast me? What is this “double agent” your talking about? Can a double agent take this much, as you have already seen, eh puro sugat na ko coming from the other side! And you can see the vociferous attacks I got from them, and you conclude I’m a double agent! Fine, if Inday doesn’t trust me and even disown knowning me, I WILL ALWAYS FIGHT FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN! TINGNAN MO NAMAN ITONG MGA TAONG TO, ILANG TAON BA SILA MAGLALABAS NG LINK TO PROVE THEIR POINT??? HAVEN’T THEY HAD ENOUGH??? ASSUMING NANDYAN NA LAHAT EVIDENCE NILA, WHAT NOW??? DON’T TELL ME YOU LET THIS PEOPLE TO GO ON AND ON AND ON WITH THE SAME LINKS, THE SAME DIALOG AND DIATRIBE. THERE MUST BE AN END TO ALL THIS, BINI! INAMIN NA NI PC “HE’S GUILTY OF CONDUCT UNBECOMING OF AN HONORIFIC YAPPER.” WHAT NOW? WITH YOUR LATEST COMMENT LUMAKAS NA NAMAN ANG LOOB NI PC. AND THE VISCIOUS CYCLE CONTINUES. DON’T BLAME THE TROUBLE ON ME!!! REPEAT, HOW CAN YOU ACCUSE ME OF A DOUBLE AGENT WHEN YUNG MGA KALABAN KO GANYAN??? TO THINK I THOUGHT YOUR VERSE SHOULD SETTLE ALL PROBLEMS!!!

  102. Papa Chuck says:

    Because you are a DOUBLE AGENT. You offered your assistance first to me, then to them, then to WELL, then to them, then to me, back to them, woe that makes you a triple double agent.

    Source of information:
    Most of the ‘jury’ was revealed by INDAY herself directly,
    The others on my list have been revealed indirectly by her.
    Look at her modus operandi and you will see many “other YAPPERS” doing the same i.e. some BA’s to the jury members, some BA’s to loyalists and some BA’s to herself and a few to outsider Yappers. Not too hard to follow.
    As I said though I don’t have that piece of definite proof and there is the chance that I may be wrong with one or two and that will give them an area of attack.

  103. Gary says:

    You know, PC, I hold sacred the privacy of communication that concerns my friends and me, whoever they are. In my external hard drive, I’ve stored all pictures and messages of my friends in case my computer crash and lose all that I cherish there. In the conflict that we’ve had here, I never for a moment used them as a weapon against all of you, whether email I sent to you and friends and received, or YM chats, everything. YOU NEVER SAW ME DO THAT IN PUBLIC, NO MATTER HOW OUTRAGED I WAS AND AM. But I couldn’t believe that YOU, who I thought are far more advanced than Filipinos in civilized behavior, Australian that you are, could resort to DIRTY TRICKS by revealing to the public sacred private communications that should have been left alone, regardless of our differences or diametrically opposed views between us!!! Now you expect me to respect you??? I don’t close the door. You just have to put these things behind us. You made your point because there has to be a limit to the accusations, and it doesn’t have to go on any longer. OK WE HAVE ALL SEEN THE EVIDENCE. BUT HAVING SEEN THEM AND ACKNOWLEDGE THEM, THERE’S A LESSON IMPARTED ALREADY TO ALL OF US. SO CAN WE NOW LEAVE THE TRAILS OF OUR UNHAPPY PAST AND START ANEW? YOU’VE MADE YOUR POINT, PC. NOW, I THINK THE BEST THING THAT CAN NOW EVER HAPPEN IN YAP IS TO NOW FORGIVE AND FORGET! WOULD YOU AGREE THAT THERE SHOULD NOW BE RECONCILIATION?

  104. Binibini says:



  105. Papa Chuck says:

    Double HOY Gary, obviously you have forgotten about SG and a couple of others, how remiss of you.
    “NOW, I THINK THE BEST THING THAT CAN NOW EVER HAPPEN IN YAP IS TO NOW FORGIVE AND FORGET! WOULD YOU AGREE THAT THERE SHOULD NOW BE RECONCILIATION?” Speaking for myself, I have no problem with that at all but there are others’ involved and their opinions need to be sought. The main stumbling block that I can see is what happens to the TROLLS? Will they still be used?
    That is something I feel needs clarification.
    Oh, by the way, I revealed very little from emails and Y!M.

  106. WELL says:

    What a shame, here I was ready to call it a day, thinking that all would be fine and dandy.
    The troll queen had been unmasked, her numero uno side kick unmasked, her cyber lover puts on the disappearing act, the cat opens his eyes and sees.
    Will Hell freeze over first before she admits she has lost?
    When I first made my now famous quote on the cheater’s I had no tangible proof to lead to her and I was shredded and crucified by her and her clique, to the extent that my account was suspended. All this because I told the truth. I now must remain and see this out to the end. How sweet it is to see the tables turned.

    I am so curious why is it that the CAT preaches forgive and forget now that his IDOL has been exposed but was breathing fire and brimstone prior to any evidence exposing her was revealed? Why is it that RODELETTE reveals damning facts to him?

    May I suggest that if her trolling persists that you cease your present pussy footing around and send your evidence along with links direct to Yahoo and let them sort it out once and for all. I also suggest that you send all and any information you have on RODELETTE, SWEETWATER, ALLAN Y, JIMBOY to them.

    If you need any assistance feel free to email moi I can post it in YAP. Not overly concerned about violations or suspensions.

  107. windblown says:

    @@@y: pre kagabi, pinalabas ko si grock para tirahin nga regulars. they can email Yap staff as to who to suspend.
    *****: ahhhh talaga … pwede pala yun
    *****: now ko lang narinig yan
    @@@y: yeah. all part of psychological warfare.
    @@@y: ********et told me.
    *****: i see
    @@@y: sila lagi ni aqua dulce and others who reported grock.

  108. tranquil says:

    Why are there participants who insidously instill discord? Are the egos such that “psychological warfare” as quoted above, need to be carried out?

  109. Marie Is ʆσʋɛ® says:

    I’m glad that I wasn’t Yapping yet when all of these was going on. What an unfortunate turn of events [for the ones who where trolled on and the perps].

  110. Android says:

    I can only read a few of the first posts. Because they are enough to stump me. I did’t know that so much trolling activity had gone on before.

    Now, I really do think I’m still a newbie in YA Philippines. I’ve been a YAP resident for a couple months since I “passed by”.

    Lately, I am convinced there are shady actors/actresses in YAP.

    The past couple of weeks I saw some really odd behavior that happens only in YAP. 20+ TDs and the same number of TUs to a single answer. And I thought it can happen. But 30 up to 40 TDs? Only in the Philippines.

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