YAPPERs Meet Up In Makati

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

In case you haven’t seen my comment on the front page,

I said that I was gone the last 4 days.

But anyway I’m back!

This post is a follow-up to the earlier post regarding

A Pinoy Answers Community Meet Up


I have just read an email from

Jonas Jonas

One of the Yahoo! Answers Team

Jonas de los Reyes

Community Manager, Yahoo! Southeast Asia

jonasdlr@yahoo-inc.com | Y! ID: jonasdelosreyes

which basically says that the Meet up will be this JULY 18th, 2008 @ 7:30 pm in a still unconfirmed place in MAKATI CITY.

The reason being they need to have it reserved & of course they need to have a confirmed head count. SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED email Jonas at his email add above & give him your full name, your Yahoo! Answers ID & your mobile so that he can confirm your attendance.

The original link to his blog post is @


Anyway the reason I posted a new blog regarding this Meet up is because YAHOO is intending to feature ALL OF YOU GUYS & GALS who call yourselves as YAPPERS (ahem, I think I’m also included in that group) during this particular Meet up.

So this might be a great opportunity to not only meet with other Yappers & to meet up with the Yahoo staff but also it is a great opportunity to tell the world about the story of how the term YAPPER came to be & how all of this YAPPING started, who are the pioneers & who’s who. And how we as Filipinos & people of other nationalities who love the Philippines are doing our part to help promote the country.

Jonas is particularly interested in anything you have to say about all this & he wishes to get your response, please email him any information regarding who came up with the name YAPper for he will include it in his presentation. And he also want to know about the original YAP meet up–you know who you are, also if you can send him pictures & any info about that event it will help him out.

So what are you waiting for fellow YAPpers?

  1. Binibini says:

    whycan’t we have one here in the US too?

  2. -=pandaren.mix=- says:

    Whoo!hoo! That would be great and I hope it will turn out as planned.

    Oh…there’s binibini…hmm…

  3. debbie says:

    yap yap yap i got an email from Jonas already. So what is in stored for us? how much is the admission? will we have nametags?

  4. Japs says:

    I already sent an email to Jonas, asking for more details about that event, I will surely post his answers on this blog. Wait lang.
    But from what I heard, Yahoo WILL BE treating everyone, & they will also hand out Yahoo giveaways, & there will be a special presentation about YAPPERS, so every YAPper who can come should attend. 😉

    welcome back, Jonas has great plans for this meet-up & will do regular ones after this one.

    we surely can, it’s that the US is so much bigger than the Philippines. But initially, all we need is a headcount of who’s interested & where each one is located.

  5. Binibini says:

    and you panda, you got a problem seeing me here?

    japs, maybe we hould have one in every state, or maybe we should get the freebies that the yappers in makati meet up will get. right? hehehee

  6. Vandal says:

    Ohhh! I’m scared, really!

  7. Japs says:

    I’ll ask Jonas if they can send us freebies to distribute to YAPpers here in the US of A. Do you want to organize one in your state?

    Don’t be scared, they will surely want to see you in Makati at the meet up.

  8. Pflad.... says:

    hmmmm …. i’ve been in YAP for almost 2 years.. am i a pioneer too? 😀

  9. Japs says:

    You are a pioneer.
    That is why you need to go to the Meet up!
    Go pao.

  10. tranquil says:

    A little history: the terms YAP, yappers came from Peste (German Shepherd avatar).

    Only 5 more days before the meet! Wish everyone a good meet up.

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