Pinoy Answers Community Meet Up

Posted: June 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Jonas, Green Badge Staff Holder of Yahoo

Jonas Jonas

One of the Yahoo! Answers Team

has asked this Question on the Yahoo Philippines Answers Blog:

Here is the link:

And the Q was:

It is time for an offline event, a meet up of the Pinoy Community in Yahoo! Answers?

What do you think fellow YAPpers?

  1. debbie says:

    this idea sounds good, i’m up to it **** please erase the other comment

  2. Penny Rito says:

    That idea sounds nice but bummer for me because i won’t be in Metro Manila this July and August. I’ll try to schedule it and come back to Metro Manila if you guys have a definite date and venue already. (thanks for the info, Japs)

  3. jan-na says:

    ahaha..remember the yap pasko event? but im also excited about his plan..

  4. Japs says:

    This is a great opportunity for YAers & YAPpers to meet up next month. I hope you guys can spread the word out.

  5. yuanyuan says:

    sure lah! update me

  6. anna m says:

    I’m in! I’m definitely in! hahaha!

  7. Anne says:

    Hmm… count me in!

    I am dying to see both YAPpers and YAers up close.

  8. Pflad.... says:

    hmmm… wala sanang magsabunutan..

  9. maej says:

    sounds good but what is YAers?

    that word sounds strange…

    sorry, I haven’t been here for so long…

    take care all.

  10. einchen says:

    Well, happy meet-up everyone. Can’t be in Phils. on those months.

  11. Japs says:

    Jonas sent me an email & they have scheduled the meet up this July 18, 2008, 7:30pm in Makati City.
    They are still looking for a place & they’ll announce it as soon as it is reserved.
    If you are coming to the meet up, please email Jonas your full name, Yahoo! Answers IDs, and mobile number
    to confirm your attendance.

    See next blog post for the details!

    Yes me too, I’ll be on the other side of the pacific ocean.

    YAers is a term I coined to call people who use Yahoo! Answers, but not necessarily Yahoo! Answers Travel Philippines.

    “kailangan magsuot ng wig para di maubusan ng buhok” 😉
    Anyway this meet up will be organized by Yahoo Southeast Asia & Yahoo Philippines,
    & they will be handing out giveaways. So YAPpers should take advantage, we should set aside
    any differences & at least for one night be united as YAPpers if not as a proud Filipinos.
    Jonas will also do a presentation about YAPPERs & that means all of us.

  12. -=pandaren.mix=- says:

    Oopsy! I can’t come. I don’t like social gatherings but I’m still interested to know what’s going to happen there.

    (If you happen to see a cute panda walking around the venue, don’t ask. It’s definitely me!)

    Oh…there’s ateh anne…hihi!

  13. jan-na says:

    panda.. ikaw pa c kungfu panda? ahihi

  14. -=pandaren.mix=- says:

    Ako nga! Gusto mo ng bear hug?

  15. -=pandaren.mix=- says:

    Ako nga! Gusto mo ng bear hug?

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