Questions You Always Wanted To Ask in YA, BUT Couldn’t

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

This blog post was inspired by one of our newest visitors to this page who have been giving out her comments.

And we all have them–Questions, that we wanted to ask in Yahoo Answers but we know that we couldn’t.


If you know the answer, then we can answer this. But what’s different with this Blog Post is that everyone can participate & add their own Q– you can post it as a comment or email me your Q so that I can ADD it to the body of this Blog Post & not just in the comments section.


Hey japs, how about a list for YAPer most deleted, lol.

Okay so the First Question is

  1. Which YAPPER has the most number of:
  • Deleted Questions.
  • Deleted Answers.
  • Deleted Accounts.


  1. Gary says:

    I think I topped the list. And I’m past caring. My new account is meant to cure my boredom with no eye for competition whatsoever as I used to have (jesters don’t compete, do they?). True, I easily lose patience with my volatile nature. Questions I post now and then have always been open to some extremely “vituperative reviews”, and deleted.” Be that as it may, I profit from the experience of exploring people, tease them, annoy them, provoke them. It’s in the nature of the beast that we all are, and I would seem to be the embodiment of a liger, if you will (a cross between a Lion and a Tigress).

    Look, is YAP the Savannah, which all Africa is? Or in the Outback, the Sarenggeti (hope the spelling is correct)? In many ways, yes, I think so. You can see the rows of trees, willows or cypress there. To the uninitiated prey, on land or in the waters, the predators lie in wait. Newcomers in YAP will have to accept their position at the bottom of the pecking order… or risk being devoured… deleted.

  2. einchen says:

    Thanks for adding my wish in your post Japs. I appreciate it.
    I can only think of one user who’s question is often deleted.
    It’s FILAMUSA with questions often about relationships of young Filipinas and older foreigners. Lol.
    *For the record, I never report anyone’s question for deletion.

  3. Japs says:

    No problemo einchen. Thanks for the idea.

    And if you or anybody else have a Question they want to ask in YAP but they’re sure that it will be deleted, let’s see if we can put it up on this post. Send it to me or Post a Comment.

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