Honest Question

Posted: June 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today I want to ask all visitors / participants in this YAP Forum an honest YAP Q.

Of course this question cannot be asked in YAP without risking being reported.

And of course, we want to get honest answers given knowing that there is no risk of also being unduly reported.

So the Q is:

In your estimation, how many Regular YAPpers do not have any hint of Filipino blood?

And what is your opinion of Foreigners who have become YAP Regulars?

And who can you consider to be persona grata or persona non grata? Please explain if you need to.

(Okay that was 3 honest questions)

  1. Penny Rito says:

    In your estimation, how many Regular YAPpers do not have any hint of Filipino blood?

    >The only one I know of is Papa Chuck. (There are supposedly other YAPPERS without Filipino blood but i think some are trolls and I dont know them well enough to vouch for their authenticity as real people.)

    And what is your opinion of Foreigners who have become YAP Regulars?

    >I am all for it sans the trolls.

    And who can you consider to be persona grata or persona non grata? Please explain if you need to.

    >A very touchy question since naming names might ignite a possible new word war that will go in circles and get us nowhere. (I’m still thinking how to word the answer to this last question properly.)

  2. Japs says:

    Great points Penny R., thanks!

    I too admire foreigners who YAP & stand up for Filipinos & the Philippines, they do not have to, but they do, so that’s both humbling & inspiring & makes one proud to be a Filipino.

    I also agree about not naming names, but I was wondering if there are a lot of Filipinos in YAP who are getting bashed or maligned by foreigners by their Q & As & if they have noticed Foreign YAPpers who visit or are always in YAP but obviously do not like the Filipino people much less the Philippines, so all they do is say how great they are & how despicable are Filipinos. If all they are going to do is that, why come to YAP in the first place–why not go to the travel category of the place they want to go to?

  3. Gary says:

    I commend Penny (my ex-best friend’s) restraint. It’s a pity that a misunderstanding should inadvertently lead people to become at logger heads.

    Now honestly. From my point of view, I don’t have any vehement objections to foreigners being with the YAP family. There are many here I know, like Big P who resides with his Filipina wife and children in the Philippines, and there are other expatriates I can’t named now. One noteworthy thing I’ve observed is they didn’t figure in high profile interference in YAP. In Travel Philippines, there should be expected a beehive of activity about foreigners asking questions about what, in general, they look for in the country and what to expect. Forgive me if I am wrong, but can a foreigner, however sincere he might be, have the right to dictate on the course of family matters that involve YAP who comprises Filipinos, not to mention in matters of propriety and morals? After all, can a Filipino be even remotely given a chance interfering in the internal affairs of their turf/category? Think about it instead of acting the blind role of an apologist. Does anyone begrudges me this nationalistic fervor?

    This is not my life but a concern and advocacy. (Bahala na kayo.)

  4. Papa Chuck says:

    Obviously you are inferring to me. Yap is an open forum (as are all the other forums) where EVERYBODY and I mean EVERYBODY has the right to ask or answer as long as they remain within the rules set by the owner and not by the rules of the participants.
    How is it that by taking part in YAP you consder it to be DICTATING. For all accounts and purposes under a DICTATORSHIP you WILL do what I say. Please show me where that has occurred.

  5. tranquil says:

    Question 1: Am not good in estimating, but Papa Chuck let us know long ago that he is not Filipino.

    Question 2: I welcome participants as long as they abide by the rules set aside by Y!A. It is nice to get the viewpoint of a non-local. Plus the way their viewpoint is presented can be educational.

    Question 3: The only ones unwelcome are those who break the Y!A rules. Simply because this is a virtual world does not mean that one can forget about civility.

    We can have fun while maintaining respect for each participant. Aye?

  6. Japs says:

    You said it right Tranquil. Some YAPpers forget that they are not an island & that anything & everything that they do
    within YAP or anywhere else can & will not only affect themselves & those they know but also have an effect with almost
    everyone & everything else. YAP is an travel answers board for people who have questions about the country, what would
    you think these people would think if they see YAPpers acting like fools. We should start putting disclaimers in YAP & at
    all Philippine ports of entry which says “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

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