YAP Q of the Month!

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

My vote for the YAP Q of the Month

  • Number of stars: 15
  • Number of answers 118

Although on my list of answers it says 120, so who knows maybe 2 were deleted either by the answerer or by YA.

  • Selection of BA left to voting & winning answer got, let me see, 38% of the votes, or 13 total votes.
  • TUs & TDs were relatively normal, but I did see a someone’s answer with a high of 8 TDs, although the normal are from 0 to 3 TDs. So most YAPpers were involved.

But what I love about this Q is that it was so simple but asked with the proper timing, the answers were diverse & even though the asker asked for one answer many put in several answers.

There were apparently NOT that many YAP “reporters” who stalked it although as I have said, there might have been 2 answers deleted, why & by whom we do not know.

Here is the link to the Resolved Q.


I have since stopped putting on links to YAP Qs in this YAP Forum ever since I realized that YAP stalkers aka reporters aka paparazzis visit this site & REPORT the Qs &/or the As on any link mentioned here. And what I do not understand is still they are content to stay anonymous when they know they can write down their comments & openly participate over here, be heard & act like civilized adults.

But anyway, this Q I made an exemption for this Q was asked by a YA Staff, someone with a GREEN Staff BADGE.

Jonas Jonas

One of the Yahoo! Answers Team
Jonas is the Yahoo!’s Community Manager for the Philippines & he writes/post in the Yahoo! Philippines Answers blog: http://www.yanswersblogph.com/

And I read on his latest blog that the BA for this particular Q will be receiving some Yahoo! gifts as a prize for his answer! So what do you know–it now pays to YAP!



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