Count your blessings

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know this might be a little old.

But this really helps to keep everything in perspective, especially if you find yourself always complaining about your job & about everything else.

So do you hate your job that much?

Take at look at these.

Do you want to work in a mini photo lab?

Do you want to work in the corner laundromat?

Do you want to work with the ATM?

Vending machine work anyone?


Or work at the Gas Pumps?

Do you feel better now?

  1. shirley g says:

    Ahehehe…those pics are beautiful works of art. Great advertising.

    Here’s more on counting blessings and philosophy of life.


    Think freely
    Practice patience
    Smile often
    Savor special moments

    * * *

    Make new friends
    Rediscover old ones

    Tell those that you love that you do

    * * *

    Feel deeply
    Discard worry
    Forget trouble
    Forgive an enemy

    * * *

    Keep a promise
    Take a chance
    Try something new
    Reach out

    * * *

    Have good ideas
    Make some mistakes
    Learn from them

    * * *

    Be crazy
    Count your blessings
    Observe miracles — make them happen
    Pick some daisies
    Share them

    * * *

    See a sunrise
    Listen to the rain
    Look for rainbows
    Gaze at the stars
    See beauty everywhere

    * * *

    Laugh heartily
    Spread joy

    * * *

    Give in

    * * *

    Slow down
    Let someone in
    Be soft sometimes

    * * *

    Work Hard
    Be Wise
    Try to understand
    Cry when you need to

    * * *

    Trust life
    Have Faith
    Enjoy wonder
    Comfort a friend

    * * *


    ~ Anonymous ~

    Yup. I do feel better. And you?

  2. Japs says:

    Absolutely SG.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Gary says:

    Hate can really bog people down. I bury the hatchet and hope the other side will do the same.

    Eliminating trolls. It’s beyond redemption. Reveal one that you know of and one or two crops up like mushroom. And definitely, it’s impossible to invade the privacy of one who has it/them. In the final analysis, it’s up to the conscience of people who uses them for their own ends (God sees them).

    I revealed trolls on those friends I knew who had them, myself included. Betrayal or not, please see through the motive. If I gave away a friend’s secret that violates the norm, is that what we call betrayal. If I didn’t reveal the secret I knew, wouldn’t I be an accomplice to a wrong-doing? Tell me if what I did was moral or not. But if one of them still thinks I’m a stinking, blithering sinner, then let them cast the first stone.

    Well’s fishing expedition is all right, it’s his call and right. But why, in hindsight, does it have to be in public to do the lashing out at personalities he suspects when he can have that issue elevated to the Yahoo authorities with hard evidence that he has with him that proves BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that he, among others, had been cheated?

    I rest my case. I hope they will now leave me alone in peace.

    Thank you.

  4. Japs says:

    Welcome back Gary the cat!!!

    And you are correct, hate is one of the most dangerous emotions.
    And the hard part, it is a natural & even a healthy one.
    We all feel it. I have a personal way of dealing with it but I’ll
    keep it to myself for I do not want this page to turn into a preaching forum. This is an open forum & all are open to comment, to share, to communicate, to hear somebody out, to try to understand & to have a meeting of the minds.

  5. Papa Chuck says:

    I will stop right now with my allegations and revelations if the other parties can convince me that what I am doing is wrong or incorrect and that they are most definately innocent of any wrong doings. I will even go on YAP with a public apology.
    But of course that will never happen. Why, you ask, because they are guilty as charged.
    It’s also up to the conscience of people who use YAP on whether they consider to acknowledge them. Gary, you spent 1 week posting questions attacking us now you want to bury the hatchet, what will it be next week? In all honesty you revealed very little against any of them your revelations centered around this side of the fence as did your YAP attacks.

  6. tranquil says:

    People who do the exposé are tired of the manipulation and deception occuring in YAP. Diplomacy is ineffective with them. The exposé is done because those who are guilty still defy the rules. There is no remorse, and no abatement.

    If the participants want to have fun, am all for it, but please, please, PLEASE ABIDE by the rules. We, as participants, reflect to the world what the Filipinos are like; and how we, as a nation, interact with other nations. Let us be what we could be: magalang, mabait, matulungin (courteous, humane, accommodating).

  7. Penny Rito says:

    HONESTLY, is this asking for PEACE? Can you even consider this burying the hatchet or is this trollishly trying to ignite another useless debate?

    “Who do you think are some people who inflict themselves on the people that don’t welcome them?
    • 1 hour ago
    • – 3 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    1 hour ago
    a principled panda i know turned what! and for what loyalty? hey, wake up! i don’t care what you’ve become!
    1 hour ago
    if blind loyalties are more important to y0u than our country, fine.

    where are you when we raised our voices about what is wrong with our country?

    wake up. which is more pressing?
    1 hour ago
    my friend panda, i’m sorry about what’s happened to you lately. but allan y, and you and me must spark things again, can you understand. forget about yap politics. we can do it together again.

    Binibini: let me show you my affiliation: I’m tired of yap politics. Show PC and Well the door out of YAP. they make things miserable out here. Please take care!
    1 hour ago
    hey, tomorrow, i can feel this question is kaput. might as well tell you get well soon. we can be the “la solidaridad” if you want.

    Binibini: trust me. good night!
    36 minutes ago
    Papa Chuck: I’m sorry but most people dislikes you about the way you always move your weight around as if you have the monopoly of goodness. You have no business parroting that. I AM A FILIPINO!!! AND YOU ARE NOT!!! WHO ARE YOU THAT YOU CAN ORDER AROUND YAPPERS WHOSE CULTURES, CUSTOMS, TRADITIONS, LANGUAGES, YOU KNOW LITTLE ABOUT????!!!!
    30 minutes ago
    18 minutes ago
    12 minutes ago
    You take note, people, of the MAKAPILI. TRAITORS!
    4 minutes ago
    Binibini: Fine.
    2 minutes ago
    ahaha! help me out here, my gro…m sleepy hmmmm zzzzzzzzzzz”

  8. Papa Chuck says:

    And my retort was>

    Mostly those religious groups that come knocking at the door at odd hours.
    Reflect on the old Proverb “There are none so blind as those who will not see”
    o 48 minutes ago
    Perhaps, you of all people, are the best one to answer your own question. Afterall that is exactly what you are renouned for. Not your wit, not your sarcasm, not your flirting but your inflictions.
    In one more day the new week begins will you be on the other side of the fence or will you continue your charade.
    I was just talking about you the other day on how civilised you seem to have become–forget to take the meds?
    Unlike you I have never claimed to be Mr. Goodness. Please show me where I have had the audacity to order anybody, YAPPERS in particular, around.
    Correction: Most YAPPERS are Filipino but not all so live with that.
    The World consists of many nationalalities and each has its’ fair share of good and bad people and you sir belong to the latter. If I was a Filipino I would find you to be an embarassement and as a YAPPER you most certainly are–an embarassement.
    If, as you say, most people dislike me, than that is their perogative and I cannot change their view BUT at least some trust and respect my views but in your case—I will leave it at that.
    Good at last the meds. have taken effect or is it the tuba wearing off.

  9. Len says:

    GARY. SLEEP!!!! yap and this blog had enough. STOP THE DRAMA AND GET A LIFE!!!!

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