Happy Father’s Day To All YAP Dads!

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

And you thought I Forgot.

No I am A Dad Myself.

And to all YAPpers who had sent me Father’s Day Greetings–THANKS!

Okay, To Those Who Forgot to Greet Their Dad or Husband This Father’s Day

& if you really plan to forget.

And of course if you forgot to buy a gift or even a card.

GO OUT & BUY ONE RIGHT NOW or You Can Just Use One of these Five Excuses.

If you forgot to call “Dear Old Dad” on Father’s Day
Here Are Five Excuses That You Can Use.
5. “Your E-mail bounced.”
4. “Thought you were supposed to call me.”
3. “Did I surprise you by calling the day after Father’s Day?”
2. Two words: “NBA Finals”
1. “I thought it was Mother’s Day and called Mom instead.”
  1. einchen says:

    Hi Japs, you know what, e-cards or greetings to family members sent thru e-mails is considered insincere nowadays so I would never use that excuse, lol.

  2. Penny Rito says:

    (belated) Happy Fathers Day to you too, Japs!

    Pls delete my first post .. CLUMSY again!!! ughhh

  3. Japs says:

    Done! Deleted!
    ->Penny R. my co-clumsy club member.

  4. Japs says:

    Welcome to this forum! Thank you for participating.
    I agree E-cards are just not the same as mailed/handed/delivered cards. But for some of us, it might be their only option.
    But if you are to use that excuse, shame on you.

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