Philippine Independence

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

I totally forgot that today we are celebrating the 110th anniversary of our country’s independence.

If not for this timely Question by Y!A Staffer Jonas, a real deal GREEN BADGE Staff Holder, then it would have totally slipped my mind. And it does not help that we are behind by some 16 hours over where I’m at currently–it’s still June the 11th over here.

The link to the question of Jonas is:;_ylt=Ag2g.rgaYJwTn0cQQHZ6sCHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080611213356AAvOebr&show=7#profile-info-AyG1gOq9aa

But anyway since I do not want to ask another Q today in YAP, I will just post this nationalistic question over here.

What do you think should be the proper day we celebrate our country’s independence?

A. June 12 (Aguinaldo’s proclamation of independence from Spain on Jun 12, 1898)

B. July 4 (marking the independence from American rule on Jul 4, 1946)

C. January 21 (the opening day of the Malolos Congress on Jan 21, 1899)

D. January 23 (when the Malolos Congress ratified the independence proclamation of June 12th)

E. April 27 (the day Filipinos defeated Magellan & first declared their freedom from foreign rule on Apr 27, 1521)

F. Another date: (specify)

G. We are still not a truly independent nation

H. I was absent/sleeping when they taught that lesson in my school.

  1. Japs says:

    “Ano ba yan, absent ba kayong lahat nang tinuro ng titser nyo sa Philippine History yan???”
    If you need a translator for this question, then that is not for you, just ignore it.

    But are there still any nationalistic Filipinos out there? Somewhere? Somewhere out there?

  2. tranquil says:

    Sorry about the delay, Japs.

    I vote for 12 June, para mayroong holiday bago mag-umpisa ang pasukan sa paaralan. Ganun kababaw ang dahilan. Bow.

    Hope that the Independence Day was a good one for you.

  3. Japs says:

    Practical reason, thanks Lady Tranquil.
    But we did not celebrate Independence day over here, I have been away from the country too long to remember.

  4. Aref H says:

    Er, we should celebrate Indy Day everyday of our lives. So, may the blessing of Independence under a regime of justice, liberty, democracry and love (Yeah, Love, that is an important element, too, theoretically speaking) be with us all, forever and ever. Amen.

    From the nation’s point of view, that our territories are still intact, and that the Viets, the Chinese, the Malaysians and Singaporeans, the Australians and the Anericans, still respect our theoretical sovereignty.

    From a personal point of view: That we still have our individual minds, and we are not drowned yet by the deluge of ideological genes in cybernetic worlds, each fighting for conquests of other ideological genes.

  5. Japs says:

    Amen Aref.

    As usual you never seize to amaze me with your opinions. Thanks.

    More… more…

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