YAP Update–Your Own Personal Point Of View

Posted: June 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have this nagging Q that of course we cannot ask & answer in YA.

And I know that every YAPper have their own personalities & look at things differently, so I expect we can get many different interesting answers.

The Question is: For those who YAP regularly, have you seen something different lately in your YAP experience?

By the way, before you respond, I want to share this one answer from a closed YAP Q coming from one of my YA contacts who asks & answers in many different YA categories:

wtf? wat’s happenin’ here? guess i’ve lost track of things here in YAP. It has become so booring here, that’s why.
  1. windblown says:

    It has been eerily quiet from the regulars of YAP. (I’m scared) But the trolls keep on coming and some had been resurrected from the dead.

    Nagpapakiramdaman siguro. Hehehehehe.

    The war will about to erupt. Sorry. It should be peace is just around the corner.


  2. Japs says:

    Are you saying that it is like we are in the EYE of the STORM.

    People say that at that short moment of quietness found in the eye of the storm, when everything around you is so eerily quiet, tranquil & calm but if you look to the horizon you can take a good, hard look at the swirling energy that is fast approaching with tremendous fury & power & THUS it becomes a good reason to be scared. 😉

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    I really don’t think the word “scared” is appropriate.
    I think that some feel that by playing it ‘low key’ the storm will pass over with little or no affect and they will emerge unscathed.
    Other’s on the other hand have been doing it for so long and have always managed to deny any allegations that they may feel confident enough that the same will happen, again. This is obvious with their blatant use of their Trolls. They may be right but only time will tell.
    Who knows maybe the legitimate Filipino Yappers wil look at the entire issue as a reflection on what is happening in the Philippines and asccept it as a matter of course. There is also always the chance that they finally actually stand up with pride in their hearts and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we don’t want or need the blatant cheating and point gaming that is occurring all we want is ‘a level playing field where everybody is treated equally and fairly.'”

  4. windblown says:

    To Japs and PC, you have good views. I am now pondering it over and having ‘second thought’. (please pronounce it correctly) =)

  5. tranquil says:

    Hello. I used to be a regular in YAP but the bickering, the drama, the manipulation and deception was and is, off-putting. Although I still drop by the site, it is less frequent.

    A happy Philippine Independence Day to all who celebrate it.

  6. Japs says:

    Okay Windblown.

    And welcome Red nosed Lady Tranquil, thanks for commenting.

    So do you think we should start a YAP Acting Awards Group so we can give out acting awards each year?
    Best in drama?
    Best in comedy?
    etc. etc.

  7. tranquil says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Japs. Your thought is funny. It’s too funny, and if ever implemented, one will notice a surge in the population of Yappers (spawns!). Yikes! Hahaha!

  8. Japs says:

    Yes Tranquil.
    So if ever nobody will again comment that YAP is B-O-R-I-N-G.
    And we should all thank you for making it “interesting” again.

  9. Japs says:

    –>Papa Chuck. Great observation.

    I have my opinions about this but it might get too political.
    And I normally do not want to talk politics, on or offline.
    But you are right Pinoys gave the world “People Power, so why not
    YAP People Power?

  10. Bugs Bunny says:

    I have been on Yahoo Philippines for a while and honestly have not seen anything different. But then I read almost your entire blog and the comments, and wow, there must be some interesting sidelights to answering questions here. Will learn and share as I go along.

    Thank you for this space in your blog.

  11. Binibini says:

    I can’t keep up with the trolls. I have suspicions but no proof. And the big ONE WELL didn’t block me, I wonder why? when i think he considers me as His number 1 enemy.

  12. Japs says:

    ->Bug Bunny
    A big welcome to you & thanks for commenting!
    Please come back any time to share what you have learned with us.

    Many of us might not be privy to your YAP past with Well, so we do not know why.
    But if you want to elaborate, please do so, we are all ears.

    Do you really consider binibini to be your number 1 enemy?

  13. Buwisit Ka says:

    Hello Bb., it’s me Buwisit (Mr. Buwisit if you’re nasty).

    To answer your question about “Well”, I am still convinced that he is actually a she–Inday in a suit. I’m not saying that she has always been Well….as well (unintended double entendre there). I think she in her schizo mind took on his persona after he was suspended from Yap. Well is not original well anymore. I’m not talking about the minor well tagaytay characters either but the Well that is positing above in THIS VERY BLOG!!!!! So be very careful.

    This is not just an observation.

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