What is wrong with the Philippines & What is wrong with YAP?

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

If we can find out what is wrong with the Philippines/Filipinos, then maybe we can find out what is wrong with YAP. Do you agree?

Well actually I found this Article posted online, written by Teddy Benigno, entitled: Culture: The real culprit (reprinted from Philippine Star 11 March 2002)

In this piece, this renown Filipino journalist was writing about a Yank by the last name of Fallows, roving corespondent of Atlantic Monthly, who back in 1994, wrote his best-selling Looking at the Sun after four years laboring in the cultural vineyards of Asia.

And it was this same fellow (Fallows) who coined the term “damaged culture” to depict the Philippines, whose controversial comments about the country weren’t received by Filipinos but in time, all his assessments had turned out to be dead right (in the words of TCB).

If you care to read this particular article of TCB then click here: http://www.geocities.com/benign0/aboutus6.html

(by a group who call themselves Get Real Philippines)

But if you aren’t much of the reading type, you can read this excerpt below:

“Individual Filipinos are at least as brave, kind and noble-spirited as individual Japanese, but their culture draws the boundaries of decent treatment much more narrowly. Because these boundaries are limited to the family or tribe, they exclude at any given moment 99 percent of the other people in the country. Because of this fragmentation, this lack of useful nationalism, people treat each other worse in the Philippines than in any other Asian country I have seen … The tradition of political corruption and cronyism, the extremes of wealth and poverty, the tribal fragmentation, the local elite’s willingness to make a separate profitable peace with colonial powers – all reflect a feeble sense of national interest. Practically everything that is public in the Philippines seems neglected or abused.

What do you think?

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    The things that are wrong with the Philippines are also wrong with YAP

  2. Japs says:

    That’s the thing PC. It is a cultural thing? Is it something that is inherent or intrinsic with most Pinoys.

    And my follow-up question is this: MOST or ALMOST ALL Pinoys/Pinays who go abroad are law-abiding citizens of these foreign countries. Why?

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    I think that most Pinoys/Pinays being in the midst of the graft and corruption day in and day out are led to believe that it is the correct thing.When they see the recipients benefit from the misdeeds it becomes very hard for them not to become part or the problem rather than part of the solution. BTW that is a good analogy of what has happened on the current LEADERBOARD.

    “MOST or ALMOST ALL Pinoys/Pinays who go abroad are law-abiding citizens of these foreign countries.” I am glad you said ‘Most or Almost all’ as this again does not reflect in the Leaderboard.

    It goes a lot further too, for example I am a law abiding citizen here in Australia but once I set foot in the Philippines I have no reservation in offering the bribe or whatever it takes to hasten a process. The bribe seems to be the unwritten law over there. Don’t get me wrong we do have the bribes here in Australia as I am sure that they are also in America but they are few and far between.

    The Philippines has to wake up to this problem and do something about it for the benefit of all concerned.

  4. windblown says:

    I can say majority of Pinoys/Pinays follow the ‘tradition’ of getting things fast even though they knew dep inside them what they’re doing is wrong. That’s the reason why someone, somewhere or somehow will try to change things for the better.

    Even while in the Philippines, I tried my best to follow the rules. I bribed some government officials because of work-related duties. Sometimes, I can get my request with some sweet talking. Alright, I ad one instance that I bribed policemen to get me out of jail. It just so happen that I was nabbed together with wanted men in Manila.

    Majority of Filipinos abroad learned to follow the rules because they/we know that we cannot do the things we’re used to in doing back home.

    That’s the reson why also, SOME foreigners look down on Filipinos. (no offence meant) They think, they can go away with anything. Sometimes if you do not have the proper connections, your case will be set up in favor of the abuser. Similarly, it happens also in YAP.

  5. windblown says:

    Sorry Japs, I forgot to mention that in YAP, somehow similar to Philippines scenario, even though one personality has been caught giving his/her other accounts star or BA, many in YAP still managed to defend her/him.

    I will try in the next few days to look at it in the resolved questions and will give you the links accordingly.

  6. windblown says:

    Hi all. Japs, I will not post the links that I mentioned earlier. It would offend some personalities in YAP. Also, I believe that most of the personalities in the links have changed their views and ways already. Past is past.


  7. Japs says:

    Okay Windblown.

    Although, I’m still confused on why Filipinos generally follow the laws of other countries, but neglect & abuse the laws of the Philippines & YA’s online terms & guidelines. It is because they know that they can get away with it? Or because they have connections?

    Because a Filipino would think twice before breaking the law against an Arab national in an Arab country when they know that they can get their hands chopped off, be caned, be abused or be executed. Heck, some Filipinos would even be scared to even think of speaking to a police officer in a Western country, much less break their laws.

  8. windblown says:

    You said it perfectly right Japs.

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