First Instincts

Posted: June 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Let’s admit it.

In most if not all instances, we go by our gut feel or our first instinct.

And so why would it be different in cyberspace or in YAP?

I mean especially in cyberspace & especially in YAP!

But again, how many times have our first instinct about some thing or somebody been wrong,

even deadly wrong? But then again sometimes we are right too.

But I read a study that all of our first instincts are normally proven wrong in the end.

So in YAP:

Have you ever thought of somebody to be an arrogant fool just because you felt like it?

Have your ever thought of somebody to be a faker or a two-faced liar?

Have you ever found somebody to be “antipatico/antipatica” for no logical reason?

Have you ever assumed a newbie to be a troll by your gut feel or your first instinct?

And have you ever assumed a troll to be a legit YAPper?

We all make mistakes so we can all can ‘fess up over here (details please).

And whatever you say will just be between you & me…

never mind the other silent visitors, well unless they want to comment…


  1. windblown says:

    I will be the first one. My baby is sleeping already. =)

    No. If I initially felt that (s)he is arrogant, I would have to prove that myself.
    Yes and there are so may faker and 2-faced liar in YAP.
    I would not accuse anybody as antipatiko or antipatika with no logical reason. (Pls translate for others to understand.) Thanks. =)
    By gut feel when it comes to newbie.
    Sometimes but after some observation in their activites in YAP. (newbie as legit YAPPER.)
    It cannot be between you and me because I posted it here in your blog. Hehehe.

    I usually go by my gut feel because I have batting average until now.
    Very hard in cyberspace because you did not meet them personally. But if you will observe their Q’s and A’s and or communicated with them in one way or another, I can gauge their personalities.

    It is my gut feel that sometimes get wrong. Please do not treat as a brag. Maybe the reason why is how I grew up. I have friends that are rich and famous, poor, addicts, killers, holduppers, beggars, homeless, squatters, delinquent kids, executives, religous personalities and the list will go on. I know how most of the people reacts or if they are not true. Before I left the country, I can go at the center of a squatters area and/or city jail, with the prisoners outside their cells, alone. Before I left the country also, I was the boss of the company. (I just hired a secretary or assistant that will assist me in my english.) 7 years before leaving the country, I was a boss in the company but after that, I am attending to the unfortunate ones, delinquent kids/adults, attending the needs of the homeowners and the parish. That happened everyday.

    Our home is always open to everybody. All the people around me loved me and my family. The secret always is to treat them honestly, with respect and always be fair at the best your ability.

    Having said this nobela (novel), which the yappers will read, I can go down “again” to their level and definitely much worst but I do not want to. Japs, as you can see now, I can easily ask favors from them and they will not turn it down. Never. Most of the are in the Philippines but some are in another countries already. I am stilll in contact with them once in a while.

    And regarding to your next post regarding what’s wrong with YAP, they do not want it to be a fair playing field. Time will tell if I will reveal all the personalities here. I am always ready to burn the bridges if needed. If my gut feel will say go, go. (You’re looking forward to it, isn’t it? Konting buyo pa. (Please translate.) Again, when it comes to this, I am seldom wrong.

  2. Japs says:

    Okay, in the words of PC, I will not be the first one to answer.

    So thanks Windblown for getting your baby to sleep already & for being the first one to answer this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway reading your novela regarding a little bit about yourself, I can see some parallels with me as well–thanks for sharing, for having a little insight into another person’s background is important in understanding where that person is coming from. I too have also dealt with a few high people in society as well as some of the scum of the earth. And as I have said before I know that I can deal with online stalkers or any related online scumbag wannabe who wants to create trouble for me or anybody–& its not like I can get all that affected by anything they do, as some people may think.

    Anyway, today I want to admit to everybody that when I was new here at first I was a little bit intimidated by certain YAPpers & probably as a defensive mechanism or maybe because of the businessman/boss of the company in me, I might have come off as being snubbish–so if anybody was offended by anything I have said in YAP, then I offer my apologies.

    And so I admit that I did find some YAPpers to be antipatiko/antipatika during my first few weeks in here but that feeling have gone away gradually especially when YAPpers have started to interact with my Q & As. & I do not even remember now who they were, that’s good for I do not want to reveal their names anyway.

    But one last point, I do find a few YAPpers to be “fakers” but as I do not want to judge people, I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So there you go & this novela is done.

  3. windblown says:

    Thank you very much Japs. I am now enjoying looking and posting in your blog. (to your disadvantage) Joke.

    Hoping that I can post messages as much as possible to reach out or reveal some anomalies. =) Please tell me if you are others here are being offended by my post. I can be brutally frank.

    Now, I remember your profession before you got suspended. I remember some of your postings then. Anyway, past is past.


  4. Papa Chuck says:

    Yes, yes, yes to all.

  5. Japs says:

    ->Windblown, yes the past is past (& the future can only get better)

    ->PC, it’s so nice to be not the first answerer, & agree with you as well, yeses to all.

    It’s a good thing there is no chatting violation over here. hahahaha

  6. Len says:

    Hello gents,

    ***Have you ever thought of somebody to be an arrogant fool just because you felt like it?

    I can feel somebody’s arrogant cuz s/he manifests the traits of one.

    ***Have your ever thought of somebody to be a faker or a two-faced liar?

    When I was a newbie, I thought everybody’s honest and I was sooooo naive.

    ***Have you ever found somebody to be “antipatico/antipatica” for no logical reason?

    I still find somebody antipatico/antipatica well, that’s human nature. The best thing to do about it is try not to read their Qs and As. To haunt them is not an option.

    ***Have you ever assumed a newbie to be a troll by your gut feel or your first instinct?

    NO. Not necessarily gut feel or instinct, the signs are right before my very eyes.

    ***And have you ever assumed a troll to be a legit YAPper?

    No, I treat them as a shaded side , the flirty side or a meaner side of a legit yapper

    ***We all make mistakes so we can all can ‘fess up over here (details please).

    Nobody’s perfect, we commit mistakes, adults play too and I understand that, but that doesn’t mean I am into consenting “playing yappers”. Guyz “breaktime na”

    ***And whatever you say will just be between you & me…

    Asus, after you post it for the whole world to see?

  7. Japs says:


    Yes, unless anybody else wants to put in their two-cents worth, its going to be just between you & me.

    “Breaktime na ba?”

  8. Len says:

    I still prefer Len, japs.

    Ibinagay ko lang sa 360 theme ko, Angel-ene, very close to my real name.

    Breaktime na nga.

  9. Japs says:

    Okay Len, I prefer that name too.

  10. Binibini says:

    I’m guilty of accusing a newbie as troll most of the time. benn burn few times.

    But this one i just realized this: Have your ever thought of somebody to be a faker or a two-faced liar?

    Yes i just discovered that.

  11. Aref H says:

    Hmm ….. “Let us admit it.” A nice introductory. A perfect sentence. The “us”, being the higher power, and the “admit it”, a throughly clean and no-nonsense “idea”, to be acted upon by individual brains. I like it. Very direct.

    Well, sorry, I still have my faculties intact, and I won’t admit it. Hahahahahah!

  12. Japs says:

    Yes it does take a long time for a suspected troll to prove themselves as the real deal. Which is sad for almost every new YAPPER has to pass through an initiation phase to prove themselves as real newbies. One Q though, what did you discover? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ->Aref H
    I am pleased to welcome you in this YAP Forum, I have always been a fan of your answers. And as always, we see a great comment from you, thanks again & I hope more to come!

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