Posted: May 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

Philosophically & Realistically–Is it more like:

“Life imitating Art?”

or is it more like

“Art imitating Life?”

or is it both?

And does it mean that: YAP is a mere reflection of the Filipino Life?

or that the Filipino Life is a reflection of what will become of YAP?

Or am I making sense at all??

What do you think???

And what do you think are typical Filipino Stereotypes and does any of those impact what goes on in YAP?

Do you believe that we determine our future or is it determined by what we are now & what we are in the past?

I wanted to post this in YAP but I decided to put it up here first.


This Blog Post was a lead in to this one that I posted a few days later:



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