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Posted: May 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

As many of you are already aware of there HAS BEEN AN ONGOING Petition to Reinstate the YA Account of Felicity.

I first noted it here a few weeks back on the Blog Entitled YAP NEWS:

NOW there is an Online Pettion That any concerned Yapper can Visit, Sign & Be Counted.

There is also a Blog Post giving more details about it at this link:

And lastly there is a YAP Question Posted for this purpose but I do not need to include the link in this forum.

So if you have comments leave them below, leave them at the blog post links above or visit the Petition Page to sign up:

See You All In YAP.


It feels good to help somebody out especially someone that is in need, even if the person is a total stranger to you or if you believe that that person is not worthy of that aid. I, along with many others have our past YAP Accounts targetted for some reason or another & were unceremoniously suspended but nobody came out to help us. That to me is reason enough to sour-grape or to tell myself that this happened to allan y & to many others why will we participate in this petition.

I do not even know Felicity personally nor does she know me, in fact in my early YAP days I have mistaken her to be a he–mainly because of her avatar at the time & not because of anything else–but I have never mentioned that to anyone before, for who cares what I think anyway.

I am not here to make a decision for you, but I hope whatever decision you make is made because of your own free will. Your heart will tell you what to do. God speed.

  1. Felicity.Moi says:

    Japs and to all who cares to petition my account.. if the REAL YAPers are the only one who will sign up for the petition then damn sure that this petition will be junk. There are too many people at YAP said that they are my friends but it seems like a big fat lie. I appreciate the effort to those who really believes in me as a FRIEND even if they don’t know me at all and that’s all that matters to me now. I would rather have a few real friends than a bunch of fake ones. I just hope they are happy and contented now after they fcuked my account but by visiting at YAP lately makes me wanna puke. There are too many new and old YA accounts posting questions almost every 15 to 30 minutes. I guess it’s another way of letting us know that they are the only people who can control at that section so we better back off. Believe me.. these people shows that they are guilty by pretending nothing is wrong and just go on provoking YAPpers do they can easily report them. Anyways, thanks once again to those people who bothers to petition my account even though it’s not really necessary coz I’m still there at YAP answering with my new YA account now and I would never plan to leave YAP. Deal with it.

  2. Japs says:

    If the REAL (regular) YAPpers will be the only ones to sign their name in this petition,
    then we can at least have a real accurate count of the number of real YAPpers.

    As of now we have 26 Signatures–(2-Mrs. 10-Ms. 14-Mr.),
    although I am sure there are still others out there that haven’t signed up.

    And it’s good to know that you are still YAPping, thanks for commenting…

  3. Japs says:

    YAP Petition Update:

    I just checked it now has 31 Signatures coming from the Philippines, Australia, Japan, UK, USA, Canada & UAE.

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