Commercial Break

Posted: May 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Is everything alright on your part of the world?

Anyway we have a new sponsor to this site & they want to show

their new ad commercial:

As you can see, only the world’s best of the best are included.

And to see a Southeast Asian Athlete included in that elite 6

should be a reason for celebration.

[Kobe Bryant, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Liu Xiang and Manny Pacquiao]

My only take is that Manny should start endorsing PHILIPPINE BRANDS.

I know that we do not have that many quality brands, but there should be

a handful of Filipino Brands That He Could Have Endorsed, or better yet

he could have made his own Filipino Line of Products.

What do you think?

Or is that Money talks louder?


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