There is Justice In YAP after All PART II

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

This is Part TWO under the same title,

as I have blogged about this topic a few months ago, here is the link:–?cq=1&p=7

I made that blog because after being suspended, I started this new Japs account & at that time I was able to regain my TC Badge-which of course I have lost & regained a number of times since, & which I also made a blog about, see this link:–?cq=1&p=194

And today I log in & saw this email (yes that is me in the picture, great shot by the way)

Impressive. Very impressive!

Congrats on reaching Level 4. Wooo hooo!

You can now ask, answer, and vote even more than you could at Level 3. And, you’re still in that exclusive group of folks who can rate questions and answers! Check out the chart below. The next step is Level 5, so get those fingers movin’!

Take me to Yahoo! Answers

Thanks for sharing what you know with the world!

The Yahoo! Answers Team

Level Points Range Ratings you can give per day Votes you can give per day Questions you can ask per day Answers you can give per day Comments you can make per day
7 25000+ unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited
6 10000 – 24999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited
5 5000 – 9999 unlimited 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited
4 2500 – 4999 unlimited 80 20 80 40
3 1000 – 2499 unlimited 60 15 60 30
2 250 – 999 unlimited 40 10 40 20
1 1 – 249 0 20 5 20 10

Get easy, one click access to your favorites. Make Yahoo! your home page.

And this was my level (LEVEL 4) when I got the suspension AX , I think it was me allan y & jongbong who took the ax, all in the same week.

Now I am back and yes, allan y is back & jongbong is probably still on his couch dousing off, snoring & drinking off a can all at the same time. But definitely, there is JUSTICE in YAP after all.

See you all in YAP!
  1. shirley g says:

    Congratulations, Japs!

    ‘la lang…baka ‘kako gusto mo magpahaba ng hair.

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    Yes congratulations. It’s a long haul between levels from here on in

  3. Professor Dork says:

    You know, Japs, you started a phenomenon in Yahoo that is one of its kind, a selfless blog that’s open to all. For you I will call it “JAPPING.”

    Shirley, you and I have the sweetest moms in the whole world!!!


  4. Japs says:

    Thanks shirley g & Papa C. And I know it gets a lot harder from here on in.
    But when I think about it I should have been Level 5 at this point if I wasn’t suspended.
    But then, we probably wouldn’t be talking about it in this this forum.
    So I guess, all things happen for a reason.

    To Prof D., Happy Japping to you & to everyone who visits this page. LOL
    (Happy Yapping too)

    But then again, we still do not know who to thank for, for this YAP Blog. LOL
    If only they would come out in the open.

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