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And usually the first sign is when you get a screen that says these:


The information you are looking for is not available.

I do now know how true is this NEWS & I do not have all the details just yet.

But if somebody knows anything about this development, you can click on

the comment button below & tell us the WHO, the WHAT, the WHEN, the WHY, the HOW & also to tell us what you think.

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    Ok looks like its up to me again. A seemingly innocent question was asked last week. Here is the link
    Some suspicious facts about this question
    1. The question was about one of Felicity’s favourite subjects,
    2. The question went into voting very quickly,
    3. The question was deleted (violation and appeal)but was re-instated.
    4. The account was started 12 months ago but only came into service 2 months ago.
    Does the account look/sound fishy?

    There was a flurry of voting. I would estimate that there would have been no more than 20 legitimate votes only because the villains also voted with their real accounts. The rest were the Trolls so thats about 116 Trolls. Now as I recall there is only 1 group consisting of 3 or 4 people with this number of Trolls. Can you imagine the amount of signing in and out this involved (for no reason?).
    This is what one of their Trolls had to say about the question
    by upside down thinking Member since:
    15 March 2008
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    129 (Level 1)
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    Member Since: 15 March 2008
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    That question was one day old when it went to voting. Expect a very large number of votes if you send a new question to voting.

    How did this happen?

    YAP falls on 3 categories – Travel, Asia Pacific and Philippines
    These categories will show you the latest ‘in voting’ questions and it will stay there at the top until the voting is done.
    Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and observe.

    Notice that it is another informed ‘newbie’.

    WELL posted this question:
    As you can see my answer was rather innocent. Not long after I received an email from Felicity asking how I could say what I, which confused me no end. I went to reply to her email but it kept bouncing back. I went to her profile and the oops message came up I thought she had blocked me so I returned the favour and blocked her. I t was the next day when I checked on ROD’S account that the two messages were different.
    I posted this question, sorry no link as it was reported for chatting. I will only post the question in this comment. The answers I will post in the next comment box so that it becomes easier for you to edit or delete. Mind you there is some ugliness in some.

    Would you support a petition to have a YAPPERS account restored?
    This is a poll/survey to see if it would be worthwhile to petition YAHOO into restoring the account of FELICITY. Her account was suspended last Sunday after a set up and orchestrated vote-off.
    Would you support such a poll? If, so a yes or no answer will suffice. TROLLS need not apply.
    I don’t know if Yahoo would pay any attention to any such petition but I have to try.
    • 11 hours ago
    • – 1 week left to answer.
    Additional Details
    11 hours ago
    ok you two cut it out. This is not going to end up as a circus.
    6 hours ago
    that is an opinion that you are entitled to but your account is also closed-why
    the point here is that she was set up, nothing else.
    3 hours ago
    why all the TD’s If you disagree just say so.

    BY THE WAY when I came across this vote off for some reason I sensed something was amiss so I SAVED the question and answers. I did the same with my question and the answers as I didn’t think it would be allowed to remain.

    Let me state here and now I do believe that both Felicity and Battgirl are INNOCENT of any wrong doing.
    Who orchestrated the set up?
    Was it in fact a set up or just all coincidences?
    Who were all these mysterious voters?
    Why was Felicity targetted?

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    The answers consist of 20 pages on word. The only way I can POST is if I edit the useless details. Its up to you. I can send a copy of the unedited and you can check to ensure that I didnt ‘doctor. anything. Your call

  3. WELL says:

    If my answer is included you will get the WHO and the WHY

  4. Papa Chuck says:

    Our friend who asked the Bohol question has a chequered past. He received two BA’s one from a now suspended account-
    and the other from an account that was opened 17/5/2006 to ask 3 questions, one is still current
    very suspicious is he part of the 500? I do believe that he is.

  5. Japs says:

    Yes Papa C, let me see the 20 page document. And then let us see WELL’s WHO & WHY.

    500? Are they going to be anything like the fighting men of Sparta? Oh no I think there were only 300, but what’s a couple of hundred people among friends.


  6. Japs says:

    I already have the so-called 20 page document, which contains the 33 or so answers to the deleted Question of Papa C which asks: Would you support a petition to have a YAPPERS account restored?

    I also do not know how to post it just yet, as it can be a comment on this thread or as totally new blog post. I will have to think about it later, so we all would have to wait a while.

    I am also now aware that WELL has a pretty long & directed answer to that q. And that looking at his comment above, I am now deliberating if I should include it in its entirety. Hmm.

    As I’ve said, all these is coming very soon.

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