Question Regarding BAs

Posted: May 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

I had always wanted to ask this particular BA* Question in YAP.

But because I know that these Types of Qs are like honey to the buzzing reporter busy bees.

And so I am just going to ask it over here. And of course we also know that any answer over here will not be summarily deleted without due process & due cause.

Okay, before I put the question, I know that the selection of the BA (Best Answer) all depends upon the Asker or in the case of a vote, to the one getting the majority vote. YA Democracy in Action. (YADA, for short)

But what do you think is the most logical reason for an Asker to select a totally wrong answer or an answer that can only be described as nothing else but a YES, a NO or a WHATEVER, over many other exceptional if not correct answers?

And have you ever been surprised to see that you got the BA over all the other answers, considering that you know that you gave a shitty answer?

And when you have time to check up on your previous answers have you ever been surprised to find out that the least likely answer got the BA as against all the top answers, your answer included of course?

And this is not withstanding that most times we do feel (within ourselves but we do not want to admit it to anybody else) that most of our answers are BAs if not BA contenders.

And also you do feel that any YAPper asking a question would really want to get the right or the correct answer to their question, & so why don’t give the BA to the real BA?

What can you say?

TU** or TD***?

*BA – Best Answer

**TU – Thumbs Up

***TD – Thumbs Down

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    Yep choosing a BA is soley up to the discretion of the person who asked the question unless it goes to the vote where the “community” decides. There is not much difference between “YADA” and real life Filipino elections both are seriouslly rigged.
    The most logical reason that a completely wrong or inane answer is given BA is: 1. that the TROLLS are being fed or are feeding their masters,
    2. the asker is repaying an answerer for a previous BA,
    3. the answerer belongs to the same contact group,
    4. the asker was ‘impressed’ with the absurdity of the answer.

    I have been somewhat surprised with some of the BA’s that I have received especially when you look at the quality of some of the other answers. I have also been dismayed by not not getting the BA when compared to the answer that did get it. I now look at it ‘that the two usually cancel each other out’.

    I think all the legitimate answerers feel that their answers are BA contenders and so they should. I know when I enter my answer that it is the BA, BUT THEN I READ SOME OF THE OTHER ANSWERS and I can see my BA being shot to pieces.

    You are confusing the legitimate YAPPERS who do ask the question and do want the correct answer with the illegitimate Lappers (mistake intentional as they are not worthy of being called a YAPPER)who only care about their “high score” and their “high (dubious)standing” in the YAP Community.

    I know that a lot of people can see what is happening in YAP BUT UNFORTUNATELY THEY FIND IT EASIER TO TURN A BLIND EYE or kow tow to the perps rather than stand up and say something. Maybe what is happening here in YAP is a real life reflection of what is happening in the Philippines. This is so sad.

    You also have a lot of people coming here to look. I think that the viewes went up by 100 while I was typing. Hopefully most of them were legitimate viewers and not the Troll trash.

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    See, talk about Trolls and look what pops out. I wonder how many guesses I really need to name your BOSS. One will do, diba. That is the problem when you block someone and they return the favour. It stops your main account and you have to use a JAM (T)ROLL

  3. Professor Dork says:

    Whoever this JAM is, that’s a wake up call to you, PC, to not just step on other toes without being so sure about who you allude to. I don’t know this Jam. She’s obviously a troll that hates you. But the point is, PC: don’t make it worse than it is. You should be open and conciliatory rather than be adversarial.

    But of course I’m as adversarial too, but I know who considers me an enemy, which I didn’t, yet went on to trample upon my patience and forgiving nature. Period.

  4. Professor Dork says:

    PC, it isn’t you, to be fair, that jacked up the viewers’ numbers here but the others participating in what otherwise would have been dull with you alone writing on Japs’s blog.

  5. Papa Chuck says:

    Dork if any one needs a wake up call its you. THAT is the problem I must face “I know who I allude to” and unlike your alluding mine is correct and provable.
    How can one be conciliatory with those that consider YAP to be theirs and that they make the rules and they say who goes or stays.
    How can one trust them after all wasn’t Felicity their friend? Wouldn’t being an enemy or foe safer then, at least that way I know where I stand.
    I quote you “I don’t know this Jam. She’s obviously a troll that hates you.” JAM IS A NEUTRAL NAME SO PRAY TELL HOW DO YOU KNOW CORRECTLY ,IT IS A SHE. dId you discuss your reply with her prior to posting?

  6. Professor Dork says:

    PC, I don’t entertain a nondescript person neither in YAP nor here in Japs blog. Why should I care who this Jam is, knowing it or “she” can cause indescribable damage to one’s reputation. What I do know is, “Jam” is an entity, a troll, of someone that hates you. If it happens that it hates me too, it’s always been in my nature to hate back, and if “it” happens to disturb me, you likewise know how I go berserk hitting back.

    But if this entity continues to hit you, rest assured I’ll be on your side and be a suicide bomber for your sake. That’s what a friend I am and will continue to be. Because I will be a troll hunter on YAP.

  7. Papa Chuck says:

    Oh yes you misunderstand what I meant when I commented on the number of viewers.
    I was not insinuating that they were here because I was posting. I do not have such tickets on myself. I was merely commenting what I noticed.
    The only reason it may HAVE BEEN boring is because I could not expose my proof.
    My days at YAP are probably coming to a close. So WHY SHOULD i CARE WHAT OR WHOSE toes I tread on.

  8. Japs says:

    *** ALERT ***

    To Jam:

    Since I had no way to send you a message.
    I just tOOK the liberty of deleting your 2 comments made on May 5, 2008 & on May 6, 2008.

    And I did this because as I have said earlier on that I will not condone
    anyone issuing attacks on another person’s protected class.
    (I am not sure if that is that right reason, but YA does that all
    the time, I just wanted to try it here at least once).

    But rest assured that if any of your succeeding comments will not be along the same lines, then they will not be taken out.

  9. Japs says:

    Okay, we do not want to see suicide bombers over here.

    And we do not like to get “mga patay na kuko sa paa” (dead toenails).

    But we love Pacquiao & we do want to see a clean fight, no hitting below the belt, no elbows, no knees, no headbutts & no kidney punches.

    Sparring sessions are okay, but do not let our emotions overtake us or rule our lives outside of YAP.

    All of us are still YAPpers & even though we may not all be friends-we still have something in common, we all have grown to like YAPping.

    So going back to the YAP topic-BAs.

    Papa Cs first comment gets a TU from me.
    Those are actually really logical reasons.

    I myself used #4 as a reason to choose 1 of my BAs, for I was ‘impressed’ with the absurdity of this one answer. I hope he GOT the message though.

    And I liked that new term LAPpers as opposed to YAPpers.

    Lastly, I salute you & all the other YAPpers who are participating in this YAP Forum & I hope that an open forum such as this one can bring us to look beyond our differences & to find the things that make us one.

    For in the end we are all the same, do we not bleed when someone cut us & do we not get hurt if somebody hits us?

  10. Jam says:

    Allowing the Kalbo to toss BASELESS allegations left and right is in effect authorizing attacks. IF there are genuine convincing evidences why is it hidden from the public? REVEAL! Are you concealing the information because it will EXPOSE YOUR FRIENDS DIRTY DEEDS too!!!! A horse with a fly mask on. Stop pointing fingers. Stop your biased tirades. Stop misleading YAppers into thinking that there are only one or two puppeteers. Stop claiming that there are only MISTRESS puppeteers. Your cohorts are MAJOR cheaters. Even worse than your prime suspects. REVEAL so that in the name of fairness the alleged masters and mistresses can defend themselves.

  11. Papa Chuck says:

    iF YOU BOTHERED TO LOOK WITH YOUR EYES OPEN you would see that I have stated that there were at least 3 female and at least 2 male ringmasters.
    The difference between you and me is that I am using my real account while you are using a dummy one. WHO GETS TO LOSE MORE–YOU OR ME?
    i DON’T MAKE BASELESS ALLEGATIONS I would be a fool if I did.
    “REVEAL so that in the name of fairness the alleged masters and mistresses can defend themselves”. So you have already deemed them to be innocent, how convenient.
    If my claims were baseless wouldn’t I have been under attack? Or is it that I have the proof that I state and that they are aware of it (I have salted it away under a different account name by the way)
    I do apologise to you, obviously you are not the master/mistress I thought you were.

    “IF there are genuine convincing evidences why is it hidden from the public”?
    Why not ask them during tonights pow wow

  12. Japs says:

    *** PRRRRTTT ***

    (both fighters to neutral corners)

    “Keep your punches up, no hitting below the belt.
    Second Warning on Jam.
    Let us keep our punches clean.”



  13. Papa Chuck says:

    What finger have I pointed, what name have I named?
    “Are you concealing the information because it will EXPOSE YOUR FRIENDS DIRTY DEEDS too” I am only concealing some information, a lot is already there in YAP. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO A BIT OF DIGGING.
    By the way the information that I am ‘concealing’ will not only hurt some friends and others but will also harm me. You see I was part of the group. I was going through some of the files last night and I am ashamed, red faced and disgusted that not only did I take part but that I also led. SO BY MY OWN ADMISSION I HAVE HUNG MYSELF. GET YOUR MASTERS AND MISTRESSES TO DO THE SAME-I DARE YOU. As for “A horse with a fly mask on” REVEAL YOUSELF AND DONT HIDE BEHIND YOUR TROLL.

  14. WELL says:

    “In the name of fairness” should we ask Felicity, Allan Y, Celestine (inactive?), Bopols (inactive?), Well (my first account), etc.etc.
    “So they can defend themselves” like those above could defend themselves. Is that what you mean?
    Kalbo Papa (haha)if you do not want to name them send the information to me. It will be my pleasure.

  15. Professor Dork says:

    PC, I advise you to rid yourself of that thankless responsibility which I don’t want to see later on as culpability. Reveal now all. Never wait till they say too little too late.

  16. Japs says:

    KNOCK KNOCK Housekeeping

    Jam & Well, warning the K word again.

    And again the next question, are we going to expect a BIG BOMB REVELATION any time now?

  17. Karen says:

    I thought Professor was trying to expose trolls … why is his tail between his legs? Hey Japs, that’s not a big bomb … einstein’s bomb went pfffffft … ayyyy SUPOT ano ba yan!!!

  18. Professor Dork says:

    Come now, my dear Karen! Patience, patience, lest you be hoisted by your own petard and be impaled on your groin by the explosion. Has it ever occurred to you that today is Mother’s Day, hmmm? Don’t be too brash for your own good.

    Oh, Stillness! You herald an unwelcome sense of foreboding! The lull before a storm? The silence is so intense, you can hear a pin drop. Is the pin dropping a harbinger of things to come, like (as Shakespeare says) the prelude to a swelling act?

    A horrible mushroom cloud, you mean?!!!

    Wait till our friend PC detonates the bomb, dummy.

  19. Karen says:

    “Wait till our friend PC detonates the bomb, dummy” – why point to others when it was you who called yourself the “unmasker of trolls” here in YAP? Don’t tell me you are choking there. =)) Don’t wait for PC to drop the bomb. It only shows everyone you are a DUD.

  20. Karen says:

    Oh and stop pointing at someone else to do things you claim you should be doing. Act like a man if you are one! tee hee hee

  21. Professor Dork says:

    Aha! Ignorance is no excuse, Karen! Buwisit naman kasi ignorance mo, you obviously missed the point here, the long and short of it. Read Japs blogs horizontally and vertically, or better still read them upside down as you please. Caramba! The plutonium is with PC, if you only not be too lazy, or myopic, to see the cosmic aspect of reality.

    Is it your ass that speaks, or your mouth? Either way, it emits a foul smell!

    I won’t dignify your succeeding comments unless you’re able to piece the puzzle together, which to most of the readers here was as easy as ABC.


  22. Professor Dork says:

    There’s no mistaking that there’s going to be a YAP REVOLUTION.


    But first, PC will name names first. BEWARE OF THE ROLL CALL!

    Anytime now………………

  23. Professor Dork says:

    Those trolls who will post comments here on Japs blog are well advised to ask themselves:

    Am I part of the solution, OR PART OF THE PROBLEM?

  24. Japs says:

    Yes Prof D. I like that term-the lull before the storm.
    And they say inside the eye of the storm it is so eeriely quiet & calm,
    while all hell is breaking loose outside of this core.

    And so again, is the tROLL CALL coming?
    Is Santa coming to town early this year,
    does he really know if we’ve been bad or good?

  25. Karen says:

    PRRRRFFFFFFFFFTT! Did someone fart or what??? Someone made the place stink. tee hee hee. It wasnt me! Oh look someone posted three in a row and every post is as useless as can be! =))

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