Are These The Telltale Signs Of A Troll?

Posted: May 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have always wondered why many Regular Yappers treat All New Comers To YAP with an attitude of “You have to prove yourself first for us to see if you are really a legitimate YAP newbie or another new Troll of a regular YAP Oldtimer”.

As if there is some sort of hazing or probationary period to pass for all newbies.

But for any new Yapper, can we tell if they really are somebody new or are they really just another troll?

What are the tell tale signs if any?

For me, I have seen many YAP newcomers:

1. With their Add to My Contact option DISABLED.

2. Their Qs & As are set to PRIVATE.

3. They have a high percentage of Best Answers.

4. Their total answers are low or zero but their total points are high.

5. They are already asking a lot of questions for somebody who started Yapping only that day.

6. They already have an attitude as far as all their answers are concerned.

7. Their name and/or avatar bear a striking similarity to that of a regular Yapper.

Coincidence? Just normal? I do not concern myself with newcomers? What do you think?

  1. Karen says:

    I think it is a mixture of #s 1, 2 and 3 but it is not necessarily true in all cases. #s 4 and 7 would be obvious trolls. 4 being the voter troll and 7 would be the clone troll. Almost anyone who goes to YA for the first time has already decided they would try to ask something so they ask questions as newbies. If you mean they ask 10 question is a row that flood the front page of just one category, then yes I have to say that would be a troll (just my own opinion). As far as #6, the attitude, I find that funny because you were actually targeted by a constipated trollmaster/mistress before who mistook you to be an extra account of one of his/her “enemy” in YAP. You wanna know who your paparazzi is? Tee hee hee. I’m not telling just yet but to tag someone who has attitude as a troll or maybe answers a certain way similar to another yapper is wrong. If the newcomer tries to attack certain users in his/her question in answers then it would be obvious that it is a troll. Be careful what you disclose to some people in yap, Japs. I can see that you are already “friends” with your paparazzi. 😉

  2. Japs says:

    Karen, thanks for the wonderful insight.
    And you are correct, I mean 10 or so Qs in a row in the same category
    for somebody who just started Yapping that day is defintely not normal.

    And yes #6 is 50-50. For there are really newcomers who come into YAP
    with a very colorful personality or with just too many words or with great
    wit & wisdom. And some of them are really legitimate newcomers & some may
    not be.

    And you are correct, it took me a long time to be off the YAP hazing period
    or that testing period to see if I was legitimate or not. And even until now
    I still get a few people confused for they probably still cannot be convinced that
    I really am a legitimate accidental walk-in Yapper.
    I personally do not know anybody in YAP before I joined. And as far my
    “friends” here in Yahoo 360 are concerned, they are just Yappers that I
    got to know only after I started this YAP Blog.

    I appreciate you coming out in here. Great picture by the way. But as many
    have already know by now, if NOT FOR THE SO-CALLED YAP PAPARAZZIS, I probably
    wouldn’t have started this BLOG.

    And all I wanted is the REASON why? And that’s it. I have NO beef with any of them,
    I have nothing against them, I just want to know WHY. And knowing WHO it was is
    just secondary or is not that important. Although it is nice to know 😉

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    For me, I have seen many YAP newcomers:

    1. With their Add to My Contact option DISABLED.

    2. Their Qs & As are set to PRIVATE.

    3. They have a high percentage of Best Answers.

    4. Their total answers are low or zero but their total points are high.

    5. They are already asking a lot of questions for somebody who started Yapping only that day.

    6. They already have an attitude as far as all their answers are concerned.

    7. Their name and/or avatar bear a striking similarity to that of a regular Yapper.

    8. Their e-mails are disabled. After all it is hard enough logging on to vote without logging on to read an e-mail.

    9. Their Y!M is disabled. No decent respecting TROLL would want to waste time ‘chatting’

    10. Their FAN feature is disabled. Can’t let others see what they are doing.

    NOTE all of the above only relate TO NEW TROLLS. Most of the established older TROLLS ONLY HAVE THEIR contacts and fan features and their Q/A features disabled.
    To rub salt into the wounds a lot have the TC Badge, not because of good informative answers but through cheating. Sometimes they lose their TC only because their master/mistress couldn’t keep their activity on YAP at a high level.

    KAREN does have a good valid point “Be careful what you disclose to some people in yap, Japs. I can see that you are already “friends” with your paparazzi.”

  4. Karen says:

    Ok Japs! I realize it is nice to know the facts especially if you were the victim of that constipated creature. I will give a clue first for you and your regular posters to guess. (like a riddle. tee hee hee) I call it T4 (T.T.T.T.). It is not the terminator 4 but it is more twisted and weird and crazy than the evil robots you see while watching the terminator movies. It also likes to terminate accounts of people it does not like. You were one of its many victims, the most recent is a level 7 top contributor. It is impressively cunning. A level 7 top contributor with a lot of badges would be hard to take down. T.T.T.T. really is an expert assassin.

  5. Springheeled Jack says:

    With all due respect, I do hope I am spared from any insinuations that I am among Japs’ paparazzi. Long before Gary the cat (my other identity, a clown and nemesis of trolls) retired from YAP, owing to exhaustion from 2 suspensions, Japs and Gary had been at the forefront of studying trolls’ behavior.

    When I retired “my cat” (though he’s back) I created my NOM DE GUERRE Professor Dork to be a more vicious troll hunter. It would be incompatible with the war I am waging against trolls now if I myself am to be accused of being a paparazzi (or a reporter troll) when the cat had likewise been a victim thereof. (Why I created trolls has been explained elsewhere in Japs blog and I don’t want to repeat myself.)

    Having made the above clarification, I and the cat will henceforth cease and desist from appearing on Japs’blog, except Professor Dork (sorry for that attempt at legalese).

    And, BTW, PC, the intimacy with which you address “Karen” above gives me the impression that “she” is a troll of someone we both know. Hmmm…

  6. Professor Dork says:

    When PC talks, does he says one thing and mean the other? Is he a fence-sitter? Or is he a contributing factor that widens the difference between the two camps with his ambivalent attitude? Many Yappers are wondering whether he sides with one or the other, yet in the process get both sides at loggerheads.

  7. Professor Dork says:

    Being a troll hunter, I’m just wondering if the above “Karen” is the same “karina Bay” Papa Chuck and I are very much familiar with.

    Good night!

  8. Papa Chuck says:

    Professor Dork,what an approprate name you picked. You are no TROLL hunter, in your dreams baby, you spend hours each and every day with the biggest collectors of TROLLS on YAP and you can’t see one.
    No I am not a fence sitter or at least if I was I am not any longer.
    Springy what intimacy? You are so blinded and fooled that anyone who posts anything against your “wisdom” is BG. Do I need to remind you of your infallible wisdom when you incorporated your famous formula accusing BG of being Mr.Q.
    In Australia we have an appropriate saying “wanker”

  9. Professor Dork says:

    PC, maybe I don’t get to zero in on the troll masters, but the fact remains I hit it big when I hit one troll and then the next 100%. For me, it doesn’t make any difference whether trolls are from either side as long as I wanted to clean YAP in my small way. Because I know either side will rationalize about why they produce trolls. And you can see how an uphill battle it can be for me alone, yet i kept trying if only to conquer this impossible dream, of having yap as clean as can be.

    The light we both see is clear but when it pass into a prism, it becomes different rays of colors. And what doesn’t look obvious to you there is that we’re on the same wavelength. So, you can see, PC, why I chose to be independent.

  10. Papa Chuck says:

    I am more upset than what I realised I can’t seem to get anything right today. I was thinking of getting in touch with Battgirl about the vote off and wrongly put in her initials. See I have no trouble or problem in admitting when I am wrong

    Professor Dork,what an appropriate name you picked. You are no TROLL hunter, in your dreams baby, you spend hours each and every day with the biggest collectors of TROLLS on YAP and you can’t see one.
    No I am not a fence sitter or at least if I was I am not any longer.
    Springy what intimacy? You are so blinded and fooled that anyone who posts anything against your “wisdom” is SG. Do I need to remind you of your infallible wisdom when you incorporated your famous formula accusing SG of being Mr.Q.
    In Australia we have an appropriate saying “wanker”
    “Gary the cat (my other identity, a clown and nemesis of trolls)” NEMESIS are you kidding or what, they are all rolling on the floor with laughter. Now that the famously dubious TROLL HUNTER is in town there are more TROLLS appearing on YAP.

  11. Papa Chuck says:


  12. Professor Dork says:

    PC, did I say there I have all the answer about trolls. I did say in my small way fighting trolls. But I can do tell who is my SG’s (I say my because she still means a lot to me!) trolls: One is PANDORA, then WEDNESDAYS CHILD, that’s what comes out lately. Aside, of course, from her previously’s BRENDA MAGE, DIVINE, EMIL, and the famous KERENGKENG, over whom most Yapper guys swooned, and which fact you KNOW existed and HID from the YAPPERS and the public!

  13. Professor Dork says:

    I told you PC, I’m a vicious troll. It takes a troll to unmask a troll. And when I do unmask trolls, it doesn’t mean I don’t love SG less. It’s only because I care about YAP and other Yappers! I want YAP to be devoid of dishonesty and the scheming!

  14. Papa Chuck says:

    Ok PROFESSOR THANK YOU FOR THAT INSIGHT into your prowness of detecting trolls. Your discovery will go down the annals of history.
    HERE i thought that she was the one that told you about two months ago, why the long wait for such a revelation?
    Oh yes I did know and I am not denying that I know BUT you see that was also told to me in Y!M and because I have scruples I could not reveal what was entrusted to me. The same scruples that stopped me from revealing other things that I have been told by your close knit fiends (oops i spelt friends incorrectly). You have now basically let me off the hook and I no longer need to bite my tongue—thank you.
    By the way neither Wednesday’s Child or Jazz are hers. Of course these two are wrong because you used your excellent ‘sleuthing and detecting’ powers. The other’s are correct but only because she revealed them to you.
    DORK by name and DORK by nature.
    Have to go now have some emails to send to kahlan that i received from you?
    Dont forget I also knew you, gary and jim (and a few others) were one and the same and I never revealed that information either. So tell me why is it ok to reveal some and not reveal others?
    When will you reveal some of the main TC’s or do I have to do it? Don’t tell me theu didn’t give you such information surely they can trust you. Did they ever tell you the Yappers that they were reporting or the accounts that they were responsible for being deleted?


  15. Len says:

    Wow the good professor Dorky is in the limelight again just because he named names again!!! why don’t you create your own blog and watch flies come around?

    Why do you always pick on SG??? Why??? Isn’t it enough that you succeeded in making her look bad to her friends’ eyes and made her not worthy of trust because all infos she disclosed to you you proudly announced to the world?? How could you?!

    Why?? Is that because no matter how hard you hit her she just bite her tongue and pray that things just pass?? you know her trolls, bravo!!! what now?? Are you happy now?? Isn’t it enough that SG is now isolated with only Bitter Guy and me comforting her,. telling her that things will work out just fine… in time?

    I feel so bad that my friend has been “user-friendly” and you have been a “gentleman” playing with her feelings, extracting juices for your planned revenge to whoever you suspect of being responsible for you acct’s suspension.

    Now, you and your trolls can lambast me at yap anytime, who knows you might have been lambasting me all the while cuz no matter how hard you tried you failed to make me turn my back on Shirley G. You can even go to **** for all I care!!!

    Japs, FYI only, I don’t have trolls so I don’t have avenue but Helen of Troy’s acct.

  16. shirley g says:

    Gary/Dork/Jimboy/Sgt. Pepper/etc.:

    I have the permission of Kahlan to post her email. She doesn’t visit this site as she knows you aren’t worth her time so you can spare yourself from going after her because she has blocked all modes of communication between you and her, as well as your trolls.

    I am posting it as I feel you like to attract attention to yourself at my expense. So, here goes. And this is only the beginning.

    ” Being all sloshed in alcohol is not an excuse. You were inexcusably rude. Oh how many times have you been “bastos” to her?

    I am not Mumsie. She may forgive you but never will I befriend you.

    Do you want to know something? I never considered you my friend. I just had this gut instinct you see, and I was right to trust it. When I was answering your e-mails, I was merely being polite and civil. Did you notice that I even stopped replying to your e-mails?

    I never did believe you. Why, you even disclose different pieces of information to different people. How sick can you get? Mumsie may have her trolls (hers are good trolls, by the way) but at least when she talks to me or to anyone she has met or considers a friend (like PC), she is real and honest. And very true. Like us. We disclose our real names, real ages. Real everything.

    So who really are you? Jimmy Cortez? Jaime? Yeah, right. And I am Wonder Woman. And what did you say your age was? 30? 40? By the way you have been acting, all those outbursts and tantrums, I’d say even my six year old nephew would be ashamed of you. Ha! You have been giving contradicting names and ages to people.

    I told you to take care of Mumsie. I am especially protective of my friends. And how dare you call her names. I am mad. Raving mad.

    I saw GROck’s Q saying that she is you. You could have ignored her. But no. You have to wade into the same murky waters that she is into. Once you lie with a dog with fleas, you get fleas yourself. Didn’t you know that? Worse than not igoring GROck, you have accused someone to be GROck when you are not even sure who GROck is. You accused someone you swore you loved. Isn’t that the worst of betrayals?

    I am a very nice and honest person. That is, until I am provoked, betrayed or my friends have been hurt in any way or form. And you did the latter.

    I am a very nice and honest person. That is, until I am provoked, betrayed or my friends have been hurt in any way or form. And you did the latter.

    Sober up, will you. And when you look in the mirror, ask yourself: Why is it that in YAP, nobody is taking me seriously? Why have other YAPpers established a tightly wounded circle of friends that I can never penetrate?!

    Reality bites. Truth hurts. And when it confronts you straight in the face, be a man enough to admit it. ”

  17. Bitter Guy says:

    Hello Gary!

    I have seen a LOT of flaws in your arguments but I just want to touch on your last two sentences from your most recent post.

    “It’s only because I care about YAP and other Yappers! I want YAP to be devoid of dishonesty and the scheming!”

    (1) If YOU really care about YAP and other Yappers and IF your TRULY want YAP to be devoid of dishonesty and the scheming, why do you only TARGET SG? Do you mean to tell me that you REALLY think NOBODY ELSE USES TROLLS and that ALL the different badge holders in YAP are really ALL DIFFERENT PERSONS)??? ARE YOU THAT NAIVE OR ARE YOU JUST PLAYING BLIND WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU and try to play the “strict upright and honest troll” whenever you see someone you do not like?

    (2) We all know SG is not the only one to be accused of “trolling”. Why only her pre? What makes her THAT different form you OR your friends that you have to single her out all the time? You just recently made a mistake for accusing her of being mister quickie. After a few days, you accuse her of being the master of other new trolls. Kailan pa ba tayo matututo ng tama, pre? Taliwas itong ginagawa mo sa iyong “PAKAY” na “I want YAP to be devoid of dishonesty and the scheming!”

    Trying to single her out is being dishonest because you want others to believe that she IS the only one doing those things. C’mon pre, hindi na tayo bata … alam naman natin kumpara sa iba … walang binatbat yang mga troll ni SG. Aminin mo man yan o hindi … alam mo yan … unless na brainwash ka na pre.

    (3) After all of this, I am still thankful for your friendship in YAP, Gary. It was you who introduced me to SG and in turn led the way for me to be friends with HoT. They are truly genuine people and those kind of people are few and far between. Now matter how many new friends you make pre, walang kwenta kung pinagtatawanan ka sa likod at walang mukhang haharap sa iyo (literally and figuratively). I can honestly say totoong tao si SG kasi hindi yan natatakot humarap bilang tunay na kaibigan. Hindi yan magtatago na parang basang sisiw pag inalok mong humarap. Can you say that about your friends?

  18. Japs says:

    I apologize for being absent in this forum for a number of days.

    And I really have no idea what has transpired while I was away.
    But it is good to see a lot of YAPpers who have finally typed in
    their feelings in here.

    And as I am now so far behind this thread, I will leave it as is
    as of now.

    Whoever wants me to EDIT anything, just send me a message
    & let’s see what we can do.

    And again I thank all of you who have taken time off to participate
    in this forum, your participation is a good sign that YAP is strong
    & is still growing stronger.

  19. Pandora says:

    The email posted above is in response to Gary’s, asking for an apology to Kahlan after he accused me of being GROck. I see it fit to also post it here for everyone to understand the nature of the earlier post.

    Dear Kahlan:

    I’ve just seen Shirley’s email to you and PC.

    I’m sorry. I already asked her forgiveness via text this afternoon, repeatedly. She doesn’t respond and I understand. I’ll let her cool down.

    Shirley is a very intelligent woman and, like you, has a good command of English. Who would ever imagine she’s the witty woman behind Kerengkeng, the prudish woman behind SG and the perky girl behind Brenda Mage?

    This GRock woman really gets into my nerve yet there seems to be method in her madness because she writes good English too but uses the language in the most obscene way imaginable. Her style, I thought, seems similar to Shirls so the thought came to me: Could Shirls be playing another role, this time a villain? Btw, I had too much to drink last night after attending my friend’s birthday celebration 3 blocks away. Anything can go haywire from there.

    At any rate, Shirley seems not mad anymore as evidenced by her forwarded email. Again, I’m sorry as “bad spirit” (alcohol) only impaired my judgment. I hope you’re not mad at me.

    Please take care.


  20. shirley g says:

    Pardon my clumsiness. The above post should have been posted by me and not Pandora.

    P.S. ‘lo, di po ako si Karen. Si Gina po ako.

  21. Professor Dork says:

    Bitter Guy, my friend, I’ve been anticipating brickbats for my comments all along. I will compare brickbats to a whirlpool where I now being pulled to its center. I welcome your criticism, for no friend can say that under false pretenses. And what a Darth Vader I have become! Thanks, pre, for reminding me of my former self.

    Shirley, I’ve treated you as cannon fodder against a wonderful terrain, where you guided a toddler like me wobbling in my early days of yapping. You are among the few in YAP who seem to have kissed the blarney stone for your endearing eloquence (I bow to Milai, Aref, Annabel P, among others). Remember there used to be a dream of intimacy then when I popped the question and forthwith was PC informed? And then all blackness. And here I am, badly scarred as I emerge from that blackness. The question now is not whether I will be forgiven (it seems passe) but when the sun will shine again.

    HOTTIE, there has been very little conversation between us, but I know your jolly and bubbly nature as gauged from chatting and the Q&A you post time and again. It is always a friend indeed who comes to the rescue and defense of a friend. I know also I have bored every one stiff about this troll thing but it can be a consolation to think that raising the issue will cut both ways among yappers.

    PC, In my email to you, I have made distinction before between yapping and life outside yap (reel and real). Is the thin line separating them now gone, or have they already merged? If they have, then apologising will not likewise apply because I’ve already debased the word. Will it then be to the satisfaction of all concerned when I say that “my remorse is greater than my misdeed?” (Gibran)

    Jimmy (Gary)

    PS: Japs, thanks again!

  22. Karen says:

    OMG I think I just threw up. What a lousy expose! All this brouhaha ending like the worst D movie in history! What did you achieve, old guy? At least put up a fight and name your friendly trolls. Prove your point. You want to expose then expose! Please!!! I’ll help you. Let’s start with the leader board and move our way down the chain. Please don’t choke now. =)) I was just starting to enjoy this, you know.

  23. Papa Chuck says:

    Gary/Professor I remain to our agreement that we fight the battle within the bounds of YAP and Yap only. You did attack me here on JAPS blog and in YAP and I retaliated, surely you don’t suggest thst it be a one way street. Gary/Professor all will be forgiven if you play fair. You named 5 trolls now name 5 of theirs. What do you have to lose?
    KAREN could you please re-install your avatar.
    Sheet not the Leader Board this could drag on for months

  24. Karen says:

    Let me make this CLEAR .. the old guy I was referring to was EINSTEIN. =))

  25. Papa Chuck says:

    I figured that but i still want the phot back where it belongs. The Leader board is to big an ask some of us older guys may not last that long.
    so at least the photo gives us something to look forward to. PLEASE

  26. Professor Dork says:

    Never mind him/her, PC. It’s part of the cloak-and-dagger goings-on in YAP, even here on Japs’ blog: to hide as much as possible any paper trail that leads to the real person, who sees it fit to snipe in a cowardly manner. She or he has been mislead by avatars obviously.

    PC, thanks for being broadminded enough to understand. Also, I’m thankful to all persons concerned for not beating someone (me) when he is already down the canvass. It should be quite informative to you, however, that Shirley (rightly so) posted my email to Milai (apologising) and the manner she reacted (see above). There are bitter memories that can make one divide his/her loyalties, much less abandon his/her loved one, altogether. But, to me, all that has passed now.

    Which brings us back to the tale, as it were, of two cities. Is Yapping (on a computer, of course) and the real life (outside of YAP) now considered by most Yappers as one and the same? If yes, have we become so obsessed with the computer as to become oblivious to the outside world? Is Yapping a game, or a real life situation now? I know the philosophical in us will chide and poke fun at these questions.

    Addiction to the computer, yes, to YAP, YAM, etc. seems to have paralyzed our daily lives and it should be worthwhile to take a hard look at the computer age and how it changed our lives, for better or worse.

    PC, may I suggest too that you make known to all and sundry your roster of suspected trolls and troll masters rather than titillating the imagination of Yappers who wish to know? Me, I’ve thrown all caution to the wind by being as transparent as I could be notwithstanding the hatred that it entailed. The journey of a thousand miles, as the Chinese proverb goes, start with a single step.

    Good night and best regards,


  27. maej says:


    what have i missed?

    I consider myself a newbie and i don’t exactly follow you all!

    whatever, can’t we just all be friends?

    never mind the trolls, the BAs, the TCs, who cares?

    YAP is fun, can we keep it that way?

    God bless all!

  28. Japs says:

    To maej, that’s what happens if you take a break from YAPping.
    I was gone for a couple of days & I missed a whole lot.
    So you have a lot more catching up to do.
    Happy Reading & Commenting!
    Welcome back.

  29. Japs says:

    *** ALERT ***

    I deleted one comment from the Professor & one from shirley.
    both of which looked to me as double entries.

  30. WELL says:

    Welcome back sweet innocent Maej, Alan has asked me to say Hi.
    Yes Kalbo Papa give us your listing but would it be fair to list suspect Trolls as such? Why list them at all? Those on Level 1 can be omitted altogether.

  31. WELL says:

    Professor/Gary I notice you have ignored the offer of redemption “You named 5 trolls now name 5 of theirs. What do you have to lose?”
    Why ask Kalbo Papa to take all the risks? Why not take some yourself?
    Did you not notice my explanation of Felicity’s suspension and am I still not breathing? Email the names to me and I will post for you. See now you have two offers of redemption.
    Stop being swayed by every skirt in YAP. Keep junior where he belongs and think with the other head that’s the one with the brain. (thoughts of WELL)

  32. Professor Dork says:

    Mr. Well, I was quite perplexed myself by PC’s question “You named 5 trolls now name 5 of theirs. what do you have to lose?” Because there’s a contradiction in a troll(s) having a troll(s). And I don’t have to redeem myself either by revealing anything more than I know and was revealed, including the troll that I am (this avatar) aside from the others of my ilk elsewhere on this blog.

    What matters to me is for for YAP to be completely rid of trolls (an impossible dream?) If and when that “ideal” stage has been reached, and I have no ambition to get to the leader board, I will voluntarily “cede my every right to any governing body to be created “clickable” links to all the trolls I created to the best of my knowledge, so help me God.”

    I’ve just seen elsewhere in this blog tonight PC’s humble admission to being privy to a group he is “not only being part of but ‘LED'” in answer to a certain Jam’s tirade. I was about to give him, a friend, succor for admitting as much because I can understand how he must feel if he divulge the information, and the shit will hit the fan. PC, an Aussie, is already a Filipino through and through, but in the interest of cleaning YAP (who else don’t want that?), I would urge my friend to make a clean breast of everything by revealing all, in public. Far from hurting friends he tries to cover up and harming himself, HE WILL WALK TALL AMONG FILIPINO YAPPERS!

    The same should hold true of the other camps, by disarming themselves of trolls as well by going public, here on Japs’ blog to dispel once and for all all mutual suspicions…and the alleged cheating. I’m just a dot in this sea of YAP humanity but tell me, is my suggestion moral or not?

    Anyway, for me I have a real life to attend to apart from virtual reality

    Goodnight everyone,

    Professor Gary

  33. Papa Chuck says:

    Professor thank you for your eloquent posting it did touch me.
    Please understand that I am not trying to protect ‘friends’ on this side of the fence as I have the permission to do what I have to do. I am concerned about ‘friends’ on the other side of the fence who though innocent may be branded guilty just be association. Friends who may be seen as guilty but who also got caught up by the sweet charms and who took part in some of the attacks.
    Give me the weekend to muse over my problem and it is a problem, rest assured that either one way or the other revelations will be made.
    This is one thing that was revealed to me , I have no proof of whether it was said in jest or in truth (I do hope that is was merely said in jest) ” a certain Troll Master/Mistress was looking at a figure of 500 Trolls. This figure is mind boggling and surely had to be in jest. I include this little morsal to indicate the possible numbers of Trolls that are here.

  34. maej says:

    hello Mr. Well…

    are you the same Well with the purple hair?

    =) just askin’ …. you may not answer if you don’t want to..

    anyway, are we talking of allan dlone here? he send me a message last night… telling me he hasn’t got time to cook and he’s eating out and probably be back around 11pm… gee…

    give him also my regards…

    and to all…


    YAP is simple, why make it complicated?

    just try to have fun and ignore everything… they’ll get tired eventually!

    take care.

  35. Japs says:

    Okay, I’m back & this housekeeping thing is definitely not easy when you do not visit everyday.

    So far one thing that I have noticed is that WELL has to stop using the tagalog term that is more politically stated as follicularly challenged. This is because we all know that Filipinos use this term in a derogatory manner. But of course you can say K Papa or something more wittier than that.

    And of course everyone is encourage to write in their best prose or narrative, even in rhyme as I see that we are all being treated to some good literature reading over here lately.

    Keep them coming!

    And the next question is, are we going to expect the BIG BOMB REVELATIONS any moment now?

  36. Bitter Guy says:

    Hello Japs! Here’s an email to me from a TROLL accusing me to be a master of another TROLL.

    who is behind well in makati and tagaytay? is she same person behind gremlin and the clones vandal and filamusa? why is she threatening me with this email? is she afraid of being exposed and letting SG be the fallguy? questions, questions and more questions from me , Japs. Sorry I don’t have the answers. I hope that “karen” does.

    Tulong naman dyan! Di ko kaya yung reporting powers ng taong yan.

    From: WELL in tagaytay and makati

    Subject: karen

    Message: Why are you pretending to be away? So no one would ever suspect you? That’s a pretty lame excuse don’t you think?

    I know you are Karen and Mr. Quickie. Didn’t you ask yourself what the hell are you doing? Why are you reporting just because shirley G told you too? Did she told you things that would make you think other people are bad? Did you not realize that you people are actually the one’s who are creating trolls everyday. What’s the USE of Mr. Quickie’s Best Answers from Shirley G’s trolls anyway?

    Ask yourself buddy, before it’s too late. I know you don’t have the real conference copy. Did they show you that Papa Chuck used to email them with links of what to report? Did shirley g show you the conference with her flooding with questions and answers to report? We all got it you know.

    Trust me on this, YOU KNOW NOTHING! not even a 5% of what really happened. If I were you, before you post something that you will regret in the end I’ll investigate myself.


  37. Bitter Guy says:

    BTW, here was my reply:

    You guessed wrong. I always make it known to friends extra accounts I make. I am sure Gary suspects me as he already messaged me that he does. I cannot do anything if that is what you believe.

    I am not pretending to be away. My computer has problems and needs a technician to reformat it and reinstall programs. All my friends know that I am active in YM at least twice a week.

    If you and gary want to have a word war with me, fine. Just let me know. I will email you both the name of a troll I will make just for that purpose. I have opened my eyes and I’ll check if you respond in a couple of days.

  38. Papa Chuck says:

    In regards to the threatening email that RODELETTE sent to Bitter Guy. Most of it is made up and she has confused both Shirley and myself and is trying to blame us for her actions. I have ALREADY admitted to sending Y!M messages to the group about Q/A to report. My reasons for this I really don’t understand the only logical reason that I can think off is that as a foreigner I wanted to be accepted by what I would class as the upper echelon of YAPPERS and to be accepted I would have to do what they did best. I will state that to the best of my knowledge any Q/A that I SUGGESTED FOR REPORTING WAS AN ACTUAL VIOLATION UNLIKE THE Q/A that they were reporting.
    ROD is also wrong in that I doubt that Bitter Guy knows anymore than 1% of what transpired during the Y!M conferences.
    “What’s the USE of Mr. Quickie’s Best Answers from Shirley G’s trolls anyway” perhaps she should be asking herself this question as most of her BA’s stem from her TROLLS or from TROLLS of her ‘friends’
    “who is behind well in makati and tagaytay? is she same person behind gremlin and the clones vandal and filamusa?” I have already answered this, they are one and the same “RODELETTE”
    The filamusa LOOK ALIKE IS ACTUALLY named “.”

  39. Papa Chuck says:

    RODELETTE if you have even the minutest bit of remorse for the wrongs you (we) perpetuated stop hiding behind your GREMLIN/VANDAL CLONE, WELL CLONE, “.” FILAMUSA CLONE AND YOUR PESTE wannabe. Come out into the open, please reveal any other wrong doings that I have done so that I can hopefully rectify.

  40. shirley g says:

    I received a similar email from Well of Tagaytay (then)

    Date: 16 Apr 2008 07:15:47 -0700
    From: “Yahoo!7 Answers ”
    Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
    Subject: Yahoo!7 Answers: You have received a message from another user!
    To: shirley g

    Hello shirley g,
    You have received a message from another user!
    From: WELL @tagaytay
    Subject: Dr. Mr Quickie or Kerengkeng or Mrs. Garfield and Filamusa
    Message: Weren’t you the one who cloned Filamusa? Would you like those people to know what you did.

    To answer Well @Tagaytay:
    Weren’t you the one who cloned Filamusa? > Yes.
    Would you like those people to know what you did.> As far as Khushi is concerned, I already told her.

  41. shirley g says:

    May I just add that I wasn’t the only one who cloned Filamusa. There are at least 2 other clones.

  42. Black Sapphire says:

    Before PC’s revelation, the day after that, Shirley G confessed everything to me what she has done. I forgive her & PC and I forgive “them” too.

  43. Jam says:

    Wow! How convenient it is for PC and SG to hugas-kamay and leave the blame to the others who chose to keep their silence.

  44. Papa Chuck says:

    I do not leave the blame to the others as you mistakenly state. I have accepted responsibility for the cowardly actions that I took part in. It would have been very easy for me to make a JAMETTE and use the troll to make my revelations.
    Perhaps their “silence” is nothing more than a smoke screen hoping that if they don’t comment all will settle down and be forgotten. As for the ‘silence’ I don’t think that ROD’s use of TROLLS/CLONES to attack me and email others could really be considered as ‘silence’ do you?
    Many people on both sides of the fence know some of her TROLLS so by using them she really is not getting away with it.

  45. Penny Rito says:

    To Jam and her master or mistress (whichever the case may be):

    I do not see it as convenience nor was it “hugas-kamay” for PC and SG to ADMIT and APOLOGIZE for past mistakes. What they did was commendable and their honesty was really praiseworthy. To admit and face the shame of doing something wrong is NOT “hugas-kamay”. It is a brave act that shows their CHARACTER. You Jam, on the other hand can only show your FAKE characters and trolls here. That one sentence you posted speaks VOLUMES of how STUPID and UNETHICAL you are.

  46. Papa Chuck says:

    Penny, thank you.
    JAM, one thing I have to say to you, actually your owner, is this “if anything I have admitted to or revealed is a lie doesn’t it make sense that the people I accuse would be jumping up and down and hollering for my blood?” The silence doesn’t protect them but does indicate towards their guilt.
    One thing I must stress not all of the group was guilty of carrying out the attacks nor are all as guilty as the most guilty.

  47. WELL says:

    JAM “hugas-kamay” Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the trial/ordeal of Christ and then handed Him over to the crowd.
    I don’t see PC or SG as doing that, as a matter of fact I do think they are doing the opposite. They have admitted to doing or being involved in unsavoury deeds which is more than your clique is doing.
    In response to that e-mail sent by that no good trailer trash ‘cousin’ of mine I shall conduct some research into ITS’ BA’s and post the results shortly.
    PC I will need a list of known TROLLS at your earliest convenience!

  48. Karen says:

    hugas-kamay raw oh! =)) =)) =))
    Hey Jam, bangag ba tayo jan? Nakapag jamming ka, ano? tsk tsk =))

    Let me dedicate this song for you:
    “Mga praning mga praning mga praning ning.
    Laging gising laging gising sing …”

    =)) =)) =))

  49. Self-destruct says:

    Huh? What’s this? Just a very concise comment from Jam and a pack of wolves came in for the kill. And imagine a pride of lions pitting themselves against one hapless girl named Rodelette. The fact that she has a number of trolls doesn’t make her more than one person as against the obvious physical numbers or combined might you guys are using to gang up on her. To continuously single her out and cast seemingly non-stop first stones at her does not absolve the accusing side because they are very much tainted with the same brush no matter the confessions. Why confine yourselves people to a single individual when there are more troll masters than meets the eye? They are laughing up their sleeves.

  50. Papa Chuck says:

    Huh, what’s this another TROLL coming to the rescue. Now that makes two TROLLS coming to the rescue. Hapless because she has been caught out? If you bother to read you will notice that one Troll Master has been named and that he was, for all wants and purposes, forced out by your hapless friend. Where were you when he was attacked?
    I have not denied my guilt in any shape or form. Combined might are you kidding or what. I wake each morning expecting to see my real account gone (have taken some precautions to cover this happening).
    You obviously have the information about the other TROLL MASTERS why not roll up their sleeves stop their laughing and reveal what you now or is it that you too are tainted by the same brush?
    And what is so concise with JAMS comment? If we wanted to leave all the blame with the others wouldn’t we too use TROLLS for our postings instead of our real accounts? Or is that too obvious for you to see?
    What do you consider to be a fair number of TROLLS? 1, 5, 10, 20 or more? PICK A NUMBER. HOW DO YOU THINK SHE GOT UP THE LEADER BOARD SO FAST
    Why do you people leave all the expose’ to us why not contribute yourself? Believe me ‘confession is good for the soul’

  51. Penny Rito says:


    The only concise thing about Jam’s statement is that IT IS SHORT. A better adjective would be FLAWED, INCORRECT, UNTRUE, FALSE, STUPID, MISLEADING. Pick any one of those and it will be more accurate than “concise” to describe Jam’s post. Actually, those adjectives can be used to describe your post as well. HA! Trying to defend such a flawed and untrue statement shatters your credibility at your first post. You are just a clown here on out from my point of view.

    The pack of wolves came in for the kill you say? So you want to make it look like Jam is a “victim” here but in fact Jam was the one trying to mislead people into thinking that PC and SG who had APOLOGIZED for their mistakes were in fact wrong for doing so. Pls tell us what were YOU doing when KUSHI and ANYA were victimized and maligned by a more VICIOUS pack of wolves? Did you ALSO come to their defense?

    Now about that pride of lions pitting themselves against a “hapless girl”, have you read the posts? Do you even KNOW how many people mentioned her name? Maybe you are trying to say she is Jam because more people flamed Jam than her.

  52. Self-destruct says:

    Goodness Gracious! Never the twain shall meet if only one side tries to monopolize this blog. As a woman, I always have a soft spot for the underdog, whether she or he is a criminal or not. What was wrong with coming to someone’s rescue when outnumbered, not to say clobbered? Aren’t you doing it among yourselves also as when one is attacked? That only shows you people brook no dissenting opinions. You cut a pretty nice figure there, Papa Chuck–you have a point there–only that impression has been negated by what strike the viewers as your lapdogs. For instance, Penny Prito (what a choice of a nickname) became a member only on MAY 14 (link below) and here she is oh,so suddenly joining the fray with zero best answers but with surprisingly vast knowledge of yap everything:;_ylt=AnL9IEyLKQBHXUr7xs3HVMgS7RR.;_ylv=3?show=huRS5ml8aa
    Are they, these lapdogs, really fighting for principles? I’m given to understand that you’re from Down Under. Watch out, you can be a potential sponsor sought by some Filipinos to be able to set foot on Australian soil.

  53. Papa Chuck says:

    Dear Queen
    Stop to think for a moment, maybe Penny Prito is a regular Yapper,like yourself, who is worried about using the real account, like yourself, in case of reprisals from the other camp, like yourself.
    Penny I strongly advise that you don’t get involved in a sparring match with Queen as it may be a ploy for you let down your guard.
    No-one and I repeat no-one is my lap dog and for you to use such term is both disgusting and unfair.
    You, I ASSUME, ARE INSINUATING THAT I am trying to monopolise this Blog. Stop and think with the number of viewers and only a handful of posters that maybe all are afraid to voice both their opinions and their identities.
    Why be concerned over someone supposedly monopolising this Blog when the other group Monopolises YAP. NO-ONE IN THIS GROUP has contacted any other YAPPER and told/asked them to refrain from using their MAIN ACCOUNTS on YAP. Now that’s what I call control.
    “I always have a soft spot for the underdog, whether she or he is a criminal or not.” So tell me what were you doing when Bopols,Well,Vandal,007,Gary,Anya etc. were under attack by that group?
    “Watch out, you can be a potential sponsor sought by some Filipinos to be able to set foot on Australian soil.” You are right there, some of my nieces and nephews have already started and my answer is ‘wala pera’

  54. Japs says:

    Welcome back WELL & welcome to Penny Rito (Fried ‘Sang Pera?) & hello to Queen Arabesque (Most Luxurious Queen?).

    Welcome & thanks for participating. Of course that welcome & appreciation also goes out to Papa C, Karen, Springheeled J, Professor D, Helen oT, Shirley, Bitter G, maej, B Sapphire & Jam.

    BTW, I deleted one comment from WELL as it looked like a double entry.

    And so let us continue with the discussions…

  55. Penny Rito says:

    Hey Queenie,

    Don’t blame us for “monopolizing” this blog. Since when did WE try to keep you people from posting here? All of us are free to poste here AND it is actually SAFER to post here because the TROLLMASTERS cannot give us VIOLATIONS at their whim as they do in YAP. What are you people waiting for? A go signal from your BOSS? Stop complaining and post if you want.

    Of course if someone posts LIES and stupidity they will be CORRECTED by others. Trying to be a “good samaritan” and coming to someones’ rescue is ok but if that “someone” is indeed at fault, shouldn’t you also try to CORRECT his/her wrongs since you have stuck your nose in this anyway? Whose lapdog are you or are you just one of her many accounts?

    Penny Rito is an extra account for posting in this forum. It is from someone who first naively thought YAP was full of nice people, only to be dissilussioned upon learning the TRUTH that there are really adults acting like childred and thay are desperately trying to control YAP by CHEATING and unwarranted REPORTING. You can be a legitimate YA user but if s/he would “feel” that you MIGHT be an “unfriendly” troll, you will get VIOLATIONS even for the most harmless questions and answers.

    This ABUSE of their REPORTING POWERS surely is KNOW to all but a lot of those who KNOW seem to GAG theiselves. It is expected for the trollmasters to be laughing instead of being ashamed of doing childish things. They have been doing it for so long that maybe they think its their GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to boss around in YAP and their friends don’t seem to mind either.

  56. Self-destruct says:

    What does all this talk amount to? YAP is now a GHOST TOWN, and does it make sense now who are in the leader board, who cheated or are cheated, and why and how? Climb up your watch tower and see and look below. It seems as if time had stood still, YAP looking like a shell of it’s former glory.

  57. Papa Chuck says:

    The LEADER BOARD is in no danger. Those that used all the vile methods to position themselves there are so far ahead that a few more weeks will hardly make any difference, and anyway if one of them can get 30 BA’s in one week then they have no problem do they?
    So the regular cheaters have pulled out and taken the majority of their TROLLS with them, big deal. With most of the regulars not posting shows how much control the BOSSMAN and BOSSLADIES have to intimidate them so. Either that or somehow the majority of YAPPERS decided to keep clear till all settles down.

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