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This blog post is inspired by a resolved YAP Q

which was in turn inspired by another resolved YAP Q

& who knows who & what inspired that one.

And the Question was: Is there such a thing as harmless trolling?

I will not give out the links anymore but I will give a special mention to Ms. agua ♥ dulce for that YAP Question.

But to answer this Q, we have to first know what a TROLL is.

And officially Yahoo Answers defines a troll as someone who intentionally and persistently posts inflammatory messages about sensitive topics to bait users into responding or provoking a confrontation.

Of course if you think about it, YAers with obscene Avatars &/or nasty Names are also by this definition trolls–even if all their Q & As are not inflammatory.

YA also consider people to be trolls when they persistently misuse product features.

And there are many YA features that trolls constantly misuse.

Among them using the ratings system to negatively target others. (i.e. thumbing down all the answers of a particular user/users).

Cloning another user’s avatar, name & profile and pretending to be that person, sometimes asking horrible and obscene questions & giving malicious answers.

Reporting someone’s questions and answers in order for Yahoo Answers to give out violation notices for the stupidiest of reasons. (I call this the Paparazzis)

Creating multiple accounts & using them for the purpose of gaining points.

And many more I am sure.

Now back to the topic of harmless trolling.

Who do you think among the different types of trolls are harmless, if any?

And I know that you know about all the other types of trolls, so what are you waiting for, tell us about it & click on Comments below.

ADDITIONAL: I posted this link from an earlier Trolling Blog Post and if you will read it, Jane, a YA Staff, stated that having an extra account in itself is okay as long as you follow YA community guidelines. What do you think?


  1. Mr. Quickie says:

    Needless to say, I am one! But I never CHEATED. I posted a vio-able question AND it got me a vio as expected. But hey, I only posted that because I thought the Philippine version of Playboy was pulling down the GOOD name and sullying the BRAND which I have respect for. hahahahahaha

  2. Professor Dork says:

    Never mind my friend, Fuehrer, after tonight’s carouse with our group, now I understand your penchant for nude yappers like me hahahahahahaha! But the fact remains, my dear Chancellor, that I should be paid, meaning we should be paid, like our friend Japs, a talent fee for having been endowed with the longest and the fattest….

    Good night, everybody!

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    ‘Harmless’ trolling, in my opinion, would be along the lines of Pestie, Palimos Po etc. These guys brought some wit and humour to the site and displayed NO TRAITS of cheating.
    Having an extra account (ONE) in itself, is not trolling.

    Trolling ceases to be harmless when:
    1/ It is used to wrongly Thumb Down decent answers;
    2/ It is wrongly used to vote for own or ‘friends’ answers;
    3/ It is wrongly used to report answers or questions;
    4/ It is wrongly used to ask questions with the sole intent of giving BA to self or ‘friends’;
    5/ It is wrongly used to verbally attack another user;
    6/ It is wrongly used for a back up account with self given BA’s;
    7/ The numbers are used to dominate and laud over YAP.
    Again this is only my opinion.

  4. WELL says:

    I’m here. Trolls, there are so many now that it is next to impossible to count them. My old adversary’s have been busy, their family members have certainly increased since last time. Some of their cheating ways are so blatant that they must think they are above the law or that the rest of us are so naive and gullible that we cannot see.

  5. Japs says:

    And so are we all saying that there are really harmless trolls
    as against real bad *** ones?

  6. Papa Chuck says:

    I will have a lot to say tonight (in about 6-7 hours)Am busy right now.5058

  7. Papa Chuck says:

    Sorry guys something has come will put it on hold for the moment

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