Posted: April 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

So we had our dose of YAP Revelations for today.

But in case more Yappers would like to reveal some more details & leave more comments, please do so. This page is open 24/7.

As I have mentioned time & time again this is a YAP Forum, open for all Yappers, we are generally free to say what we want to say in here & it is relatively safe. But of course, decency & respect must always be observed at all times.

But anyway, not withstanding everything, I would like to open a new topic for discussion & this topic is what is your take on a YAP PARTY / REUNION?

And of course all Yappers must be welcome to attend. And for those with two or more accounts then they will have to use their MAIN ACCOUNT, otherwise, like one Yapper who has come out of the open & has revealed his 2 other names, then he can wear a nametag with 3 Names. And personally I think that would look cool.

But this is assuming that he is who he says he is. The rule that we must follow over here is that we need a testimony of two or more independent witnesses who can confirm any revelation.

And so far no one has come out to affirm nor to deny them. And so as of now that is just something that we have in our YAP consciousness.

And going back to the topic on hand, so what do you think about the idea of a YAP PARTY/REUNION?

All Yappers, this is your time to comment & come out & tell everyone that you are a Yapper.

And if anyone is interested to partipate in a YAP PARTY, then click on the comment button below & tell us the following:

1. The YAP Name you are using, if you use 2 or more names then feel free to list all those as well

2. Your location: city / country

3. Your availability

4. Your willingness to organize such an undertaking or if you can help the organizers

5. Your suggestions for venues, dates/times, activities, things to do, catering, etc.

6. Your contact information

“Ano pa hinihintay ninyo?” Leave a comment below!

I believe that if you are reading this Blog, then you are either a Yapper or you are interested in YAP. By the way the blue title above is clickable, so you can go directly to YAP by clicking on the Philippines.

But then to come back here just as easily, just invite me as a friend & I will gladly accept. Or if you are still shy to let us know who you are, then just invite me into your favorites.

I am currently based in LA, CA, so I do not know if we can have our mini YAP reunion over here.

And for all those Global Pinoy Yappers, leave your comments below to find out if you have other Yappers in your area. Who knows maybe your next door neighbor is a Yapper.


“Oh anong ginagawa mo diyan sa sulok? By the way, here meet *****, ***** this is ****.”

“How do you do?”

“Nice to meet you?” “Ikaw pala si **** blah, blah, blah…”

“Oh ano maiwan ko na kayong dalawa, sayaw kayo!”

ADDITIONAL: This Blog Post was inspired by this earlier one:



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