YA FAQ – Violation Email

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Our Second YA FAQ is regarding that notorious

Yahoo! Answers

And this email usually starts which something like this:

Hello [your name here]

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted. Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

So whether if this is your first time to have seen this in your Inbox, or if you have never received an email like this from Yahoo! Answers or if you get this email on a regular basis, all YAers & YAPpers can benefit from knowing the answers to this YA FAQ.

And so what is a Violation Email Notice?

What are the more frequent reasons for getting a Violation Email Notice?

What happens when I get a Violation Email Notice?

What should I do if I ever get one?

More importantly, what should I do to keep myself from getting another Violation Email Notice?

And what are you waiting for, click the comment button below & leave your comment!

“Ano pang hinihintay mo? Pasko?”

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    And so what is a Violation Email Notice?
    This is the e-mail that YAHOO sends to you to tell you that either your question,answer or comment has been deleted.
    There are three reasons for getting this e-mail:
    1/ you have actually violated Community Guidelines, or
    2/ you have been perceived to violate Community Guidelines, or
    3/ the Yahoo filter picked out the foul language.

    What are the more frequent reasons for getting a Violation Email Notice?
    Below are the reasons for a violation (Community Guidelines)and the link that further explains these:

    Chatting or otherwise violating the question-and-answer format
    Venting, ranting, or using hate speech.
    Being mean or obscene
    Exploiting the community.
    Violating the law.
    Behaving maliciously.
    Misusing Answers.
    Doing harm.
    Of these I think both ‘chatting’ and ‘misusing answers’ would have to be the most (for want of a better word) popular.
    MISUSING ANSWERS is basically posting an answer or question in anything but English.

    What happens when I get a Violation Email Notice? What should I do if I ever get one?
    It is important that you appeal (even if you know you deserved the violation). By appealing you show Yahoo that you have learnt your lesson and it seems to stem your account being terminated.
    Appeals do get overturned but very rarely.

    More importantly, what should I do to keep myself from getting another Violation Email Notice?
    Follow the Community Guidelines as closely as possible see link:

    The only way I know for sure not to get a violation is not to take part in YAHOO ANSWERS, SERIOUSLY.

  2. Japs says:

    To all YAP newbies or Yappers who wish to check out YA Community Guidelines and Yahoo Terms of Service, the blue links on the blog above are clickable.

    I have received a handful of violation notice emails and mostly it was for chatting and one or two for NOT a question/answer.

    And because I was kind of an island in this sea of YAP I have no YA friend to ask when I did received those notices. I tried appealing one & nothing came out of it. And then I just basically ignored the next ones. And to share my experience–that is not a good idea. For one particular violation lead to my first account being suspended. And now I understand why–because YA probably thought I was being an real pain for not even bothering to appeal, explain my side or care. And so Papa C, you are correct, appeal–appeal–appeal.

    How not to get a violation? Yes I agree, even if we follow all the guidelines & terms there is still no guarantee that a stalker or a paparazzi will not report any of our Q & As. But then maybe that is part of the FUN of YAP. Except it’s no fun when YAP stalkers & paparazzis are not coming out over here to share their side. And I do not understand why I have given them a forum that they can use to be FINALLY famous or be known and up until now they have not utilized it.


  3. Mr. Quickie says:

    What happens when I get a Violation Email Notice?
    -the question or answer that you posted gets deleted and you are given a chance to appeal but prepare to be frustrated by nonsense auto replies.
    What should I do if I ever get one?
    -appeal if you truly KNOW that you are not in violation
    More importantly, what should I do to keep myself from getting another Violation Email Notice?
    -kiss the asses of the bigwigs (sometimes that does not work and even their “pets” get violations)
    -because I’m pissed that I just got a violation for a posted question at YAP last night

  4. WELL says:

    If you want violations just change your name to WELL. Then you will see how absurd some can be here on YAHOO.

  5. Mr. Quickie says:

    WELL, no more violations for anything POSTED here! hahahahahahahahaha
    I LOVE this Blog! muwah to Japs! hahahahahahahaha

  6. Japs says:

    To Mr. Q: Well I do believe that all Blogs outside of YAP are all relatively safer to participate in than YAP.

    And so we should all be encouraged to join in any YAP discussion forums, especially over here, as we can at least say what we all wanted to say to a certain degree, of which we couldn’t over there.

  7. Professor Dork says:


    Corollary to Mr. Well’s comment, unfair & illegal reporting all boils down to a fallacy of AD HOMINEM whereby trolls, as trolls, IGNORE the issue (i.e. Questions & Answers) and ATTACKS THE PERSON (i.e. the Asker & Answerer). TDs are another gauge of such uncivilized behavior and attitudes as only trolls can have in the very nature of things.

    In the final analysis, I am compelled to advocate the use of neutron bombs to exterminate trolls on Yahoo Philippines but with the specification that the ensuing explosion will spare the righteous yappers (and, okay, okay, good and harmless trolls) as well as the YAP infrastructure.


    Professor Dork

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