YA FAQ – TC Badge

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Our First YA FAQ is regarding that Eye-catching Orange-colored Top-Contributor Badge or a TC Badge,

that certain YAer or YAPpers have under their Avatars.

And this question is inspired by one of our fellow Yappers, Papa Chuck.

And so for all regular Yappers:

What is a TC Badge?

What do we need to do to have a TC Badge?

And more importantly what does it take to keep a TC Badge?

And again, what are you waiting for, leave a comment below!

“Tara na!”

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    OK I will start the ball rolling. First of all whatever I have to say is solely my opinion so please feel free to correct any errors or ambiguities.
    The TC BADGE is YAHOO’S way (and your fellow peers)of saying thank you for your involvement in a particular field. Anyone can hold upto a maximum of 3 TC’s in various forums.
    To gain a TC Badge you have to be Level 2 or better (I have yet to see a Level 1 TC). You need a per centage of BEST ANSWERS of at least 10% or better in a particular field. Having reached Level 2 and with a BA OF 10% you now need to be active each week and prior to Monday evening coming around you need to have accumulated a minimum of 150 point. Here’s the pitfall, answer 75 questions and you get the 150 points BUT YOUR BA’s % decreases to below 10% you don’t get to keep the TC Badge. What you can do is vote on unresolved questions this does not affect your BA%. Of course if you happen to pick up some Best Answers along the way you don’t need to answer or vote on so many questions/answers. Oh yes, you can enhance your chances of getting a BA by answering old questions that nobody has answered but don’t forget to vote. That is the LEGAL way AND YES YOU ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE on your own answer.
    Now for the ILLEGAL way and believe me this does happen way too much. I am not suggesting that you follow this, all I am doing is showing you the other popular option that is available also if caught and reported you will lose your account.
    Make 3 or 4 accounts on top of your main one. Let us say that your main account is JOE and your Troll accounts are ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’. now get A,B,C, and D to each ask a question in your chosen category, try to space out their questions so that they dont appear together. Let the question run for a day or two making sure that ‘Joe’ answers and if his answer is sensible it will tend to throw off any suspicions. Do this weekly or monthly and it won’t take long to get the BA’s that you need.
    Answer many of the obscure answers as these will more often than not go into voting use A,B,C,D and ‘JOE’ to vote for your answer. Don’t get into a voting war with some of the regulars as you will lose, trust me.
    It is advisable that you mark your answer so that you can easily pick it out e.g add ‘hehehe’ or even an ‘X’ at the end.
    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you make all the questions and answers private and that you don’t allow FANS. This makes it hard for anyone to trace your activity.
    OK that’s it I think I have included everything.
    I really don’t see the satisfaction one can get from the second option but I suppose each to his own.

  2. Japs says:

    To Papa Chuck and to all visitors who have posted their comments, THANK YOU for participating and making this endeavor a continuing and ongoing forum. If not for all of you, then I would have probably abandoned this page a long time ago.

    And to reiterate what Papa C said, most of what we post over here are solely our OWN personal opinions. And of course everybody is FREE to comment and even correct any error they will see in here. And by putting our 2 cents, we do not claim that we have all the answers, but it does indicate that we all would want to see a BETTER YAP. But then we all share a burden of making this site SAFE and FUN for everyone to ENJOY.

  3. Mr. Quickie says:

    Observe! Newbies with TC badges! Masters are too shy to play but don’t want to play without badges on extra accounts or maybe playing in other categories??! TARA NA! anow pah heentay neenyoh??? hahahahaha

  4. Japs says:

    Mr. Q have you been studying Tah-ga-LOG?

    Okay that is a good observation. So maybe now we can get some comments from YAP newbies with TC Badges.

    I need some pointers for ever since I lost my TC a few weeks ago, I haven’t been able to get it back. Waaaahhh. Bakeeeet kayah?

  5. Papa Chuck says:

    If all your BA’s come from YAP THEN i BELIEVE ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ACCUMULATE ANOTHER 100 POINTS between now and Monday. If you don’t get the TC that week you should get it the following week.
    Try for 200 points this week and 200 points next week.
    Mr. Q UNFORTUNATELY i DO NOT UNDERSTAND tAGALOG any chance of a translation. With what your saying that probably explains the lack of sightings of some YAPPERS.

  6. Japs says:

    I still don’t get it though.

    I know that I don’t YAP as often as before. But I probably still answer at least one YAP Q a day, almost everyday & that I only visit YAP & only get BAs over there. I usually accumulate about a 100 points a week and maintain that level of BA % that I have, about 20-80 level, or about 20% BAs.

    And still no TC, but anyway just wanted to share that to any YAPper interested to get & maintain a YAP TC. The numbers are just about right but who knows maybe you are right, so try for 150 or even 200 you all.

  7. Mr. Quickie says:

    Oh my apologies to PC I did not mean to be rude. (TARA NA! anow pah heentay neenyoh?) means Let’s go, what are you waiting for?
    I just wanted to encourage others to join in the discussion to make this MORE interesting than it already is.

    What I found to be funny was that YAP was flooded with trolls and their questions a day after I posted my comment here. Maybe some MISUNDERSTOOD and flooded YAP with trolls! (Was that trying to show their might in YAP? Maybe another vote-off is coming? Let’s wait and see) hahahahahahaha

    Now that it was mentioned, they probably won’t do it but I’m sorry, I can’t help mentioning it! I find it tooooo funny! hahahahahaha

  8. Mr. Quickie says:

    The real cheaters are trying to make innocent yappers look like THEM.


    How did this happen? Who was behind this frame up? Will the REAL SLIM SHADY please come forward! hahahahahaha

    OR can anyone vouch to have voted for any of the 2 ladies? how many legitimate voters are there really in yap? woooohoooo

    Is the show of force of trolls asking questions at yap related to this vote-off? What SAY you!!!! hahahahahaha

    I am not a cat but my curiosity about this is KILLING me! … ang saya saya (we’re happy happy) hahahahahaha

    May i ask the highly esteemed prof dork to come up with a possible explanation to this occurrence?Professor! I need a formula here!

  9. Papa Chuck says:

    Geez that is one hell of a vote off, 136 votes in total. Maybe now the voting TROLLS will be laid to rest for a while. Allowing for maybe 30 legit voters, the other 106, I ASSUME, belong to 2 or 3 YAPPERS. I am impressed. What gets me is where do they get the time or the inclination to do all the asking, answering and voting AND still maintain their TC badges and that of their main troll accounts.

  10. Japs says:

    Pardon my ingnorance, but I have never heard of the term vote-off before-and even now I still am at a lost. But maybe that’s just another reason for any Yapper to see that MOST of the time-I am as CLUELESS as they are. Hence the need for an YAP OPEN FORUM such as this one, that is free from YA Violation Email Notices.

    It is just a pity that most of the visitors to this site, are really NOT open YET to POSTING their COMMENTS. Otherwise, if ALL visitors would just come out & participate, we can at least FIND OUT who’s who, who’s not who, what we really feel, what we want to see happen & what can we do to have a really SAFE & FUN YAP EXPERIENCE.

    I am pretty much aware that many of you are staying away from leaving a comment because you KNOW TOO MUCH & that sometimes THINGS CAN GET OUT OF HAND if we do start typing away. I respect that & I know in time, each & every visitor can start to feel SAFE enough to OPEN UP & tell everyone what they FEEL & what they KNOW.


  11. WELL says:

    MR.Q “The real cheaters are trying to make innocent yappers look like THEM”. This may not be an accurate assumption as I noticed one of the contenders to be an old ‘fan’ of mine. She was notorious then and still is now and is still probably a member of the old clique.
    JAPS it would be very hard for the rank and file to post a comment here due to fear of REPRISALS. Maybe it will be left to us to clean all the elephant droppings from this circus or playground (use whichever is more applicable).

  12. Professor Dork says:

    My dear Chancellor,

    The astounding figure is such that no equation can possibly encapsulate what looks like a galaxy of stars!

    Hahahahahahahahahaha, oops, *BLAG*ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  13. Mr. Quickie says:

    Oh my mistake! My spies might have been mistaken! I shall look into that matter and try to uncover the TRUTH! hahahahahahaha

  14. Japs says:

    To Well. Yes I agree that many Yappers are still hesitant to come out in open & say what they all wanted to say for a long time now. But then again they do have the option to open another Yahoo email account, open a 360 page & use that to start commenting over here-if they really wanted to & if they have something to say.

    To Prof D. What happened? Is there a doctor in the house?

    To Mr. Q. Look at what you’ve done to the Professor.

  15. Professor Dork says:


    What’s my take of a TC badge?

    It is undeniably a CROWNING GLORY for those who worked their way up to get it, the honesty of achieving it beyond question. That is a genuine TOP CONTRIBUTOR badge.

    But for those who aspire for it – fair or foul, by hook or by crook (that is, with the use of astronomical number of trolls)- the TC badge is their CROWN OF THORNS. In this case, the TC there should mean TROLL-CUMULATED badge.


    Professor Dork

  16. Japs says:

    Okay Professor.

    Notwithstanding if it is a TC-Top Contributor Badge or a TC-Troll Cummulated Badge still the criteria should be the same.

    So I took Papa Cs advise & I have managed to boost my points last week to 200 & maintained a high BA%, but still no TC.

    I’ll try once more if I can do another 200 this week. I know it’s harder now for I do not really YAP all that much, but I wll try & maybe we can see if 200 points a week is the magic number to get & maintain a TC.

  17. Japs says:

    I have actually regained my TC BADGE. woohoo.

    But anyway, the better success story is I might have figured out the math part of it.

    It took me exactly 200 points per week for two consecutive weeks & I maintained my
    BA% at 20%. And that did it.

    I mean the BA percentage can probably still go lower, as I have seen other TC holders with a smaller BA percentage than that. But 200 seems to be the magic number of total points from Monday to Sunday.

  18. Japs says:

    TC Badge Update:

    After regaining my badge with 200 points, I have maintained it for three weeks. And each week I know that I have only logged in a minimum of 100 points & a maximum of 150 per week. So those numbers can be enough to keep the TC BADGE.

    Let’s see what is the exact magic number.
    I currently have 102 points for this week.

  19. Japs says:

    TC BADGE UPDATE: 104 pts

    Additional to the comment above–I got a BA before that week ended & I answered a couple of qs so I think my total went up to close to 120 points.

    But this week, I still managed to hold on to my TC Badge even though I only managed to have 104 points at the end of the week–the smallest points total I had so far since getting that Badge. SO 104 Points is still GOOD. BA% is at about 21-22% but we know we can go a lot lower than that & still keep the badge.

    If anybody wants to know how I normally make my weekly 104 points.

    There is No Magic into it for here it is:

    I YAP on the average 4 to 5 days out of the week.
    About a total of about 30-45 minutes a day by visiting YAP multiple times in one day when I have free time.
    So maybe no more than 5-10 minutes each time.

    I answer normally about 4-5 questions a day
    (4 x 5days a week = 20 qs a week) = 40 points

    then if i have time I go vote for MY OWN answers.
    Say I vote for half of them +10 points = 50 points

    Then if I dont see a Q worth answering I go vote
    so say 1-3 qs a day depending if I ask Qs or not,
    so more if I want to offset the deducted 5 pts for asking a q.
    (so average 2 x 5day a week = 10 points) = 60 points

    Then as I have maintained my BA% by being selective
    in what qs to answer–I get about 20% BAs
    (so 20% of 20 questions is about 4 BAs = 40 points = 100 POINTS

    So there you go, I YAP in my free time & I get the needed points to keep the TC Badge.
    It isn’t as hard as one might think & it surely isn’t as time-consuming as others might also think.

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