YAP Date Anyone?

Posted: April 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

This blog was inspired by that lovely q by maej.

How about a date with a YAPper?

The link is: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=At0fsi_4kxf.oFALy_BBOCsS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080424051528AAV7J02

Here are the answers, so far: [Please answer the q & also please leave comments over here, thanks!]

Answers (12)

rhythm's Avatar by rhythm

A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.

not a bad idea. anyone interested. so we both look forward to it. in Y!A

    • A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
      I already had a date with the Yapper I like for the wits displayed. We had a good dinner at Gerry’s Grill =)
        Papa Chuck's Avatar by Papa Chuck

        Papa Chuck and Rode|ette ۩

        No particular reason and no particular place. Maybe a candle lit dinner at the Coconut Palace

        Perhaps punyguy could act as our chaperone and learn a few things along the way.

        Rode|ette ۩'s Avatar by Rode|ette ۩

      A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
    i’m sorry to say this papa chuck, but me and punny guy are already dating.
    maybe, you can be my chaperone, strict ang parents ko eh. i hope it’s okay, you’re YAP’s papa, remember?
    Well, I’m kinda interested with you and Felicity. haha
    Maybe I’ll take you or Felicity to Trinoma, watch Forbidden Kingdom, Doomsday, or Iron Man and after that we shall have our dinner at Sbarro coz I like Italian food. We can also have some coffee moments at Starbuck’s while enjoying Trinoma’s beautifully-designed landscapes. 🙂
    Without hesitation, I’d choose the asker to be my date, though I realize the age gap that exists between us, in which case I’ll have her choose between me, who have a vast storage of viagra kept handy, or my retarded son Gary who I have kept in chains lately for trying to molest our neighbor’s pet rabbit.
    Damn wabbit!
    Edit: Yes, dear, he’s my son. My sonabagan!
    alan's Avatar by alan
    thats interesting.
    i will choose you coz’ you’re the only one i know in yap.
    even if i know some i’ll still choose you.
    where? a dinner, ..then anywhere you want.

        so many are choosing u, so i choose u too. 🙂 Herd instinct, u know. Where to? I’ll let u decide.

        After u, I’d also like a date w/ that Chinese doll who calls herself Xia Zi. Date in China, of course.

        And maybe mr. rabbitto who also calls himself Yippie. A date under Penang bridge.

      I don’t care whoever… but it would be my great pleasure if I could have a date with Jan-na…
      • A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
      • Way to go, Marcelino Angelo!
        You just hit the button,darling!
        I’m a sucker for Movies, Italian foods and Frappuccino..

        So maej, we better start tossing a coin to know who’s going with him for a date. lol

    Of course it will be quite normal to take a Yapper, any Yapper, even almost all Yappers to a date- with months, even years for some of exchanging thoughts, emotions & feelings. And it would just be lovely if somebody can plan a YAP party.

    Anyway I think I will link this Q to my YAP Blog as we can take it farther over there.

    Who would I choose-it’s a long list & the Yappers already participating in this Q&A will definitely be on that list plus many more.

    Where? group brunch or afternoon snack by the bay overlooking the early sun or the sunset & then a stroll to anyplace nearby. For guys (plural) maybe tickets to a game or a show.

    I’d love to have a group date with the yappers intellectuals. You know who you all are. Name the place!

      1. maej says:

        thank you japs…

        you are so right… it was deleted but i already made an appeal… so, let’s just wait and see!

        as for the dates… lets get more people to come here and post a comment on this blog…

        am going to reveal who’s my choice…. heheheheeh.. depende po!

      2. Papa Chuck says:

        Maej I do hope your appeal is successful. I took this question and the answers to be the same as the fun we used to have on YAP.
        Japs I am glad your had the foresight to save both the question and the answers.
        I received two emails from my prospective date basically accusing me of reporting this question WHICH I DIDNT. I think her problem stems from the fact that she has virtually driven a Yapper away from YAP with all her unbased and ‘bias free’ accusations and no longer has a scapegoat to accuse. Looks like I am going to fill that void.
        I still don’t know how she can possibly know who is reporting who but she does swear by her decisions and unfortunately she won’t share her knowledge. Am I pi**ed off with her accusation–yes I am.

      3. Japs says:

        Yes maej I hope something positive comes out of your appeal. Just let us know when you are closing this question and when are you going to reveal your choice. Or if you would just let it go on & on & on & on, so we can make this a dating service. LOL

        To Papa Chuck, yes that was the reason why I cut & pasted it here, for I know that there could be a Paparazzi that would see the scoop & report-report-report. And regarding your proposed date, she is probably just letting you know that she is not interested. There are many other flowers in the YAP Garden.

        And as the designated referee on this issue, prrrrrrt. Foul offensive player. Prrrrrt. Technical foul on defensive player. So it’s a tie & let’s play ball. But remember, we are all in the same team here, Team YAP. Peace!

      4. maej says:

        I have been waiting for the appeal result but no advice from YA yet. Anyway, I’d just let it go on and on and on… there’s excitement in mystery di ba? lol

        btw, am taking a break from answers and from your blog…

        am going somewhere to unwind and break free from YAP and everything that goes with it… but I’ll be back!

        I’d be missing you all!

        PC…. peace!

        ty again japs

      5. Japs says:

        Okay mysterious maej. LOL

        And it’s okay to take a YAP break! Go & enjoy the summer break. I took a one month break for Christmas 2007. And be assured that you will be missed-especially by certain people who would want to have a date with you.

        And you are most welcome maej. Hurry back.

      6. Japs says:

        To maej, I know that you are away on a YAP leave. But as you wouldn’t want to reveal your YAP date yet? What do you think of a YAP Group Date? And to all YAPPERs what do you think?

        And what do you think of a YAP REUNION? Tell me what you think or maybe I will just start a YAP Reunion Blog Post.

      7. maej says:

        my yap date would be you japs, who else?

        yap reunion would be fun…

      8. Japs says:

        to maej, it will be my honor. but parang lutong macao naman yata.
        dibale, ihahanap kita ng Yapper na gusto kang makablind date.

        So calling all available male YAPpers out there.
        Send me a message & I will select who going to be maej’s
        blind date.

        Or better yet, let us make it a double, triple or more dates.
        So who wants in? Please come out in the open & comment over here.

        And I agree, so who wants to organize a YAP PARTY for 2008?
        Put your comments at this link:


      9. maej says:

        of course not, i mean it…

        anyway, am not looking for a date…

        it’s gonna be you or no one..


      10. Japs says:

        To maej,

        Sure I gladly accept, even though I am about double your age &
        maybe something like at the other side of the globe.


      11. maej says:

        ok, JAps, it’s a deal…

        see you!

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