Is YAP Getting Exciting Again?

Posted: April 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

I just heard from the grapevine that YAP is getting exciting again.

What with the revelations & the unmaskings & the assumptions & the corrections & of course the violations.

What do you think?

And what’s with the Well Qs again:;_ylt=AmNnU5FsR364obixy7bm_OgS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080421154812AAfyjfE

And I do not know about you but there was a Q regarding Well’s Real Identity. I guess it was reported & deleted. But I did manage to read one interesting response. What do you think about that? Or did you miss that Q&A?

EDIT: After reading Professor D’s second comment, I checked the link above & it has been deleted. And so that’s that.

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    what was the question and which were the interesting responses?

  2. Professor Dork says:

    My question went something like this(it was deleted): Now that MQ=SG has been resolved, who really is WELL?

    Japs “did manage to read one interesting response” and not as PC asks “interesting responses.”


    Professor Dork

  3. Japs says:

    PC it was the Professor’s Q I was referring to.

    And yes I was among the few who managed to read that one “interesting” response. I do hope the person who gave that answer can shed light on his revelation by coming over here & elaborating. Regarding the person that was alluded to I also hope that he will put in his comment as well.

    To Professor D-what reason did YA give to have that q deleted?

  4. Professor Dork says:

    Dear Japs:

    That question was indeed deleted, and i didn’t care to know why because to appeal would be an exercise in futility. And besides, I’m not after a TC badge here but only to have fun…unmasking trolls here and there. I get the kicks out of doing it.

    And so, we come to the latest question by Buwisit: “Am I Well?” There, if you managed to read his answerers, I did answer within the limit as prescribed by the Community Guidelines. And if you also saw my latest edited answer I made as of 4 a.m, April 24, I said that the asker, BUWISIT, is really PANDA (AKA VANDAL). Make that an equation: B=P. I think I HIT him between the eyes because when I turned on my computer tonight, Buwisit’s question evaporated into the ether. If you will look at his latest questions lately, common sense will tell us that he does so to gauge the reactions from regular YAPpers in the aftermath of that revelation.

    Now what were the tell-tale signs that betrayed Buwisit? By deduction. It is Panda’s mannerisms that when he asked questions before, he would usually say when the answers were not to his liking: “Hayyy..zzzzzzzzzzz.” Buwisit’s Well question did him in because he said in his add detail, “Try to be funny so I won’t fall asleep reading your answers halfway down the paragraph,” words to that effect. And if you also saw, I think, the 3rd answerer in his question, he said, again words to this effect: “You need a lot of panda power.” which was conspicuously thumbed down. ERGO: Buwisit is Panda! Because he was caught unawares that I could hit him BULLS-EYE!


    Professor Dork

  5. Gary says:

    Papooh, what are you doing? you should be in bed. now, c’mon enough of your postulates and hypotheses. you’ve already written symbols all over the inside of the house far enough, including my face.

    my friend japs, if you’ll excuse my papooh. good night!


  6. Japs says:

    Cheers to the Professor & to the Cat who’s back!!! Welcome back Gary. Now who are we still missing?

    Anyway I see that there is another equation revelation. And so again I call on the parties alluded to, to please comment as many Yapper’s are now getting on the YAPbiz revelation craze. 3,159 hits & counting.

    Cheers! Gary there is no need to apologize, we are all friends in here, & I assure everyone that there will be NO deletions to any comment, except by special request & by special circumstance, such as cursing & bashing.

    And as this is an OPEN YAP FORUM, all are welcome. Enjoy!

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