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Posted: April 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I asked this Q in YAP not knowing that the answers are going to be questions for me. LOL

And of course I wanted to answer the questions in there, but doing so I might offend someone who might just report me for chatting. Anyway I will try to reply over here.

The link to the q is: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080417130035AAITRDh&r=w

The q was: Did you know that Yappers can estimate your age by the games you played as a toddler/child?

And the answers so far are:

No it is not possible to estimate anyone age by the games they are playing.

There is nothing here to really work with but I will say that he was born sometime during the Vietnam War. Just a guess.

agua ♥ dulce's Avatar by agua ♥ dulce

For outdoor games, my favorites were bahay-bahayan, piko and taguan. So how old am I, dear Japs?

This is a little tricky for there might be a longer range but my guess is that you were born in the 1970s, & maybe in the early 1970s.

i liked playing doctor. i was always the nurse, whose temperature was always taken. guess?
Again there might be a large range but I am guessing that you were born in the mid 1980s to the early 1990s. If you are just kidding, then you are a lot older.

Sophie79's Avatar by Sophie79 Patintero, tumbang preso and “shato”. 😉

Could be the same as agua dulce, somewhere in the 1970s?

Mine should be easy enough. Cowboys and Indians. Age?
Hmmm, after WWII, 1950s?

I played Chinese garter.

Late 1960s?

  • super mario brothers he he (joke lang!) 1980s 😉

    chinese garter patintero luksong tinik luksong baka
    luksong-lubid piko taguan-pung bahay-bahayan
    tinda-tindahanan paper dolls hoola hoops etc… etc…

    Same as Batman’s queen? 1960s, early 1970s?

  • taguan, patintero, banggol, bicycle riding


  • halo, spiderman, superman, ex-men, jade empire, etc. in xbox. hehe…
  • Late 1980s to 1990s.

  • Patintero!

    http://www.seasite.niu.edu./Tagalog/Fili… (click on “patintero” – left side)

    • I am guessing in the 1960s too.

    Juan C's Avatar by Juan C

  • my favorite games…

    inside the house: PlayStation Lego Robots Toy Cars and boats Holen Yo-yo

    outdoor games: Hide and Seek Patintero Langit, Lupa’t Impierno

  • How old am I?
  • 1990s or could be late 1980s.

  • As a toddler-Toy cars. As a child-Table tennis,indoor/outdoor.I still play table tennis. How old am I?
  • Born in the 1960s, maybe even late 1950s?

  • taguan. [hide.n.seek] lutu-lutuan. bhay-bhayan. paperdolls.
    patintero. sili.sili.water
    pitik.bulag siliman
    maro. piko.
    luksong tinik. luksong babuy.
    chinese garter. jumping rope.
    hulahoop. tumbang preso.
    jack’en poy. jack stone.
    langit’lupa. tag-tagan.

    kakamiss XD

  • 1960s?

    1. Papa Chuck says:

      Congratulations, spot on 1950

    2. maej says:

      I played with teddy bear Japs… walking dolls…very frminine!

    3. Japs says:

      To maej, I typed a comment earlier but for some reason it did not post.

      Anyway this is a bit hard as those toys have been around for sometime. But I believe they started to be mainstream in the 1950s. In the Philippines that would be in the 1960s? Is that the right decade?

    4. Japs says:

      To Papa Chuck, thanks, but that was a lucky guess, for I only know of one Filipino that had played cowboys & indians as a young kid.

    5. maej says:

      gee… japs.. my mom was born in the early fifties and she did not marry until she’s 28…
      wow, ang tanda ko na pala? ahahahahahahhahahhaahhahahahhaahahahhaaaa….lol (rolling on the floor)
      do i really sound like one?… lol (again)
      sorry, can’t help it… as you said, those toys have been around for sometime… so it’s kinda hard for you…
      btw, my age i on my profile, have you not seen it?
      tnx anyway…
      take care!

    6. Japs says:

      To maej, I’m so sorry for making you 30ish to 40ish. I first gave a more detailed reply but it did not post, so I guess this one sounded bad.

      As I have said those toys have been around for sometime. If you can add one more game/toy then I could probably give a more accurate guess-timate, LOL. & no I did not check your profile so as not to skew the guessing process.

      Do you ‘sound’ in your 30s or 40s? You might, but you can very well be in your 20s as well.

    7. maej says:

      oh, neber mind. am on mid-twenties, 24 going on 25 this july, there!
      what’s with age anyway?
      thanks anyway!

      hApPy SUNDAY! =)

    8. Japs says:

      I got one more answer from Rodelette. The answer was,

      every game from the list of the answerers above me.
      how old i am now?

      Medyo mahirap yan kasi parang si maej na 20s to 40s ulit yan. So i’ll make it in the middle, 1970s?

    9. maej says:

      nah japs…
      rod is almost my age…=)


    10. Japs says:

      Okay maej & rodelette, early to mid 80s?

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