YAP For the Week

Posted: April 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

YAP For the Week

YAP Retirement, YAP Burn-out, Missing the Old YAP.

Are these the Signs of the YAP Times?

I mean, the cat is going away & I hope he will reconsider & come back again.


And there was even a question to YAP’s survival.


And there is this one about somebody that is missing the Good Old Days of YAP.


And I know that there have been a lot of regular Yappers that are into a YAP burn-out or something like that & those that are saying that they are not liking what’s happening in YAP nowadays.

But as a Yapper, what do you think?

Those that have been emailing me with those same sentiments I have tried to send messages of encouragement & hope to, I just do not know if it was any help or not.

Well I do hope to see you all in YAP, guys & gals. I myself haven’t really been Yapping all that much this past couple of weeks. But I know that Filipinos are among the most resilient & flexible people in the world, so I know that YAP & many if not all Yappers will survive. Talking about all your YAP related Issues/problems can be therapeutic & can help make all Yappers see eye-to-eye, so why not post messages over here & let us all talk about it.

Never say die!

  1. Japs says:

    I just noticed that I lost my YAP TC Badge.
    And it only means one thing & that I haven’t been Yapping as much as I was.

    To Yappers who have sent me mail & have yet to received a reply, I apologize for the delay & I will try to do so in the next few days. And to those whose comments over here I have yet respond to, I will also do so as soon as I can.

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    re:Yap burnout.
    I think that the main cause of this is:
    The Trolling (multiple accounts)
    The Cheating
    The Point Gaming
    Dubious Voting
    The Excessive Violations
    The quality (or lack of) of the Questions and Answers.

    It wasn’t that long ago that unless an answer or question was insulting, rude or racist or maybe in the wrong language format that they weren’t reported. Everybody was having fun but now it’s open slather on even the slightest error or mistake.
    Some blame the vios on YAHOO filters picking the violation but that is not correct. The filters only pick up silly things like forgetting to put a ? mark after a question or foul language. So 90% of violations are by “human intervention” not ‘machine intervention’

  3. Japs says:

    WOW 2,093 visits in just 2 months. I just hope ALL those who visit this page can put in their comments too & not just be silent participants/spectators.

    Papa Chuck have given us some very interesting points. And maybe it is high time to talk about all of these in the open.

    I have a few things to say but not that much time to say it. But at this time I would like to say something on Voting. For I remember that there was a time when Yappers do not vote all that much or even vote at all. For answers given up for voters generally had ZERO votes or 1, 2 or maybe at a high of 3 votes. But lately I have seen a surge in votes as in 9 – 13 – 23 or even higher votes. Are all Yappers turning to voting now?

    I want to know what are your views on this. What are your voting habits? Anyway I’ll comment on all the other points when I come back.

  4. Japs says:

    Funny it’s now 2,193 visits or 100 hits after that last comment. But this site only took in two comments & both from the same person.

    What’s up Yapper-visitors, please comment so that we can have an open dialogue. All I can say is that I will try to mediate but in essence it is a free for all over here, just as long as we are respectful of everybody else’s opinions.

    Anyway regarding YAP burnout, I know that there are many regular Yappers that are suffering some form of it, I think I do too & that is why we need something like this forum to vent out or let off steam.

    Anyway I always hear about the problems/issues of trolling but I might just have to open up another blog posting on it as there are just so many aspects to it. And of course even YA say that just having multiple accounts is not trolling perse, they say it is how you use them to violate YA guidelines that make it trolling.

  5. Papa Chuck says:

    You may find that some of the visitors may be the the TROLL MASTERS/MISTRESSES keeping a check on the progress of information disclpsure

  6. tranquil says:

    Agree with Papa Chuck’s reasons.

    Sometimes questions are asked by some participants who own multiple accounts and select selves as the best answers.

    So I simply became dormant.

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