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A List of Yappers To Avoid & To Take Off Our Fan List

Do you think that a comprehensive if not a consolated list of Yappers that can be found on many Yapper’s Blocklist is a good idea?

I myself do not have somebody on my blocklist. But I am interested in seeing who are those that are in many Yapper’s blocklist & why.

So if any Yapper out there have been harrassed or stalked or sent trash email by anybody, this is your chance to tell us, so that we can be informed.

Anybody want to start to share their block list in here & tell us why these people are in it?

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    I will tell you of one that I had on my blocklist but have now removed the block.
    When I first started on YAP I was a naive ‘foreigner’worried that I would not be accepted etc. Anyway after a slow start I noticed one ‘yapper’ seemed to attack 2 or 3 others, what made my blood boil was that this ‘foreigner’ was attacking two Filipina’s and using their English for an attack. I thought this to be totally wrong and unacceptable so I jumped in and retaliated.
    If you have access to any of the old questions and answers Of WELL you can see what I mean.
    WELL was an intelligent man who seemed to have the nack os saying things that seemed to cause confrontation. He had many things to say but never showed any proof. As I said earlier I was naive and even though the things he was saying about various Yappers were there in front of me I could not would not see. I constantly attacked him (I also gave him TU WHEN IN MY OPINION, HE DESERVED IT). WELL had blocked me so I returned the favour and blocked him.
    Sometime after he was reported and deleted I slowly picked up bits of information that shocked/amazed me. Nearly everything WELL had to say was true, if only I knew then what I know now. Good YAPPERS are still being duped by the same MASTERS/MISTRESSES.
    I think WELL HAS MADE HIS SECOND COMING so I requested a truce with him and we have now unblocked each other. I will support him as long as he doesn’t unfairly attack a Yapper and have told him that.
    It is very unfair to see some YAPPERS ATTACKING HIM EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE NOT HERE WHEN HE FIRST APPEARED. I have not seen anything come from him that can be misconstrued as an attack yet he is attacked.
    The remainder of my block list consists of 95% trolls and clones plus no more than 10 that have been caught cheating——geez just realised that also is unfair “blocking some for cheating while letting other bigger cheats off scott free”ill have to unblock these guys.

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    Just to add a bit more. During WELL’S first time HERE he was constantly accused of having countless number of TROLLS. I,like a fool, believed these baseless accusations until I found out that the same people accusing him of being a Troll MAster were actually the ones with the ARMY OF TROLLS under their command.

  3. Japs says:

    As I have mentioned in an earlier blog that I also found myself unknowingly annoyed at a Yapper who called himself Well & without really knowing or understanding all the reasons why.

    And as I have said it was so easy to be led as a YAP newbie. And of course I still stand by my earlier comment that some of the attacks on him were also provoked & at times called for. But now it is not hard to see that there was a concerted effort to take him out of YAP. If the new Well that we have now is the same Well that we are talking about, I hope he can come here & share some of his thoughts himself.

  4. debbie says:

    no, i’ve never experienced some stalking on the net so i dont’ have a blocked list

  5. maej says:

    I blocked somebody who blocked me, if you remeber my question about it.

    I am barrio lass by the way.

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