What’s New In YAP For This Week & A YAP POLL & An Apology

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

This is a New’s Flash For This Week & A YAP POLL For All Yappers & An Apology

I have noticed both new Yappers & a few returning Yappers who haven’t been back for some time and so to them I say WELCOME & glad to see you back.

And again there have been a handful of Yappers who are asking a series of qs at a time & I personally see that as good-although sometimes I find it hard to select which q to answer.

And because it was the Holy Week, we saw a lot of Lenten flavor qs & that just shows how religious & spiritual Filipinos are. And I have seen qs & answers that talk about asking for forgiveness & forgiving others, including forgiving fellow yappers.

But other than that we still have normal qs about travelling to the PI, Pinoy food recipes, directions to someplace, passport/visa/peso qs, tagalog translations & just about anything else.

And of course we still are getting questions & answers from a seemingly harmless female yapper who is harping herself as a person selling her wares “nagbebenta ng aliw” at the same time talking trash about & belittling Pinoys & Pinays while insisting that “she” is NOT Filipino-which I highly doubt.

And so to that I say why doesn’t she post a real picture of her as “her” avatar? Now that would be advertising & also will give some sort of credence to her story? What do you think?

And as we are in this topic, I would like to ask this YAP Survey/Poll Question.

What Do you think about the idea of an Online Resource Page which shows a List of Yappers -people who use YA Philippines & a short narrative about each Yapper?

Please tell me what you think of this idea & if you think something like this would be helpful for both new & old yappers, especially visitors to YAP.

And if you think it would be of help at least to visitors to YAP who ask valid Philippine-related travelling qs & would like to find out a little background on the people answering their qs so they can at least have a way to find out if they are getting a more reliable answer or not.

For if many of you say it’s a good idea, I will start a blog where all Yappers can post a short narrative of themselves for all yappers to see in an easy to find & a single web link. Or I can receive emailed narratives & I would just format it to be seen in a single blog page.

And again to all Yappers visiting this site, I hope you can leave a line or two, for I see that we are now up to 1,200 hits in a period of just over a month. I & a few yappers who had sent me mail recently are just wondering who are these yappers?

And for a second time I am sending out a public apology to a regular Yapper who I have offended unknowingly for a reply I gave to one of her messages for me. I apologize & I hope you have learned to forgive me especially because of this season of Lent. Peace!

And again thanks to all those who visit this page & happy yapping.

Mabuhay Philippines!

  1. Japs says:

    Regarding A YAP List, I posted this blog & the link is as follows:


  2. Anne says:

    Very well said Japs!

    Let us bury the hatchet. Let bygones be bygones!

    I wish you more love…


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