What’s New In YAP For This Week–Welcome Back Old & New Yappers

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

New’s Flash For This Week

The Panda Man, The Smiling/Winking Penguin & a host of Wells are back on YAP.

You wouldn’t miss them for Vandal & Migs ran off a series of Qs that are hard NOT to notice.

And not to be undone, the Wells are back, Q & Aing. And there are as always new Yappers every week & I say welcome to all of them, especially to those that get hooked & stayed on as regulars.

What else? The Manny Pacquiao questions are back. Well what do you expect he’s the man of the hour.

And for a short while not a few Yappers were surprised to see that there was a little name-switcheroo that went on between two Yappers & I think I wasn’t the only one who noticed it for there was a q about it & several replies. Anyway the names are back to normal now so no worries.

The feud from the previous week seemed to have died down & I wonder what happened to both parties? Magparamdam naman kayo!

And of course there will always be a question or two regarding Stargate. Will somebody just tell them to please open a YA Account so that they can clear their side of the story.

And speaking of their side of the story, YAP stalkers & paparazzis may have been busy with their final exams or they may have went on their summer breaks to places where the nearest internet access is in the next town or barrio.

For until now, there is no word from any of them on why they stalk Yappers.

And that brings me to somebody who sent me an email asking how many Yappers have been emailing me regarding YAP & this YAP Blog as maybe because it may look like there are a lot of visitors on this page but not a whole lot of comments.

My response to that is that for sure there are over a thousand visits on this blog page since it started only a few weeks ago & I am sure that close to 99% of them do not leave a comment. And that probably is just a reflection of the Filipino nature of passivity & just plain being usisero at usisera-but content on being on the background but craving to know what’s the real score; being non-confrontational & not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings & not getting or wanting to be involved para hindi maresbakan. Peace-loving & may pagka-martir pero nasa loob ang kulo

But my mailbox still has a number of unread mails, & because of this query I tried looking through my mails one by one, to see how many Yappers have really sent me a message so far, & so far I have counted 30 different people, 10 male Yappers & 20 females.

And my apologies to one Yapper who sent me a message over two weeks ago I believe & I wouldn’t have read her message if not for that query. But again I apologize for that & in case you are one of those Yappers who have sent me a message & have not received a reply, I am still reading through all the messages, so be assured that I will send you a reply when I get to them.

Thanks to all those who visit this page & happy yapping. Magparamdam rin sana kayo, leave a comment!

Mabuhay Philippines!

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    You mention WELL I am not 100% convinced that it is the real WELL. His questions and answers don’t seem to have the WELL sting to them. Unless he is being cautious to minimise the violations. Anyway I have this nagging doubt.
    Filamusa is definately not the real one. This one is a definite TROLL.

    Regarding the name change I think I know the real reason behind it but I require a little bit more research before I can say any more.
    Anyway I hope you all have a Happy Easter.

  2. Japs says:

    Yes abc there are at least two Wells & they seem to know each other. Filamusa, I haven’t really gotten to know him yet to know if he’s real. But the new batch of Wells are more like the old Wells that we had during Well’s time. But you are right, they are most probably not the real Well. The name change, we need to hear from both parties involved because I think it was “cool”. And I hope I can get an email from the real Well one of these days & get his side why he has not resurfaced yet.

  3. Papa Chuck says:

    Regarding the name change and for those involved. This is what YAHOO has to say:

    Can I ask and answer questions as someone other than myself?
    You are welcome to use a nickname to participate at Yahoo!7 Answers, as long as the name abides by the rules. Impersonation and misrepresentation are not allowed.

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