What’s New For YAP For This Week–FEUD & PUBLIC APOLOGY

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

New’s Flash For This Week

Apparently YAP is ablaze with an open online feud between two Yappers. I will not name their names for if you have ever been to YAP these past few days, you would know who I am referring to.

And this out-in-the-open feud is quite interesting for YAP old-timers and YAP newbies are all noticing it, oh well as many YAPPERs for this week have stated, Filipinos are so dramatic. Well yes and no, right? But that to me is all okay, just as long as each & every YAPPER are having clean wholesome fun.

And that brings me to some news on my end-I am still receiving a few messages from regular Yappers who are asking me what’s the real score on YAP, and of course as I have always maintained that most days I am as clueless as the next person-that is why I opened up this forum for a FREE EXCHANGE OF IDEAS FROM ALL YAPPERS.

But what has saddened me is hearing from many Top Guns or USA Mainboard YAP Leaders that I had insinuated that those in the Leaderboards are cheaters-and I have cleared this all up in a comment that I have posted in one of the blog postings in here. (see my comment on this link: http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-9lkz00A7erbvyQHYxA–?cq=1&p=18)

But just to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, I HAVE NEVER INSINUATED & I HAVE NEVER TRIED TO INSINUATE THAT THOSE IN THE YAP LEADER BOARD HAVE CHEATED. And I will never do that. In fact, I have always maintained a great respect and admiration for all those in the Leader Board.

And as I have said, to all those that have felt that they were alluded to as those who were doing things that aren’t acceptable in terms of the YA Guidelines, I AM DEEPLY APOLOGIZING to ALL you fellow Yappers.

I hope that you will accept this public apology & I wish that all of you will participate in these discussions for many regular Yappers and YAP newbies will greatly benefit if you will only share some of your insights, experience, your YAP tips, your DOs & DON’Ts & many of the information that you have gathered to us all.

I know that I am a dreamer & that all this willingness to have a change for the better in YAP is mostly wishful thinking. But I have always been a positive thinker & a doer. And I know that inherently Filipinos are very friendly, sensitive, sensible and clean-fun loving people. And that goes the same way for a vast majority of YAPPERS, most of them just want to go to a fun & safeYAP. And if I will have to endure criticisms, assumptions, misinterpretations & be on somebody’s blocklist, & even if a few Yappers would rather have nothing to do with me or be associated with me, so be it.

I just know that if those good men & women of YAP will do nothing, then evil will prevail.

God bless us all.

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    Japs just like you I too will not insinuate such a thing.
    Out of the 10 both Doyin and Bopols are inactive so that leaves 8.
    Out of the 8 there are 4 definite cheaters.

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