Time To Let The Cat Out of The Bag

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

In as much as the Philippines is having all this brouhaha over who’s telling the truth & who’s not, I see that in YA Philippines, we should do the same thing.

And because we all want others to spill the beans so to speak, so the truth may come out, maybe it’s high time that all Yappers let the cat out of our own bags too.

Okay, I have always wanted to ask this within YAP but I know it will probably last no more than a couple of hours before it is taken out.

And now that we have somewhere else to ask intriguing YAP Qs, I will proceed.

The Qs are as follows:

As a Regular YAPPER, Will You Share Your List For The Following:

1. Yappers that are your friends prior to joining YAP

2. Yappers you have met face-to-face since joining YAP.

3. Yappers that became your friends & communicate with in a more or less regular basis after joining YAP.

4. Yappers that became your acquiantance or Yappers that you exchange messages with after joining YAP.

5. Yappers that you have grown to admire for one reason or another & why.

6. Yappers that you have grown to loathe & why.

7. Yappers that you know for sure have done you wrong & what they have done to you. (And maybe want to let other Yappers be wary of).

I know for some it might a short list, even a blank list for most, but I also undestand that for a few seasoned Yappers theirs would be a long list if not a detailed list.

And I am pretty sure that if only they would share this list, everyone will be able to get a glimpse at what’s what or who’s who in YAP — as in who are those we can trust & who are those that we should just IGNORE. As this has been a prevailing question that I have been receiving from the silent YAP majority.

And also to those that have been following these forum for a while, we have gotten really great advise on HOW TO DEAL WITH CERTAIN YAPPERs, and that is to IGNORE, IGNORE & IGNORE ALL their questions & responses.

BUT still the Question is WHO are we to IGNORE?

ADDED: If you wish to add a list of all the names you have used in YAP, you can add that in too, I have previously asked that Q in YAP & of course, it was reported & deleted.

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