YAP A Circus???

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Somebody started an innocent question, stating that YAP is a circus. And it has a bus load of answers.

But then somebody asked a not so innocent follow-up question, but I saw that there was only one answerer who was brave enough to say something.

The question was:

If YAP is a circus as previously stated, how many ringmasters do you think there are? And what do you base your assumption on
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
F 6
G More than
No names please.

And here is my response, before somebody reports it.

I understand that this is a touchy subject & that normal Yappers may be slightly afraid to give their 2 cents worth, but here is mine.

Judging from the fact that most YAPPERs are Filipinos, I would say there are many ringmasters, so 1,2 or 3 should be too small a number.

But to guess a number beyond that would just be a guess.

And so my guess is maybe letter G, more than 6.

I may need to explain this guess & so here goes.

I have been so naive about all this circus stuff & that it took me a long while before I even understand that there are ringmasters. And even today, I can say that there is still a lot that I am just beginning to understand & pieces of the YAP puzzle that I am just beginning to put into place.

I for one, have been regarded as an outsider ever since I started over here. Some people tell me that they think I am a troll or a ringmaster myself. But I do not blame them, its probably just human nature.

I was a newbie when everybody was ganging up on a person named Well, & that, up until recently, I did not really fully understand. Well, he did have a big mouth sometimes. But unknowingly I also did found myself annoyed at this Well person, without really knowing all the reasons why, so as a YAP newbie I was being led myself.

And that to me is where I am basing my assumption, that there is a tightly group of Yappers that gang up on anybody who has a loud mouth & that talks too much, & help create certain perceptions to be real.

And so now I understand why, look at how long this answer is, & I would probably be taking a whipping.

But after having said all this, I understand that no one can change the minds & the perceptions of anyone else, & so because I am being targeted already I gather that I have nothing to lose. And so I decided to open up a YAP Forum in my 360 Blog & I will just put the rest of my answer in there, because I know, I talk too much.

And now I posted this question over here, so YAPPERs can post their answer without fear.

By the way, Well did give out a lot of nasty responses & that he is partly to blame on all the backlash that he got & most he do deserve. But creating a certain perception about somebody in YAP need a great deal of concerted effort from a tightly group of individuals & this to me is what ringleaders do. And then all the unsuspecting spectators are led into the act & have the same perception themselves.

And of course I do get a lot of messages from Yappers who say that they heard other Yappers say that I am a troll myself. Thus spreading a perception about me. But what I can say to all that is “hey, I am here, they can ask me, or they can message me anytime”.

Anyway, I also invite the real Well to come out & come over here & post his comments, I know he has a lot to say about this issue. And as always stalkers are always welcome.

The link to the Q is as follows: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhqlnZ8tzdSLYI.R.nzICFkS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080226230948AATFITW

  1. Japs says:

    I just came from the Q link above & I saw this answer from a YAP Top Gun & do not get me wrong I salute All The YAP Top Guns. I even made a Blog on them.

    And the answer gives some great insight into the issues besetting YAP, meaning “trolling”.

    But to me, the thing about being “ringleaders” have more to do with making YAP their own personal playground.

    Like why would ALL my questions be reported, & of course ALL for chatting. Like, really who is orchestrating all these?

    And who has been spreading ALL this news that I am a troll. Why would people do that, when I do not even know anybody in YAP & no YAPPER knows me personally. Are all these supposed to be based on assumptions & perceptions & If I can say it, ring-leading?

    Although what I do love about the comment was how YAP was referred to as “a playground where anyone and everyone can play – out in the open!!!!!”

    And I am all for that, where everybody can play in safety, without being bullied or maligned. And that is why I have this Forum in the first place, so that everything should be OUT IN THE OPEN!

  2. Papa Chuck says:

    Japs, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only one who has suggested that you MIGHT BE A TROLL. This was made to me with no malicious reason except to be wary. A lot of the regular Yappers (not all) are wary of new comers.Why you say. The pages of YAP, of late, have been flooded with new accounts.
    The first question to come to mind is are these genuine new Yappers or are they hibernating Trolls that have been resurected as a show of force. Check some out for yourself, you will find many that were started over 3 months ago and haven’t answered a question for 2 months but have over 250 points (these are mainly voting trolls) the same with others that have asked a lot of questions, check out their BA’s. There are also the regular TROLLS that are amongst us on YAP and you would be surprised on how many of them hold Top Contributor Badges (there are from memory, at least 5)
    When I first started on YAP I too thought that it was a great playground with the occassional visit from the local bully. As time went by I noticed more and more of the things that were going on and at first I did not want to believe what was in front of me. I could see it but I closed both my eyes and my mind until it went away.
    You mention in one of your blogs about WELL and how he was to blame for his treatment. I was one of those who fought with him because I didn’t want to believe what he was saying. WELL was an intelligent man whose main problem was that he had a knack (whether intentional or accidental) of saying things that rubbed people the wrong way.
    His words have come back to haunt me now, “we would all be surprised on who the TROLLMASTERS are when the truth comes out” Not his exact words but close enough.
    I wish YAP could return to a level playground where we all can YAP in peace and fun. Where everyone has a fair chance of gaining a TC and an even chance of getting a spot on the Leaderboard. Neither of these really interest me, I am just dreaming of everyone having that equal chance.

  3. Japs says:

    To abc-It should be common knowledge by now that there are a lot of different types of trolls in YA & also in YA Philippines. But personally I do not have anything against trolls, even voting trolls.

    But what I do want TO BE OUT IN THE OPEN is for people to know that there are persons out there that are out to STALK unsuspecting Yappers. And that there are people out there that report all their Q & As, which is funny & ridiculous but it does happen.

    And that there are also certain people whose sole intent is to run certain people OUT OF YAP. And it is these types that I want the average Yappers to be aware about.

    And I share your wish that YAP can return to a level playground where all can YAP in peace and clean fun, where everybody can play in safety, without being bullied or maligned.

    And again I say that this Forum was opened so as to be used for that end.

  4. Papa Chuck says:

    “To abc-It should be common knowledge by now that there are a lot of different types of trolls in YA & also in YA Philippines. But personally I do not have anything against trolls, even voting trolls.”
    Sorry if I don’t share this sentiment with you. Why, let’s say that it makes the playground very uneven. Why should the older YAPPERS be allowed to cheat their way to getting a TC or even a position in the Leaderboard (NO I AM NOT SAYING ALL). This is grossly unfair to any newbie who doesnt know how to cheat his/her way up the ladder.
    If you have 20 “troll” accounts you can vote the dumbest answer (yours or your friends) to a BA. You can give yourself 20 Best Answers, You can irritate any number of people with excessive TD’s or you can report and have deleted many answers and questions that don’t suit your ‘taste’
    Are you telling me that this is what you want to support?
    The only trolls in YAP that I have time for are the ones like Peste or Palimos po
    these guys did no-one any harm and actually bought some fun to the forum with their wit.

  5. Japs says:

    Regarding voting trolls, your point is well taken. And yes I also agree that those who have an army of voting trolls have an unfair advantage over YAP newbies as well as normal Yappers.

    And I liked the way you tied it in that they can also find ways of running certain people OUT OF YAP & yes I agree that we should all be against those type of trolls as well.

    Thanks for the heads up. If we can only find ways of informing as many Yappers as we can.

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