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YAP A Circus???

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Somebody started an innocent question, stating that YAP is a circus. And it has a bus load of answers.

But then somebody asked a not so innocent follow-up question, but I saw that there was only one answerer who was brave enough to say something.

The question was:

If YAP is a circus as previously stated, how many ringmasters do you think there are? And what do you base your assumption on
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
F 6
G More than
No names please.

And here is my response, before somebody reports it.

I understand that this is a touchy subject & that normal Yappers may be slightly afraid to give their 2 cents worth, but here is mine.

Judging from the fact that most YAPPERs are Filipinos, I would say there are many ringmasters, so 1,2 or 3 should be too small a number.

But to guess a number beyond that would just be a guess.

And so my guess is maybe letter G, more than 6.

I may need to explain this guess & so here goes.

I have been so naive about all this circus stuff & that it took me a long while before I even understand that there are ringmasters. And even today, I can say that there is still a lot that I am just beginning to understand & pieces of the YAP puzzle that I am just beginning to put into place.

I for one, have been regarded as an outsider ever since I started over here. Some people tell me that they think I am a troll or a ringmaster myself. But I do not blame them, its probably just human nature.

I was a newbie when everybody was ganging up on a person named Well, & that, up until recently, I did not really fully understand. Well, he did have a big mouth sometimes. But unknowingly I also did found myself annoyed at this Well person, without really knowing all the reasons why, so as a YAP newbie I was being led myself.

And that to me is where I am basing my assumption, that there is a tightly group of Yappers that gang up on anybody who has a loud mouth & that talks too much, & help create certain perceptions to be real.

And so now I understand why, look at how long this answer is, & I would probably be taking a whipping.

But after having said all this, I understand that no one can change the minds & the perceptions of anyone else, & so because I am being targeted already I gather that I have nothing to lose. And so I decided to open up a YAP Forum in my 360 Blog & I will just put the rest of my answer in there, because I know, I talk too much.

And now I posted this question over here, so YAPPERs can post their answer without fear.

By the way, Well did give out a lot of nasty responses & that he is partly to blame on all the backlash that he got & most he do deserve. But creating a certain perception about somebody in YAP need a great deal of concerted effort from a tightly group of individuals & this to me is what ringleaders do. And then all the unsuspecting spectators are led into the act & have the same perception themselves.

And of course I do get a lot of messages from Yappers who say that they heard other Yappers say that I am a troll myself. Thus spreading a perception about me. But what I can say to all that is “hey, I am here, they can ask me, or they can message me anytime”.

Anyway, I also invite the real Well to come out & come over here & post his comments, I know he has a lot to say about this issue. And as always stalkers are always welcome.

The link to the Q is as follows:;_ylt=AhqlnZ8tzdSLYI.R.nzICFkS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080226230948AATFITW