Why Do You YAP? A YAP Survey

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

I Just Asked This Q in YA Philippines, but in case it is reported again & deleted, here it is in this SAFE FORUM.

Why Do You YAP?

A. I Have Questions That I Know Can Be Answered in YA Philippines.

B. I Know The Answers To The Questions Normally Posted in YA Philippines & I Want To Share Them.

C. I Am A Filipino & I Love YA Philippines.

D. I Love The Philippines.

E. I Am Addicted To YA Philippines.

F. I Have My Own Selfish Reasons & I Do Not Want To Share Them.

G. I Have Other Reasons & they are _______________

Here’s the link to the YAP Q: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsGygob3eRl8ZlHuqS2JYeTsy6IX;_yl…

  1. Pflad.... says:

    g. im already attached with the yappers..

  2. Isayy says:

    I was brokenhearted and looking for answers, depressed, opressed, the question in mind was “What really love is” very upset, I search google, none satisfied me, so I thought of an online community that can answer my question, those with real people and so that’s how I found Yahoo Answers but it was not in the Philippine category. I just enjoy answering questions from different categories and sometimes I just got stuck because there’s Keep Rolling thing at the bottom each time you answer.

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